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    • This actually sounds pretty cool to me. I'll check it out. 
    • on Yotube in the video for Another Night, the drummer has become a focus of attention, lol 
    • I’m quite liking it but I’m a massive fan so he could sing the phonebook and I’d like it. 
    • Dee seems like a big of a dick, albeit a talented one. I know the history, and understand the time it took for them to get where they did. I've read the books, seem the documentaries etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan. Unsurpassed songwriting IMO. Hooks, melodies, gang vocals, anthems, ballads, fun music, they tick all the boxes. But most of the public aren't fans like you and I. They heard WNGTI and I wanna Rock, and The Price and that was it. COAP and LIFS are amazing albums, but it was a big step down from Stay Hungry, and the beginning of the end. Whatever the reasons were, it's sad, because I still rate them as the best live show I've ever seen. Sadly after 20+ years I got to see them agan and the whole show was the same, same shtick etc, but still have that energy that can't be matched. Their best song IMO is Heroes Are Hard To find And I have 37 songs in my Best of TS folder, from 5 albums, which is a pretty damn good strike rate. Shame Dee can't (or doesn't want to) continue with the great music. Desperado wwere ok, Widowmaker average, and solo since also average.
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