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    • Lordi - Sexorcism Arena - Double Vision
    • Agree.   Still my favorite release this year also.  
    • Still playing this all the time Definitely my favourite melodic rock release this year so far
    • are we listening to the same song? the pre is pure Vega. I love it. And the chorus is great.  And the solo rules. You lost me on this one mate  I actually love the whole album start to finish. Not often I say that these days 
    • Isn't that you breaking your music rules?
      Allowing a song multiple listens to show its worth?

    • Airfare cast isn't the issue. These days you get to LA return with Air New Zealand from Melbourne for less then $100
      I Saw Melbourne to Athens today for like $650 or something with Scoot.

      For me it's the wasted time in the air.
      Spend a day to get somewhere, and a day to get back, I say you need at least 10 days on the ground to make it worthwhile.
    • Lordi - Sexorcism (Box Set) Young Gun Silver Fox - AM Waves Arena - Double Vision Saxon - Denim And Leather (Mediabook) Saxon - The Power And The Glory (Mediabook) Saxon - Crusader - (Mediabook) Ghost -  Opus Eponymous Ghost - Meliora Ghost - Popestar EP. Ghost - If You Have Ghost EP. Ghost - Infestissumam  
    • I kinda disagree and agree with you on this. The disagreement is because overall it is not a terrible album and is by far not her worst (go listed to the two jazz albums and 2Preciious or whatever that band was called). And as for classic sound, she does not really have one as her sound evolved significantly over the years. She went from the rawer heavier stuff of her earliest albums to the slick radio friendly stuff like Some girls do, to a more modern "serious" album like Emotional rain. All very different. Now where I do agree with you is that it is nowhere near close to being up there with her best and the lyrics are bloody horrible. There were a couple of songs where I just wanted to shout at her to shut up. The lyrics actually sound at times like they were written by a 10 year old who had just formed their own band for the first time. (My babe being a particularly bad song lyrically.)   The album for me is listenable, but is not even a patch on her last one (which I know left fans divided).   I know having the word blues in the title was a giveaway she would be trying her hand at that style of music, but I did not expect the lyrics to give me the blues due to the horribleness.