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  1. You can now view the list at www.thepowerballads.com
  2. There are three bonus tracks not listed Down to You Change of Heart Tomorrow
  3. Yeah let’s keep it positive!
  4. I’d really like an option to list all the ballads from all the albums. I have a pretty good list of about 600 ballads from glam and AOR artists.
  5. http://www.amazon.com/Rebirth-Circle-Of-Light/dp/B008EN8DDQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1344280949&sr=8-1&keywords=Circle+of+Light+rebirth
  6. The disc is due out on August 28th. I will be getting mine this Saturday night at the CD Release party. BTW, i designed the "COL" logo for the band.
  7. Great stuff. i'm currently compiling a list of all the hair band/AOR ballads. You can check out the topic HERE
  8. The list has been updated with the ballads i could find samples of on YouTube or ones i own that i could check out.
  9. i know some of the bands aren't "hair bands" ... but the Brian Howe era of Bad Company fell into that time slot and they put out some pretty good AOR stuff, so since it's my list, i included them. i removed the Bruce Dickinson stuff. THANKS For all the great suggestions!
  10. i just looked these up on YouTube ... Excellent stuff. i'm adding these to the list! Thanks!
  11. All of these are new to me, so i will google them and see if i can find anything on YouTube to hear them. Thanks!
  12. Thanks guys! i know i am missing a lot of songs, so i appreciate all the input!
  13. Great song! i hadn't heard before today! Thanks for the heads up! I'm adding it to the list!
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