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  1. You could just put the Kid Rock albums which fit here (Cocky through Rock n roll jesus) on there and ignore the rest like we do for Cher's AOR albums and Pantera's first 4.
  2. How about Kid Rock? We have plenty of Southern Rock acts here, and most of his stuff would qualify as Southern rock (well, Southern "sounding" since he's from Michigan). Maybe his rap-rock stuff wouldnt qualify (and definitely not his early rap albums), but everything from Self-titled on up would fit in well.
  3. I like them, but he does them too infrequently. I dont really care for his video game reviews (i have Angry Video Game Nerd for my humorous game reviews) or his political rants, i'm just here for the mythos (apparently he's got a Prince mythos in the works, that might be interesting).
  4. Not their debut, but the ZZ Top song "Dipping Low" is a blatant copy of Gimmie All your Loving, to the point where one can sing the lyrics to either song over the other.
  5. I've got two from Atlantic Records: Lostboys-Lost and Found Kiss of the Gypsy-s/t While its true there were LOTS of great bands signed to Atlantic (Ratt, AC/DC, Twisted Sister, etc), they seemed to be obsessed with signing every hair band that wasnt signed to a major yet (same problem which plauged CBS records by the late 80s), leading to stuff like this that was obviously signed just for the image.
  6. Never liked the following: Social Disease on Slippery When Wet In a Simple Rhyme on Women and Children First The Thing that Should Not Be on Master of Puppets To live is to die on And Justice For All Planet Caravan on Paranoid Head Crusher on Endgame Modern Day Delilah on Sonic Boom
  7. Have you ever passed up an album, only to regret it later? One time this happened to me, the local goodwill had a bunch of old frank zappa and alice cooper vinyl albums for .50 each. IIRC, these were original pressings as well. For some reason i didnt get them, thinking "i'll come back later". Well, the very next week i went and they were all gone.
  8. Updated I THINK this is where we stand as of right now. when this is 100% correct I may have to do this with mine.
  9. All are right except 3,4, 11,13,14,15
  10. I just put my mp3 player on random. Im going to list the first 20 song names that come up and lets see if you can name the right artist (no fair cheating via google, also, i'll stick to mainly HH-friendly music and skip the pop and punk stuff): 1. Long Way to Heaven 2. (Take these) Chains 3. Fighting the World 4. Dance of the Dead 5. She's My Machine 6. Take it on the Run 7. Pretty Tied Up 8. Over the Mountain 9. Long Way to Go 10. Lovedrive 11. Last Call 12. You could be mine 13. You're Mine 14. Wild Thing (cover) 15. Need Your Lovin 16. Skeleton in the Closet 17. Moneytalks
  11. Ive picked up a lot of cool cds from local video stores: Dirty Rhythm: Hard as a rock Gilby Clarke: Pawn Shop Guitars Enuff Znuff: Animals with Human Intelligence Babylon AD: Nothing Sacred Roxy Blue: Want Some? Every Mothers Nightmare: Wake up Screaming Winger: In the Heart of the Young Blind Guardian: Nightfall in Middle Earth Skid Row: Subhuman Race Lillian Axe: Poetic Justice Outlaw Blood: S/T just to name a few Also, its a good idea to check Antique stores sometimes too. I once found a whole roomfull of tapes there and picked up a few. Unfortunately they closed without war
  12. The only station that i like in this area (mississippi) is KZMZ, however, its a lousiana station so its a crapshoot geting it to tune in (i do listen to them on the net though at www.969rocks.com). They play a lot of the classic rock "standards" but they do throw in obscure stuff and have lots of hair metal on their playlist, as well as dee sniders house of hair and nights with alice cooper. Other than that we have the classic rock stations that play what you'd expect, a few active rock stations, and a Jack station which are ok but nothing special.
  13. Well, here's my story. I bought a lot of Christian Metal tapes off ebay. Now the lot included stuff like Angelica, Rez, Vengeance Rising, and a band called "Street Angel". Put it on and it was total U2 type alt rock with a folk influence. Guess the guy who sold it to me wanted to get rid of it as well!
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