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  1. delmfate

    Bootleg warning

    I asked this question a little further back in this thread. If anyone can list the names of known bootleg sellers, I would appreciate it as well." .... one seller write this in item descriptions: "SAVAGE GRACE-AFTER THE FALL FROM GRACE CD IT IS NOT A CD-R. IT IS A FACTORY PRESSING BUT I AM NOT SURE IT IS THE FIRST PRESS [EDITION] " POWERMAD-APSOLUTE POWER CD IT IS NOT A CD-R. IT IS A FACTORY PRESSING BUT I AM NOT SURE IT IS THE FIRST PRESS [EDITION]" ETC.....
  2. delmfate

    Bootleg warning

    these cd OZ, savage grace, satan, cyclone are selling at the moment with high prices.
  3. OK, I see. yes I will inform you. for the moment, I m still waiting...
  4. Please keep us posted! what does it mean?
  5. I choosed items, and I m waiting the parcel.
  6. I got an answer! he doesn t want to refund money but he offers me to choose 100$ items on his list. at least he answers mail this time, let s see if I will get the stuff.
  7. delmfate

    Who's Your Favorite Band/Bands?

    mercyful fate/king diamond iron maiden manilla road
  8. delmfate

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    EVIL evil s message
  9. delmfate

    10 first album issued on cd in the eighties?

    thanks for your help
  10. delmfate


    may be it can t be in the 10 best but for all thrash metal fan, if you have only one french band to know. it is certainly DEATH POWER the bogeyman for me the best thrash metal lp ever made from france.
  11. 10 first album issued on cd in the eighties??? who knows what are the 10 or 20 or 30 first heavy metal album issued on cd in the eighties??
  12. I sent message to him, I will tell if I get an answer this time. OK I did it, thanks
  13. Hi Thanks for all these answer !! Bad and good opinion; So I was unlucky. When I bought cd and lp, the contact was good with dave but few days later Davesmetal became “NOT A REGISTERED USER” on ebay; I mail him many times but never got any answer from him. My order was Pseudo buyer : delmfate I order via ebay LIGEIA-GLORIA-GERMAN POWER METAL-FEMALE VOCALS-CD (4066410684) 7usd LEATHERWOLF-STREET READY-SEALED-LONG-BOX-CD (4064579648) 7 usd OCTOBER 31-VISIONS OF THE END-OLD METAL-CD (4064579599) 3 usd WHITE WOLF-ENDANGERED SPECIES-1986-RCA RECORDS-LP (4064567176) 3 usd SCREAMER-TARGET EARTH-1988-NEW RENAISSANCE RECORDS-LP (4064519717) 10.50 usd BLACK DESTINY-BLACK WHERE HEART BELONGS-IRON MAIDEN-CD (4064503115) 3 usd Kiss rock n roll over CD 5 usd Kiss hotter than hell CD 5 usd Kiss unmasked tape 2 usd Non fiction in the know 5 CD usd Sacred rite rites of passaage vol2 7 usd Xiron turn to stone CD 3 usd Malice license to kill cd 10 usd Malice the beginning cd 10 usd I paid via PAYPAL 14 jan 2005 33 usd 18 jan 2005 65.5 usd 14 CD 80.5 usd shipping 18 usd if dave wants to send the stuff years later he is welcome. If one of you can give me his email address thanks in advance.
  14. I was ripped off by this ebay member few years ago. is anybody there there know what happend with this seller?? I didnt know this site at that time. It s why I ask only today. thanks DAVESMETAL DAVESMETAL@EXCITE.COM
  15. delmfate

    Ryan @ Metal Mayhem

    I had a deal with him, everything was ok.

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