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  1. kethdredd

    New to this site..........

    Freddy has a good idea. Check the entire Retroactive roster, most of it is pretty darn good. http://www.myspace.com/retroactivewreckage
  2. kethdredd


    I have Terium. Its a decent disc, I'm not a giant fan of the vocalist.
  3. kethdredd

    Mainline Riders - WORLDSHAKER

    I really liked the first album, they had a definite Junkyard vibe to them, the new stuff sounds more AC/DCish. I'm looking forward to this one.
  4. Eonian looks like they are doing some pretty good releases/rereleases, which of the 4 they first released is the best?
  5. kethdredd

    The Last Vegas - Whatever Gets You Off

    Lots of Faster Pussycat influence. I like it.
  6. kethdredd

    Is Arnel Pineda out?

    That was actually pretty impressive!
  7. kethdredd

    Best of the Eonian 4?

    I haven't purchased any of them yet and was looking to snag the best one. I'm thinking High Noon.
  8. There is a sample of new stuff that John is working on, sounds pretty good to me so far. http://www.myspace.com/johnelefante
  9. I think I heard that John Elphante was working on a solo disc, haven't heard any rumors about a new Mastedon disc.
  10. kethdredd

    LINE OF FIRE news...

    Can't wait for this one!
  11. kethdredd

    New band PYN SIREN

    Didn't this band have the former Rage of Angels' lead singer?
  12. kethdredd

    Deliverance Reissues!

    The remastering is even more apparent on S/T. WOOW didn't need it near as much as S/T. Another kudos for Divine Metal Distro, I ordered Theocracy's new one and Menchen's Red Rock on Sunday and they got here today, CA to NC in 4 days, not bad.
  13. kethdredd

    New Stryper Album

    So there has been a bunch more samples posted, what does everyone think?
  14. kethdredd

    Deliverance Reissues!

    Divine metal distro is relatively new but is already garnering a good rep, I've heard good things about them.
  15. kethdredd

    X Sinner

    I figure its time for a new topic on this album coming soon. On their myspace page they have been putting up a few rough mixes of some of the new songs. Today they put up a new song "World Covered in Blood". It sounds pretty good for a rough mix. They appear to be in the final mixing stages on this one so it should be out within the next few months.
  16. kethdredd

    New Stryper Album

    http://michaelsweet.com/Murder%20By%20Prid...les_samples.php Samples sound great, I think old school Stryper fans will be pleased.
  17. Theocracy is one incredible band. I would buy a Christmas album off of these guys in a heartbeat.
  18. kethdredd

    New Stryper Album

    DECEMBER 19, 2008 - Stryper is pleased to announce that on December 21, 2008 at 11PM (EST), song samples from the upcoming album “Murder by Pride” along with a major contest will be launched! The contest is a historic first for Stryper and will give one lucky fan the opportunity of a lifetime to become a part of Stryper history! Visit MICHAELSWEET. COM or STRYPER. COM on December 21, 2008 at 11PM (EST) to access the contest details and song samples.
  19. Mike Lee and BC have parted ways. Spiritual differences. Apparently they are going to try and find a new vocalist.
  20. kethdredd

    X Sinner

    This is now out, at least directly from the band. I haven't had much of a chance to listen to it yet, but early reviews that I've seen online aren't the best.
  21. Could anyone hook me up with a decent rip of this disc? I've completely given up on finding a copy for a reasonable price...
  22. kethdredd

    Deliverance Reissues!

    I ordered them both off of The End, they are currently listed as preorder, but I suspect they will come in stock pretty soon.
  23. Rob Rock and Roy Z teamed up for this rerelease of their 1990 EP. It is now a full length album. I had the demo cassette back in the day and I loved it. I'm pretty pumped to be getting this on disc. http://www.myspace.com/driverofficial
  24. kethdredd

    Driver Sons of Thunder released today

    The lyrics aren't suer bold, but the spiritual slant is still there. This is a really good disc. Probably up there with my favorite RR material of all time.
  25. kethdredd

    Deliverance Reissues!

    Official release date November 11. Also Faith Factor's Against A Darkened Sky comes out that date.

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