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  1. REACH Beyond The Past - Cast Of Shadows
  2. Slogged through thousands of CDs and LPs in the Austin, Texas, area this weekend. DIRTY RHYTHM - HARD AS A ROCK D'PRIEST - PLAYA DEL ROCK LPs: MARTIN BRILEY - FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN FIREFALL - MIRROR OF THE WORLD TIM BUCKLEY - STARSAILOR original 1970 pressing
  3. Diesel - Watts In a Tank CD w/"Sausalito Summernight" Billy Squier - Signs Of Life CD
  4. Some fair CD finds this weekend. It obviously pays to revisit McKay's. Boulevard - Into the Street Guardian - Fire and Love Icon - S/T Icon - Night of the Crime Vanity 6 - S/T (Prince related)
  5. Purchased the LP for BLACK ROSE - Walk It How You Talk It. I wish it was the CD of course (ebay average $106), but at least now I can listen to the tracks on the cheap, as the LP was only $8. I can also check for backmasking.
  6. TRAIN In Vain - The Clash
  7. Found these two indies: North Sar - Where We Danced Gypsy - In The City Only North Sar has a HH entry, but no comments. Wish I could find out more about these groups.
  8. Use It Or LOSE It - The Cauze
  9. Fire ***YAAWN*** Wall. Another aging-Harrison-Ford-saves-the-day kinda movie.
  10. The Matador Pierce Brosnan is unbelievable in this film, like some freak hybrid of Tom Selleck and David Bowie. I saw the flick two nights ago, and I'm still recounting the vulgar one-liner: "Blushy, blushy; not f@&$y, s@&$y."
  11. Stranger - No Rules ($3.49) I know it's been rereleased on Retrospect, but this is the original on Thunder Bay Records!
  12. Hittman - S/T Rage - Perfect Man Damien - Stop This War Stone - No Anesthesia Jack Bruce - Somethingels I'm not sure if the $44 I paid for these is gonna be worth it, but the covers sure look cool.
  13. The Photograph KILLS: TOFOG (30 Odd Foot Of Grunts)
  14. Child Of The Wild BLUE Yonder - John Hiatt
  15. Just got back from Underworld Evolution. What a head-ripping, blood-sucking, bullet-spraying good time it was.
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