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  2. Solid track. I'm good with pretty much anything Jerome Mazza does.
  3. Here's the thing about Treat, at least the last couple albums - it's like they're imitating the faux-intellectual, pseudo-deep lyrics that Rush & Yes spit out on 90% of their stuff (NOTE: I *like* Rush and Yes). And so you get nonsense like that. Still a tremendous album though!
  4. Overall, I love this album. "After You're Gone" is definitely my favorite track. I do think it drags a bit in the middle but is overall really good. I will agree with those mentioning some of the tracks are too long. I'd also mention, I could really, really do without the voiceover/talking during "Shadowman". Just gimme the song, not the dumb talking, thank you.
  5. Heroes - David Bowie.
  6. Young Blood-Bad Company
  7. You have a lot of time on your hands don’t you?
  8. Yeah, where are the classic sing-along titles like Saviours Never Cry, No Justice, Change Comes Around, If There Was a Time, Just Like I Planned, Voice of Reason, Warming a Frozen Rose, And That's All, Necessary Evil, 21, Tomorrow May Be Gone, Weight of the World, Killing Me, Outside Your Window, You Ruined Everything, Charmed Life, Reach, Waited, Torn Right Out, Run and Hide, Wishing, Human Nature, Reality, Watch Your Back, Time Bomb, Days Are Numbered, Beyond Repair, Dark Times, Calm Before the Storm, etc.?
  9. New lyric video for 'Those Who Burn'. I diggit.
  10. I had the idea (and I posted it here) that Steel Panther should do a Christian album. I'm sure that would be really good.
  11. even slightly weaker HS albums are still better than what most other bands put out
  12. at I said first of all...the first 8 are great, the last 2 are ok.
  13. OK, so I played lots of otehr music on the drive up. But the next day I gave this a listen again, And I got what you were saying for sure. Although for me the synth was not syrupy and fit the music well, it was poppier and more AOR than I'd normally go for. I didn't hate it, but wondered where my previous comment came from. Until I got to track 9 I think, and that was great, Hate Gotham City, perfect average ending to a CD song. Also I liked the first song. Anyway, then I listened a couple more times on teh way home. I came home by myself so could listen loud and really get a feel. And I could see where my original comments can]me from. I really dug it. Will listen a couple of more times before I break it down, but I still say it's a great album. The new Papa Roach is pretty great. First few songs won't be for many here. Not really my thing either but I like track 2 even though the first few (and a couple later) are a bit grungy or screamoy or whatever) DeViscious was alos really good, really enjoyed that, surprised it didn't get more love here. Dirty Honey EP was also really good. Very Electric Boys fell to it.
  14. I gave this a listen yesterday after a fair break. Love it, still don't know why it wasn't loved here. one of their best IMO
  15. Last week
  16. Brilliant,this album is gonna be soooo good...when it finally arrives
  17. Release Date: 17th July 2020 Catalogue no: ESM343 Track list: 1. ASCENT TO THE POINT 3:17 2. SO ALIVE 6:53 3. WEIGHT OF THE WORLD 4:09 4. HERO 6:26 5. NEVER SURRENDER 4:37 6. IN THE WAKE OF HOPE 6:00 7. SHADOWS OF PEACE 6:06 8. BEYOND 5:20 9. NOTHING AT ALL 5:25 10. PRODIGAL 5:44 11. SYMPHONY OF MIND 7:06 From Escape Music: Pinnacle Point is a rock band whose music blends the sounds of Melodic Rock and Epic, Progressive, Symphonic Rock. The band’s 2017 debut album Winds Of Change climbed the album oriented rock charts and was voted top melodic rock album of the year for many rock music reviewers. The founding members are American lead singer, Jerome Mazza (Angelica, Outlaw Son solo album, and also featured as guest singer on Steve Walsh’s (x-Kansas) last album "Black Butterfly", and Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Fate, Acacia Avenue, Section A). Their first hit from the Winds Of Change album titled “Damage Is Done” caught the attention of Escape Music boss, Khalil Turk Khalil had a few ideas and one of which was to involve Jerome Mazza to sing duet on “Born In Fire” with Steve Walsh. Khalil had discovered Jerome on you tube singing for the band “Pinnacle Point”. Jerome is also the voice behind the second album by Angelica and was honoured to be asked to sing a duet on the album with Steve and asked if he could contribute more. As Jerome has such a fantastic voice it was an easy decision to make and the result is explosive! The second Pinnacle Point album Symphony Of Mind blends the writing styles of Jerome Mazza, Torben Enevoldsen and American composer, Rich Ayala. Mazza went around the globe in search for the perfect violinist for their second album and after auditioning 16 players, found just the perfect fit in Valeria Pozharitskaya. A huge Neil Peart fan, the excellent prog drummer, Mark Prator on drums. On bass is the extraordinary Takeaki Itoh, beautiful piano playing by American pianist, John F. Rodgers as well as the sensational Howard Helm (Zon) on B3 and synth. Pinnacle Point is: Jerome Mazza: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboards Torben Enevoldsen: Guitars, Keyboards Rich Ayala: Guitars, Background Vocals Valeria Pozharitskaya: Violin Mark Prator: Drums Takeaki Itoh: Bass Howard Helm: Keyboards, Organ, synthesizer John F Rodgers: Piano, Strings
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