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  1. kethdredd

    3 new Guardian Tunes

    http://houseofguardian.com/ Jaime's voice sounds as good as ever.
  2. This ultra hard to find release has been remastered and released by Retroactive. I got this the other day and it sounds pretty good at first listen. Some preremaster samples: http://www.night-songs.com/Broken-Silence-Discerning-the-times_17.aspx
  3. kethdredd


    From my understanding, Cinderella will never record new material until they are released from their contractual obligations, which apparently is never going to happen.
  4. kethdredd


    FnA also put out two St Warren records that are supposed to be pretty good, I think Scarlet predates the St. Warren discs.
  5. kethdredd


    Edit: Nevermind I was thinking of Shawn Pelata of Line of Fire fame, who does hail from NC. I wonder if this has anything to do with Shawn Peralta who hails from NC. He frequents these forums on occasion although I'm not sure what his handle is.
  6. kethdredd


    You can download their stuff for free. http://www.watchmen.cc/fr_home.cfm
  7. Coming in November from our favorite record company Retroactive. Remastered with a few bonus tracks I believe.
  8. kethdredd

    A whole mess of classic Christian Metal

    If they are "cheap" they are more than likely bootlegs, there is quite a few of them roaming around. One bootleg label is Advantage records.
  9. kethdredd

    Holy Soldier 1986 demo?

    http://rapidshare.com/files/369977724/Holy_Soldier.zip.html Limited to 10 downloads...
  10. kethdredd

    Holy Soldier 1986 demo?

    I have both demos zipped up together. I'll look for a way to upload it.
  11. kethdredd

    Stryper starting work on new album already...

    Its a covers album...
  12. kethdredd

    Stryper starting work on new album already...

    I'm predicting a Christmas album. I'm pretty sure they have one album left in their current record deal which they are trying to fulfill so they can move on.
  13. kethdredd

    Free Saint download

    A track from Crime Scene Earth 2.0, (with Josh Kramer on vocals). It does require you to go through Divine Metal Distro's checkout system, but it's relatively painless and DMD is a legit (and very good) distro to deal with. Saint sounds pretty close to Judas Priest. Saint
  14. kethdredd

    Free Saint download

    They have a new disc out, Hellblade which should be in the mail to me shortly. I'll let you know what I think.
  15. Thought some of you might be interested. Don't know if anyone here has kept up with this, but the digital download House of Guardian volume 1 was worth getting. The video was pretty good also, and is available on the HOG website.
  16. kethdredd

    Free digital copy Miracle Mile

    If you enjoyed Miracle Mile, check out Fire and Love, a better album in my opinion.
  17. Usually pretty good quality. Remastered by Cliffy (Of Main Line Riders fame). The packaging is usually decent (although never deluxe) this is another company that seems to be going all digipak.
  18. kethdredd

    PETRA means rock...

    Strangely enough, I do not own a single Petra album.
  19. I would disagree, I think Fire and Love is probably Jamie's best work.
  20. kethdredd

    Narnia - Course of a Generation

    New singer is the biggest difference. I'm not a huge fan of this style of music however.
  21. kethdredd

    The Last Vegas - Whatever Gets You Off

    This is a really good disc. I picked up my copy at Walmart for $9 and I'm glad I did. Its kind of refreshing to have an disc where I don't have to constantly look at the case to see what the title is. The songs are instantly recognizable.
  22. kethdredd

    Main Line Riders Worldshaker

    This disc is really growing on me, not being a giant fan of early ACDC it took me a bit of time to get used to the vocals, but the songs are really catchy.
  23. kethdredd

    Main Line Riders Worldshaker

    New disc from Main Line Riders. A bit different from their debut. This album features a different vocalist than their first. Heavily influenced by early AC/DC. http://www.myspace.com/mainlineriders
  24. kethdredd

    Stryper - 'Murder By Pride'

    I picked this up at Walmart for $9. I've given it a few spins and I think its a pretty good disc. Favorite tracks are 4 Leaf Clover, Eclipse of the Son, and the title track. I think that most old school Stryper fans will be pleased.
  25. kethdredd

    New to this site..........

    Been looking forward to that Legacy disc.

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