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  1. there on cdbaby to http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Shotgun5
  2. here's the facebook page http://facebook.com/shotgunrocknroll/timeline
  3. not sure where to put them ?https://soundcloud.com/shotgun1990
  4. a home town band is what I have on now ! https://soundcloud.com/shotgun1990
  5. i would have to agree with dan original wasn't a bad ! but we could do better with this one a i don't sing ! that sucked
  6. I don't think so! the way the album sounds to me is it's about are freedom
  7. got a Slap Maggy demo CD saturday at the bar it sounds pretty good here they are on myspace check them out http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=86270309
  8. New partition Business was good at the local whorehouse and the madam decided to partition one of larger rooms. After the work was complete the carpenter asked for payment but was put off. After several weeks he still hadn't been paid and he regularly threatened, "Pay me or I'll rip out the partition." Finally the madam offered to pay him in trade. "Take any girl in the house and have your pleasure with her." "I'll take you." "Me? I'm an old lady. Take one of those young, good looking chicks." "I want you." So he took her upstairs and removed all her clothes,
  9. I hope to get a chance to buy some more from you again thanks bob
  10. I hope you didn't pay to much for them i know there is a lot of them here http://www.musiccdvideo.com/cdlist/cdlist.htm most at $11.99 and when ordering five CD's you receive sixth FREE OF CHARGE! i bought some form there they sound good to me the 2-on-1 like Judas are marked made for Russian but the one cd disk i got was not
  11. i got some cds off this site music cd video that say made in Russia
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