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  1. I found this S/T indie release on cassette (Holy Grail label, 1989), with just two songs on each side. The label was based in Austin, Texas, and I found out through a Google search that guitarist Tommy Mack was also in a band called Wasted Faith and went on to tour with Pantera and Suicidal Tendencies. He is now with a Country Rock group called the Lifters. The Young Thunder sound is really hard with Van Halen-esque guitars and enraged Tom Keifer style vocals. I'd like to know if this tape was their only release. Can't find any discography here at HH.
  2. I had to laugh when I read your post ZRock. I made this same circuit back in '06 when I was living in Northern Virginia. I too found zilch in those two Rehoboth Beach stores. In Easton, I just happened to catch sight of that Rabbit Music store and pulled over. Felt sorry for that old lady running the place, so I bought an Argent, Best Of CD, just to brighten her day. Overall, my best find was in a pawn shop on the Delaware side of the Bay Bridge. Snagged Boulevard's self-titled release and a copy of Slick moon's "Stay the Night."
  3. Thanks, everyone. Yeah, that line "Take your chance!" is riotous. Like you're playing the slots in Vegas.
  4. He or she is in Austria and selling some very tempting CDs. Zero feedback though, and the scans of the discs are inconsistent, making me wonder if they've merely been swiped from previous auctions. http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/highscoolgirl
  5. I hate it when they display the CDs right next to the lawn mowers or other equipment reeking of gasoline. Squinting and kneeling on the floor is all the more unpleasant when you're gagging on fumes.
  6. REACH Beyond The Past - Cast Of Shadows
  7. Slogged through thousands of CDs and LPs in the Austin, Texas, area this weekend. DIRTY RHYTHM - HARD AS A ROCK D'PRIEST - PLAYA DEL ROCK LPs: MARTIN BRILEY - FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN FIREFALL - MIRROR OF THE WORLD TIM BUCKLEY - STARSAILOR original 1970 pressing
  8. Diesel - Watts In a Tank CD w/"Sausalito Summernight" Billy Squier - Signs Of Life CD
  9. Some fair CD finds this weekend. It obviously pays to revisit McKay's. Boulevard - Into the Street Guardian - Fire and Love Icon - S/T Icon - Night of the Crime Vanity 6 - S/T (Prince related)
  10. Purchased the LP for BLACK ROSE - Walk It How You Talk It. I wish it was the CD of course (ebay average $106), but at least now I can listen to the tracks on the cheap, as the LP was only $8. I can also check for backmasking.
  11. TRAIN In Vain - The Clash
  12. Found these two indies: North Sar - Where We Danced Gypsy - In The City Only North Sar has a HH entry, but no comments. Wish I could find out more about these groups.
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