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  1. Justin Monds

    Shotgun Harbour - Down Here

    Something to consider there Grey. We have been working hard to make ourselves stand out of the local scene here in Jacksonville. We were all raised on Southern Rock but have heavy influences in metal, progressive rock, and country as well. We have been describing our sound as if Lynyrd Skynyrd, Shinedown, and Brantley Gilbert had a baby you would get Shotgun Harbour. A lot of people from overseas say we sound like Clutch as well. We hope to have our music hit the right person soon. We know a lot of people in the industry (in fact, the lead singer of Saliva is a native of Jacksonville named Bobby Amaru) and have opportunities to get there with the right people in the room. Again, we can't thank you guys enough for the support. We hope to have new material soon. We have taken a lot of time off due to personal schedules not aligning but we have been working on a special project that is absolutely awesome! Stick around, the fun has just begun.
  2. Justin Monds

    Shotgun Harbour - Down Here

    What's up guys. I am one of the two guitar players in Shotgun Harbour. Really appreciate you guys checking our stuff out. We did not get pressed CD's made yet but are debating whether to invest in that (expensive!!!) or put that money to something else like merch, band savings, etc. Again, thanks for checking us out and if you bought the EP we thank you very much. *PS - To get the record straight, "Down Here" has songs 1-6 on it with the current lineup. Our older album, "The Cover-Up" has the rest on it with former lead singer Scott Struble. For some reason online sites like to combine them. But both are quality music so check them out!!!

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