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  2. This one is atrocious, lol (love the song though);
  3. I love "What I like about you" by "The Romantics", but I really love "Talking in your sleep". A far superior track with a great pre chorus. Always loved it. The clip is pure 80s, but I can't help thinking that the hair styles were a mistake.
  4. Not music related, but I found this incredibly interesting.
  5. Absolutely agree. The storage and maintenance involved is ridiculous. It's all about the music man. I could not give a shit about the medium. I just want the tunes.
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  7. part of me thinks its hypocritical of Tracii considering what he did after he left, but I really do not blame him. Riley was not even on the original album other than his picture, and somehow managed to weasel co-ownership of the name.
  8. Yeah have my record player but have sold all the vinyl years ago except the singles,and looking in the attic found that I still have Warpdrive - Gimme Gimme & Vicious Rumours - Digital Dictator,but I won't be starting to buy vinyl again.
  9. I know it sounds better but I cannot think of anything more annoying that going back to vinyl. I am 95% digital or streaming now. I buy about 5 cds a year.
  10. Now the Tracii/Phil version has a new lawsuit against Steve's version. https://loudwire.com/l-a-guns-band-name-lawsuit/
  11. I don't own a record player any more but want to get one because I have about 500 albums. Mostly metal, hard rock and punk. I live in a small town and there's still three record stores (as in mostly or all vinyl) within 15 minutes.
  12. Original Bulletboys lineup appeals to me more than does Ratt with just Stephen and Juan.
  13. Saw Edgar Winter, Alice Cooper and Deep Purple a couple of years ago. Edward Winter was good, Alice Cooper was great. I love Deep Purple but a few lines into the opener Highway Star and Ian Gillan was struggling bad and coughing. This continued for several songs with him even leaving the stage for a while and the band having to improvise until he returned. After about five songs of that we left. A lot of others were doing that too. I think more people were there to see Alice Cooper. Maybe he had a cold or maybe it was just age and he can't do it anymore, but either way it was disappointing.
  14. I found them, it was Queeny Blast Pop. Thanks!
  15. It's also the name of my friend, who also plays guitar, but is nowhere near as good.
  16. Make sure your drivers are up to date and check your addons for Firefox as some of them can slow down page loading.....
  17. I have been using FIREFOX while on Windows XP and switched to Windows 10 about 14 months ago....continue to use FIREFOX. Russ, I suspect your issue with browsers is actually related to your computer and not the browser. When I was on Windows XP I began having issues of slowing page loading with all the browsers I was using. Back on Windows XP, the operating system was not designed to implement HTML5 and relied on flash player for video......Now, on Windows 10, I have a SSD as my main drive and pages load lightning fast. One of the biggest problems with technology is keeping pace with development. Older operating systems do not always incorporate the necessary technology to keep pace. Another problem is basic housekeeping on your operating system. Cleaning up temp files, defragging, cleaning out your browser's cache and history including cookies...... Finally, some computers just need more RAM. If you don't have sufficient RAM, the operating system relies on the page file which is a lot slower and slows down performance. Just as grandpa can't run the marathon at the same speed as a teenager....so goes with computers.
  18. One of the funniest stories about this one is when Crue and Jovi were both managed by Doc McGhee, Doc came up to Crue and said Jon had heard the song and said something along the lines of Crue had written the greatest ballad of all time. All Crue could say was "did he listen to the lyrics?"
  19. Live CD/DVD due Feb 14th. Absolutely zero effort put into the album cover. Looks like someone threw it together in photoshop.
  20. Vid for Ready To Love Really like this
  21. How awesome is that guitar?! I had to google the guitarist Michael Klein. So here's some nice info for you. He used to be in the band Wicked Sensation, Dennis Ward also appeared on their 'Crystallized' release. He also teamed up with Dennis on First Signal's debut and Place Vendome's 'Close To The Sun',
  22. If they get the best out of BFT and OD, it will be. Hell, even if they don't, it will still beat the shit out of many new releases nowadays.
  23. Wow, that's very nice. An album full of those will be a bit marvellous.
  24. So much cool stuff!! Really love the Bangalore Choir one... and many others.
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