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  1. https://maddilane.bandcamp.com/track/stronger-now-warrant-cover
  2. Been illustrating some cartoon characters in rock attire, admittedly mostly my fave band Lillian Axe. Next up is Marvin the Martian, then Bender.
  3. I was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, just like every other loser.
  4. Finally got ahold of the Mickey Ratt era demos. So that's something.
  5. Not a huge Cooper fan, but this one smacks!
  6. Thanks! Here are my criteria for choosing the songs. It's my list so i guess i get to make up the rules ;P.
  7. I'm still building my site which strives to create THE ultimate list of power ballads by AOR, hair metal, 80's rock band and heavy metal acts. If you look over my list and notice i'm missing your favorite or some obscure gem, let me know! Thanks!
  8. I'm late to the party but i just donated. Love this site, and i link to it from my site, so i wanna support it.
  9. @Darkstone i'll get to adding these as soon as i can. I'm in South Louisiana and we're getting our first "cold front' on Sunday (It'll be 30º on Monday morning) so i’m cooking a Turkey Andouille sausage gumbo.
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