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    • Every time I listen to Firehouse I ask, "Why can't all drums sound like this?" ;}
    • I love between the devil and the deep blue sea , like the debut and the follow up , like parts of the last album and absolutely hate the new one , they have gone full on blues rock it would seem which is not for me , great band live though
    • on the subject of Blessthefall , I absolutely love that new album 
    • Birds of prey is my pick from the album , like be legendary too and don't mind a few others
    • It was their first ever tour of Australia which is weird in itself. $100 is pretty steep but I guess normal as it ain't cheap to get over here. Anyway, it was a fairly basic show.
      Big backdrop curtain, and that was the only stage prop.
      All dressed in black, no wardrobe changes etc.
      Good long show overall.
      2 x 1 hour sets and the venue enabled a good view from anywhere.
      Joey took time to walk through the crowd during Superstitious which I guess is appropriate in that song (not worried about crazy fans)
      A couple of crowd singalongs which weren't too long so that was ok

      Other than that they were a fairly basic set up "stripped down" if you like
      I kinda had warped expectations having seen the old Final Countdown etc film clips with fireworks etc

      As for the setlist Walk the Earth
      The Siege
      Rock the Night
      (With snippet of ”Whole Lotta Rosie” by AC/DC)
      Scream of Anger
      Danger on the Track
      Sign of the Times
      Girl From Lebanon
      Open Your Heart
      War of Kings
      Heart of Stone
      Days of Rock 'n' Roll

      Second Set
      Ready or Not
      Last Look at Eden
      Hole in My Pocket
      Seven Doors Hotel
      Turn to Dust
      Drum Solo
      Prisoners in Paradise
      Let the Good Times Rock

      The Final Countdown Missing songs for me
      I'll Cry For You
      Just The Beginning - would have thought that this would have been the perfect song to end set 1...
      Halfway To Heaven
      Talk To Me
      On Broken Wings
      Always The Pretenders
      New Love In Town
      Bag Of Bones

      I know everyone has a different opinion, but I'm not sure the crowd as a whole really appreciated most of the newer stuff.
      They missed quite a few singles which was a bit weird given their first tour of Oz. (almost as weird a Cheap Trick not playing The Flame when I saw them)

      But overall it was a good show. I would have regretted not seeing it. Not as much as I regret missing the Dr Feelgood tour, but still regretted it I guess. 
    • While I agree with your overall premise about quality studio productions, I'm with Glen on a band like Blessthefall not being able to reproduce their sound live.  Just about everything has an artificial aspect to it on the studio recording.  I am not saying they sound bad live it just isn't going to sound like the album even if they pump in some additional sound and effects.   
    • Where you off to Geoff?
      I fly out to Thailand on the 14th