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Groundbreaker (Overland/Säll) - s/t

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Out September 14th on Frontiers.

From roooar.com:

Groundbreaker is the new musical project featuring singer Steve Overland (FM) and Robert Sall (Work of Art, W.E.T). 
The resulting self-titled debut album is simply everything that a Melodic Rock fan would hope and dream of: expect nothing else than soaring hooklines, magnificent melodies and amazing instrumental performances. Mixing the British and Swedish melodic rock traditions, Groundbreaker is truly the best of both worlds and one of the highlights of the entire Melodic Rock season!



1. Over My Shoulder
2. Will It Make You Love Me
3. Eighteen Til I Die
4. Only Time Will Tell
5. Tonight
6. Standing up for Love
7. Something Worth Fighting
8. The Sound of a Broken Heart
9. First Time
10. The Days of Our Life
11. The Way It Goes

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Excellent news, this I will look forward to. 

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From Frontiers:

BREAKING NEWS: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of new project featuring singer Steve Overland Official of FM official and Robert Säll of Work of Art & W.E.T. under the monikerGroundbreaker. The self-titled debut will be released on September 14th. Today, the first single and video, "Over My Shoulder" has been premiered, which you can check out below!

The album is simply everything that a melodic rock fan could hope for: soaring hooklines, magnificent melodies, amazing musical performances, and in Overland, a stunning vocalist. Mixing the British and Swedish melodic rock/AOR styles, Groundbreaker is truly the best of both worlds and surely destined to be one of the highlights of the year in an already stellar year for melodic rock!

GROUNDBREAKER came about when a conversation between Frontiers’ President Serafino Perugino and Overland revealed that the latter was eager to collaborate with new and exciting musicians from the European melodic rock scene. The idea was immediately brought up to involve Robert Sall of Work of Art and use Alessandro Del Vecchio’s production abilities. Overland loved the initial material that was submitted and consequently, they all started to work on songs. The process was very smooth and the final result was so good that everyone thought that the name “GROUNDBREAKER” was the right way to describe the power and the vibe of the music.

"I’m the main composer for about half of the songs, but Ale and Steve wrote a lot as well,” tells Robert Sall. “I had to write songs with Steve´s voice in mind and that was new, but very inspiring to me. But for any fan of FM or Work of Art, I think they will be very familiar with the sound of this record!”

“The idea for the album was to make a classic AOR album and I think between Robert, Alessandro, Pete Alpenborg and myself, we came up with a great collection of songs,” adds Overland. "I think this is some of the best material I've worked on in a while and all of the musicians on the record are fantastic, not only as players, but to work with. I knew of Robert's writing talents on the Work of Art records, but it really turned out to be a great collaboration and I'm so proud of the results! My personal favourite song on the record is "Will It Make You Love Me.” We’ve shot a video for it and I think it's truly a future classic!"

If you like, no LOVE melodic rock, then this is simply a must hear album!


Steve Overland - Vocals
Robert Sall - Guitars 
Nalley Pahlsson - Bass
Herman Furin - Drums
With Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards

Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio





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Solid track, was hoping for a bit of a better chorus though

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Groundbreaking they certainly aren't, although Overland sounds great as always..the song..It's good, not great

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I like that song plenty. 

A mile better than recent FM output 

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I like the most recent FM album - two tracks on there I like a lot.

I like this track.  It's solid.

I hate the band name, LOL.  "Groundbreaker"?  OK, maybe if you're music is at all unique.  Otherwise...

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New video.



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first song was really good

second = inspiro boring crap 

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    • Joe  Satriani Live In San Francisco.
    • Awesome! Thanks! I also have some demos of Dennis Cameron from *after* Angelica that he was working on that never saw the light of day (in case anyone would be interested).
    • Here you go. Angelica's demos with Andy Lyon on vocals: https://we.tl/t-vc17XGXORd
    • only a man has one of the greatest intros to a rock song ever 
    • from various sources: "Right Turn" is the new album from singer / songwriter DANIEL TRIGGER, an indie artist who has been releasing several records since 2005, plus albums under the Trigger name. We have listened to some of them but his overall heavy rock style never convinced us. However, things are changing with "Right Turn". I can see why the album will be released by MelodicRock Records soon; this material is inspired by the classic Melodic Rock sound from the '80s.

      One thing that will surprise the listener is that Daniel hails from the Midlands in the UK and not the US as the music on here would suggest. Bringing to mind Mitch Malloy (in his early years), Johnny Lima and late '80s Bon Jovi, Daniel Trigger knows his way around a melodic tune and chorus.

      Lyrically he harks back to the glory days of melodic rock on ‘Days Gone By’. ‘Drive’ is a tune made for just that – top down on the car (or windows for most of us) with this melodic rock gem blasting out on the speakers. There's a clear Malloy feeling in the classy melodic rock pattern of 'Running Into The Wind', with its rip roaring piano riff including acoustic guitar into the mix but used as 'electric' riffage.

      Midtempo 'Hold Back The Night' brings to mind Bon Jovi's New Jersey era, really 'American' in its delivery, 'Heavy Heart' has a catchy, pure '80s melodic rock chorus, while we have a classic rock vibe on the fun ‘Rock N Roll Party’. The only ballad here, ‘There In Your Heart’, bring to mind Jon Bon Jovi solo album, or better Johnny Lima, as Trigger's voice is very similar to them.   If you have listened to some of Daniel Trigger previous albums, forget 'em, he has 'turned' timeless melodic rock here on the properly titled "Right Turn". There's sweet melodious vocals, catchy choruses, a warm production, and while Daniel performs all instruments, he was cleverly enough to bring a very good guitar player in Jay Maddison to provide the clean solos and round up very entertaining songs. Daniel Trigger will be a new name to many and he is worth listening to based on the melodic rock delights he has provided here. Highly Recommended

      01 - Penitence
      02 - Days Gone By
      03 - Drive
      04 - Running Into The Wind
      05 - Hold Back The Night
      06 - Heavy Heart
      07 - Alive
      08 - There In Your Heart
      09 - Rock N Roll Party
      10 - Wheels In Motion

      Dan Trigger - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
      Jay Maddison - Guitar solos
      Sally Trigger - Backing Vocals          
    • I know this is from a while back ago but this link is dead. Is there anyone who might still have this that would be willing to re-upload this? Thanks! 
    • I know this is from a while back ago but this link is dead. Is there anyone who might still have this that would be willing to re-upload this? Thanks! 
    • I don't really mind the extra guitar effects... unnecessary noodling, but actually well played, and no one should ever argue the dude's guitar prowess.  But those vocal chords have obviously taken a pounding over the past 35 years.  I would have lost a bet had someone challenged me whether or not that was Aldo Nova on vox.  I would have laughed and called you crazy for implying such jest.  Appears the joke is on me!   This one is not on my buy list.

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