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  1. kethdredd

    Favorite "J" Band

    Voted Jetboy! I thought they were a great band that never really saw much action because of the singers ridiculous mohawk. Great blues based sleaze.
  2. kethdredd

    Favorite "N" Band

    Who knew the N selection would be so slim. I voted Novella because I've been on a Novella kick lately but to be honest with you thats the only band out of all listed that I like.
  3. kethdredd

    Tattoo Rodeo

    Skin is an outstanding disc. Another example of a band that lacked the right timing (business wise)
  4. kethdredd

    Theocracy Christmas Song

    Thanks toho, didn't even know about little drummer boy and deck the joy. I'm ready for a full theocracy christmas album
  5. kethdredd


    Bloodgood is alive and well and supposedly headed into the studio in early '08. My favorite album of theirs is "Detonation" which is available for purchase from their website. They played a few festivals this year and some good clips are up on youtube.
  6. kethdredd

    Best "Underrated" album

    I went with Long Cold Winter. It was such a shock for me musically at the time it was released. For me it really holds up well after all these years.
  7. kethdredd

    Christian metal reunions

    I went with Holy Soldier provided it was with Steven Patrick. They had reformed and done a few shows with the drummers brother (as the singer). They also released a DVD called Live, Rare, and Raw. I think they are pretty much dead in the water. I'd also love to see a Rage Of Angels reunion but there is almost no chance of that ever happening. A Barren Cross reunion disc is not completely out of the question. They are playing Cornerstone California this weekend (along with Recon ) and are supposedly releasing some kind of special cd at the show ONLY (I don't think it is a new studio release)
  8. kethdredd

    Ratings System Completely Overhauled!

    Are the ratings for brutalmetal and heaven's metal also going to be redone?
  9. kethdredd

    Saviour Machine

    Interesting discussion. Christian music in general is wary of "new sounds" and in the past has been about 5 years behind the current scene. Its almost as if people have to be totally acclimated to the sound before they decide its ok, to put out with a Christian label on it. Which is a bit ironic in of itself if you think about it.
  10. kethdredd


    Wow these guys are really good, musically right up my alley.
  11. kethdredd

    Fav Jamie Rowe project

    I'm going to have to get some Adrian Gale. I think Fire and Love is one of the most underappreciated Hard Rock albums of all time.

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