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  2. I was working in the vicinity of a great music store called "Radical Records" today and had the pleasure of meeting my first forum member. This one's for you Doggy. Keep on Rockin' brother.
  3. Erik Scott is no more... Favorite track from a top 11 lp
  4. Good tune. Hopefully we'll see a full album...haven't heard any details.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Looking for the best free guitar lessons that Please don't use Skype?! Thanks! 

  7. Truu. I feel the same way; it's a nice album, but how do you recreate the magic of "Running in the Night"?
  8. nice try, but I prefer the original of Dangerous by Roxette, a very classy hi-tech AOR tune
  9. I think all these new songs are nice, but to create something better than the FM-84 (Running in the Night) would be hard, such a killer smooth tune, I could listen to for hours
  10. schlager pop and hot German girls on roller skates.....I am still celebrating Oktoberfest sometimes I get the feeling that all schlager is somehow constructed from a melody of one ABBA song, like some variation of Dancing Queen Anna-Carina Woitschack - Leuchtturm Beatrice Egli - Terra Australia
  11. new Hellboy was a fun movie, I liked it
  12. I know, I figured, but, To each their own Peace ✌fans!
  13. have to disagree, I think the vocals are quite pleasant and so are the songs. Broken Window Night Train
  14. New Brisbane based pop/rock duo WNVR WTVR (Whatever Whenever) consisting of former Adventure Land front man Sam Baxter and Josh Burton. Two tracks released so far and both are fantastic,lets hope a full album follows shortly.
  15. I bought thunder back in the day. A boring album with a very bad singer. Take it easy and when the rain comes down should have been on this record , without them I find the songwriting very poor
  16. I agree with many of the above comments. I like their music, but they tend to repete themselves, and this is no good. I have the same issues with Steel panther and Crazy lixx. It's the same song but It's a good song. Ac/dc sold so many records playing the same song, I have never been a fan of Ac/dc . Maybe I will buy the record anyway.
  17. Looking forward to this but that Blue Virgin Isles song is
  18. That's 2 for 2 for me,look forward to the album.
  19. Dirty Loops are Back!!!....with new single Next To You, 8.21 mins of sheer class.
  20. I heard this phrase used on an unrelated youtube video today and the memories came flooding back. I hadn't heard this one in a while.
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