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  1. some classics there and as noted some a lot better missed off .those there id go with are rush, blackfoot and molly hatchet.hate that fucking zon album [hi nick c ha ha]
  2. I saw a picture in a magazine at lunch. It was when Shannon Doherty was still in it. And I got to say, Shannon Doherty, Alyssa 'Sex' Milano and Rose McGowan (is that the new one) all have very impressive breasts. Still, I cannot watch the show... it is really that bad, IMO. And it ain't like me to turn away from a nice rack, let alone 2 or 3 of them! Isn't Charisma Carpenter in the show as well? F*ck me, speaking of nice racks!!! I'm charmed. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i concur about the breasts
  3. her in doors has learned to shop online im fucked
  4. hey wot a fuckin great thread.my fuckin backs fuckin killing me. my lad just said hes the fuckin hulk so im really fucked.
  5. im going to bed soon, and i have got a cup of tea and its wet.today is my thursday that makes saturday my friday
  6. they just need to get out more, theres no pockets in a shroud
  7. why are,nt pink floyd on progaholic.so i can moan about pulse being put back again to september the tw.ts
  8. smoke on the water -deep purple
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