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Earth For Sale - Life

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EARTH FOR SALE is a five piece pop-rock band from Milan (Italy) formed in 2014.
After a few months of studio rehearsal the band started working on the debut album “RESET”, mixing several different music styles from classic rock to modern and world pop, from synthesizers to rock and classic guitars, to orchestral strings, accordion and theremin.
The name Earth For Sale aims to focus attention on social and environmental issues, these topics are recurrent in their lyrics.
Starting from 2018, Giovanni Massari has been replaced by Fabio Mastellaro on drums.

The debut album RESET is due later this year.

Sivla Reale - vocals 
Marco Vecchio - guitars
Stefano “Steff” Brusa - keyboards (Zaneta/Eva)
Stefano Cavalloni - bass
Fabio Mas - drums

Iove this and look forward to the album...


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Really struggling to understand those lyrics at times, which is a real shame as it's otherwise very good. I'd like to check it out... but yeah, difficult to understand. 

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