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  1. CanzetYote

    This riff is EVERYWHERE!

    What Pantera song are you talking about? Does it sound like the ones I listed?
  2. CanzetYote

    This riff is EVERYWHERE!

    Journey - Faithfully: AWOL - Revolution: Sunstorm - Follow Your Heart: John Waite - Change: Soldier - Tears: Spys - Don't Run My Life: Giant - Never Surrender: Elec Man's Theme: Seriously, it seems like every other AOR band has a song with this exact same melody. Did I miss any that sound just like these songs? Anyone know of any other AOR songs with this exact same tune?
  3. CanzetYote

    Looking for possible Christan rock song

    Nevermind, I found it: Song: Take It Away Artist: Dreamer (Canada) Album: Full Metal Racket
  4. Okay, so I suddenly have this AOR song stuck in my head and I searched the Heavyharmonies Database and none of the songs rang any bells. The song goes "Take it away, I don't want to live in darkness" or sometime like that at the chorus part. I'm pretty sure I remember hearing it came out of a Christan rock band but I'm not 100% sure but I'm still posting it here. I think I first heard it around 10 years ago so about 2006 or older, I'm pretty sure. Can anyone identify the song for me?
  5. Yes, they exist: Anime: Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger Character: Pochiro Notes: Recently discovered this. Killer melodic hard rock song with a great hook. I've been playing it to death on my iPod. Anime: Digimon Character: Gabumon Notes: This song is also pretty damn good. Really, you can find killer melodic rock in the oddest places if you look hard enough.
  6. Hey, I was listening to this station: http://rockmelodic-radio.com/?page_id=31 Anyways, I heard this female sung AOR song that went "Only love can save you now" in the chorus and the singer had a bit of a Tina Turner-ish feel to her voice. I searched for song titles "Only Love" on this website and came across an album called True Brits 3 and Jackie Bodymead of If Only did a song entitled "Only Love". Could this be the song I'm looking for or is it someone different? I looked for it on Youtube with no luck.
  7. CanzetYote

    W.E.T. - RISE UP

    In general, I'd say it's a pretty darn good album. The standout tracks for me are Walk Away, Bad Boy and Broken Wings. On an unrelated note, I hear Brother Firetribe will be coming out with a new album. Considering their last two albums are masterpieces in my eyes, I'm really looking forward to that.

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