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Make Out Monday - Visions of Hollywood

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1    .    Bullet for Your Sweetheart

2    .    Shake It Like a Polaroid

3    .    Kissaphobic

4    .    Every Little Everything

5    .    Sunset Blvd.

6    .    Party on the Weekend

7    .    Desirae

8    .    Last December

9    .    American Cinema

10    .    Mascara Lines

11    .    Fear and Loathing (In the Valley)







This is an interesting one I picked up earlier in the year, that's been growing on me nicely. They have a really interesting sound, kind of halfway between something modern and some type of sleaze hard rock band. Cool vibe, and some cool tunes that are worth checking out;


Unfortunately I just noticed the best tunes aren't featured on youtube. Try and track down some samples of 'Sunset Blvd.' 'Last December,' 'Shake it like a polaroid' or 'Fear and Loathing (In the Valley).' 

The two singles on youtube (from this album) don't do the album justice at all, but I guess I'll post them as they're part of the package. This not at all what the band sound like, but apparently this was the single from the album;

This one's better but still not one of my faves from the album;


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NIce happy sound. Gonna see if I can sample the rest of the album at Itunes. Like Desirae the best of these 3.

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    • well I FB messaged WoA and they replied that they are still working on the album so I guess that will be 2019 now. 
    • is Work of Art even out this year? Have not seen any news on that one?? 
    • My most anticipated release ( except Work Of Art and Magic Dance)    Haken  - Vector (October 26/Inside Out Music)   Tracklist: 
      1. Clear
      2. The Good Doctor
      3. Puzzle Box
      4. Veil
      5. Nil By Mouth
      6. Host
      7. A Cell Divides
    • Me likey! It's not as heavy as their older material, but seems to have a bit more lush musicality. I like the synth work. Polishes the edges a bit. Die-hards already hate it, and die-hards *always* hate when a band goes more melodic, so it can't possibly be bad.   
    • New Teaser - Fantasy 2.0 - from the new album Aldo Nova 2.0 Aldo Nova 2.0 Release date 10/19/2018  
    • JD Miller - World War X Lifer - S/T Midnite City - S/T
    • Btw, I'd trade hard for Arcturus - Sham Mirrors on vinyl. ❤️
    • From FB: Hank Erix reveals album cover and tracklist for new album "Nothing Bout Trouble", first single "Fortune Hunter" now on Spotify, iTunes & YouTube.
      Album out on October 5th, 2018 via Livewire/Cargo Records UK. Track listing: 1. Turn To Darkness
      2. Last Chance To Love
      3. Fortune Hunter
      4. Way To Go
      5. Shadowdance
      6. Affair Of The Heart
      7. Electricity
      8. Freak
      9. Giving Up On Love
      10. For The Restless & The Young Line-up: Hank Erix – Lead & Backing vocals
      Michael Palace – Lead Guitars & Backing vocals
      Soufian Ma’Aoui – Bass
      Daniel Johansson – Rhythm Guitars
      Mats Ericsson – Drums
      Micke Jansson – Keyboard / Synth Additional guests: Linnea Vikström – Lead vocals & Backing vocals on ‘Affair Of The Heart’
      Alexander Hagman – Lead guitar on ‘Affair Of The Heart’
      Sam Söderlind – Guitar solo on ‘Last Chance To Love’
      Michael Palace – Additional guitars on ‘Last Chance To Love’
      Victor Lundberg – Backing vocals on ‘Shadowdance’ As Hank reveals: “They say that life is not about being who you are; it’s about becoming who you want to be. After almost a decade with Houston I’ve learned a lot about myself and the music that I love. These songs are me, all me, singing my heart out for the world to hear and this album has been a dream of mine, something to cross off the bucket list if you will”. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Mats Ericsson at BoomBridge Studios. Recorded at BoomBridge Studios & Erix Music & Production Studios. Executive Producer – Hank Erix. HANK ERIX is the frontman of the Swedish AOR band HOUSTON. A band that have been a bright star in the AOR / Melodic rock sky over their last five releases. The band received the best AOR album 2010 accolade in Classic Rock Magazine and have appeared on several impressive festivals throughout Europe such as Sweden Rock and Download Festival. Over almost a decade with HOUSTON, HANK ERIX has made quite a name for himself in the melodic rock world and it’s finally time for the release of his solo debut ‘Nothing but Trouble’. The album features songs that has been marinating for years and sees the band leader of HOUSTON taking a bold step forward from the expected HOUSTON sound and sees Hank flexing his more hard rocking muscles. Tagging along with HANK ERIX on this 1700cc motorcycle ride of an album are members of Therion, Degreed, Art Nation, Wildness, Kryptonite, Palace, Gutterdämerung & Adrenaline Rush.      

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