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  1. O.P.

    Retrospect Records - April 30, 2008

    2nd ALLIANCE album sounds very interesting!
  2. O.P.

    F++king amazing

    hmm..Shooting Star`s Touch Me Tonight is one of my fave aor songs!
  3. I beg to differ here. Shirts can be made quite cheap, yet not cheap looking.. just check http://www.myspace.com/wwmerch Those guys are one of the best "DIY type" of shirt printers in the States. Of course you shouldnt press 100s of shirts for the smaller bands.. The profit margin may be smaller than in the CDs, but they can also be seen as a promotion item if you add a label logo on the design.
  4. Somebody should press some t-shirts for all these awesome AOR/hair metal acts.. Made in 80s style and colors.. like for example, Sharx has that awesome shark shaped logo that would make a great stylish t-shirt design.."Bermuda AOR style 1985!!" I never see shirts for these type of bands (old school AOR), but Im sure there would be demand for them.. at least, I´d be all over that shit!!

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