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  2. What are your favorite albums?? Numbers 1-10, cause it could get to be a lot I know. You don't have to do a certain number but 1, 10, or somewhere in between Back to the Street-Petra Last Train-Holy Soldier Beginnings-Nouveaux On Fire!-Petra This Means War!-Petra Buzz-Guardian Atomic Arena-Barren Cross One More Encore-Whitecross Powerhouse-WhiteHeart High Gear-Whitecross Now I knooowww that there's more but it's soo hard! Peace! Looking forward to your answers!✌️
  3. https://www.christianclassicrock.net/
  4. Ah,thats makes sense now
  5. Sounds good, but you got the name wrong in the title. It's an L not an i
  6. Info from Scott Waters: It's not old recordings that are just pressed to vinyl. These are all new recordings by the current line-up of the band. It's a new record of songs that were written back in the 80's and never properly recorded till now.
  7. Totally agree,very good stuff,one to watch out for.
  8. Would anyone have changed their vote to the new album?
  9. sounds good to me as well, nice find
  10. Debut LP was very good. One to check.
  11. New song 'Vendetta'. These guys are cool as fuck. Wow.
  12. Can't complain, lol, with the money I saved from all those frontiers releases I got me the latest HCSS test pressings, vinyl reissues etc!
  13. As long as Frontiers had no hand in the production of the album, I think we're OK.
  14. Bush-The Sea of Memories Human League-The Best Of Elton John-Here and There Kiss-Lick It Up Ted Nugent-Double Live Gonzo Rock Star Supernova-SA/T George Strait-The Best Of George Thorogood & The Destroyers-Greatest Hits;30 Years of Rock
  15. Yep. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of hard rockers Bloody Heels as the band joins the label's rapidly expanding pool of young talent. With a musical style that could be best described as a sort of missing link between Crashdïet and Crazy Lixx, the band is preparing their label debut for release in 2020. ‘’As to the music itself and the songs, this time we wanted to write without overthinking or putting ourselves in a “box". We experimented a lot and all the listeners will definitely feel and hear that. There will be some pretty heavy songs on the new album, but at the same time there’s plenty of melodic stuff, harmonies and big choruses. I like to call this album ‘Dark AOR’, haha! We managed to blend everything we love about music, to be honest. But one thing is for sure, we’ve never felt such a strong connection with the songs before and we can’t be happier that this album will be released internationally via Frontiers, one of the leading rock labels in the world right now! It’s an honor to be working with them,” says singer Vicky White. Formed in 2012 in Riga, Latvia by Vicky White, Harry Rivers, Gus Hawk, and Chris Flint, the band debuted their first recording in 2014 with the “Summer Nights” EP. The ‘Hungry For Your Love’ single and music video was released at the same time and proved a nice introduction of the band to sleazy hard rock fans around the globe. The band then independently released their debut full length, “Through Mystery” in 2017 and started to tour relentlessly in Scandinavia and East Europe. In 2018, work for their sophomore album begun, but one of the founding members, Chris Flint decided to leave the band. Shortly after, new member Gunn Everett took over the bass duties. "That was definitely a really interesting period in the band. First of all the departure of the founding member Chris Flint and the arrival of Gunn Everett. We definitely had a few rough months, but we knew right from the start that Gunn was the right dude for the job. And he is..." says White. Bloody Heels lineup: Vicky White (vocals) Harry Rivers (guitars) Gunn Everett (bass) Gus Hawk (drums)
  16. Debut single from Temple Hill. Temple Hill is a four piece rock band consisting of members from the US & Sweden. Their blending of American and Swedish rock gives them their unique style and sound to the songwriting of Temple Hill. Their music has been described as melodic, refreshing and exciting. Legendary producer Beau Hill has stated ” I’ve never heard a band like this before, there’s no band out there that sounds like them, love the music and songwriting. This is definitely a band to look out for”. All the members of Temple hill are accomplished musician/songwriter/session players and performers. Vince Francis/Lead vocalist/Bass (USA) former member and main songwriter of Ardent Soul and Bleed. Johan Söfringsgård/Guitarist (Sweden) former member and the other main songwriter of Ardent Soul. Fredrik Strömberg/keyboardist/programmer (Sweden) from the band Free from Sin and a former member of Bleed. Paul Ekdahl/Drums (Sweden) from the band Free from Sin. facebook
  17. New lyric video for 'Back From This'.
  18. For those who are casual fans of the band or haven’t really gotten into their prior releases there won’t be much here to win you over. I’m a big fan of these guys and I am ok with them recycling some riffs and lyrical subject matter. They’ve set a high standard though, and this just doesn’t stack up when I listen back to back with their other albums. Nothing has me wanting to hit the repeat button. Don’t get me wrong, most of the songs are solid and it is better than a lot of releases from other artists this year, but that doesn’t make it a good album. I just don’t see me ever reaching for this album when I’m in the mood to listen to Eclipse.
  19. Whoops. I missed the release day. But I've got it queued up and ready to go today. Gonna be a good day, I think.
  20. Grand Design - Viva La Paradise: Special Mission + 4
  21. New lyric video for 'Can't Let Go'. Great song.
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