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Fat Freddy

"Steel Assassin" - can you help Stormspell find this Mystery Band?

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An interesting goody from Stormspell here, with a bizarre back story fit for an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries."

Does this tape look familiar to anyone? If so, maybe you can help Stormspell Records find the "Mystery Band."


*(begin shameless plug) in-depth article about the "Mystery Tape" on my blog:


(end shameless plug)

Condensed Reader's Digest version of the story:

Danny (Stormspell head honcho) found this reel of recording tape at a flea market some years back. The guy he bought it from got it as part of a storage unit auction and had no clue who the band was or where they were from. Aside from the band name "Steel Assassin" (or perhaps "SteevAssassin?") on the front cover, there were no song titles, musician credits or any other details on the package - just an address for a "Haymarket Productions" in San Francisco and a 1986 recording date. 

Stormy would like to find this band so he can negotiate a full legit release of their material (or at least give them their master tape back) but so far he's had no luck. The address on the box turned out to be a generic apartment building in San Francisco and none of his contacts in the underground are familiar with the tunes. All he's been able to figure out is that this is NOT the Massachusetts based "Steel Assassin" band who have been kicking around since the '80s. 

Storm eventually decided to press a limited number of CDs featuring the "mystery band" and gave them out as freebies to anyone who ordered $50 or more of merch from his web store during a recent sales blow out, in the hopes that someone out there might recognize the band/songs. If you missed out on that deal, he's got a couple of tracks up for listening on the label Bandcamp page: https://stormspell.bandcamp.com/album/demo-1986

So hey, if you live in the San Francisco area and your oil change guy is always talking about his old band opening for Exodus at Ruthie's Inn back in the day, or your office copy repair man says his old band "shoulda' been huge," you may have the key to solving this mystery, and Stormspell wants to hear from you!!!

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    • Thanks, this is one of the few places I can use my recollections about 80's & 90's hard rock.  If I can help someone out a bit all the better.
    • Yeah, PIP the song is probably my favorite of theirs, so I was happy to hear that. I guess it's hard for them to go back and play a setlist they were playing 10 or 15 years ago (that time is probably smack bang in the timeframe when they were split up) Personally I would have loved to have heard about Joey playing solo stuff in a small pub the following night. 
      that would have been killer.
    • haha, i went to the Rugby once.
    • We're just going to Phuket for a week.
      Couple of my kids will be there then also, but we'll mostly avoid them
      I've been a couple of times before so there is less need to get out and see everything. Forced sitting on the beach or by the pool.

      I travel a lot for work overseas, so this is the first really relaxing break for a while.
      Although I'll be looking at some work stuff in my time there anyway.Timing was that late last year Jetstar has a deal on which made it less than $300 return each, so we just picked a date. We're lucky as we are self employed we can travel when we like which we probably don't appreciate enough. I was actually talking about Philippines as an option for something next year and apparently there is a big crackdown on drugs there which is kinda dangerous. I don't watch the news anymore so I know little about that. usually a storm in a teacup though I find.
    • I don't really look to cold hard truths for humour, but whatever floats your boat, mate.
    • Nice. Where are you going in Thailand? We're heading up to a similar part of the world - up to the Phillipines, on islands around Cebu. Also heading out on the 14th.  Is the timing purposeful for you too, to escape that little bit of our shitty winter?
    • Nice. Thanks heaps for the rundown and pics. Interesting setlist. Definitely less songs that I'd like to hear than ones I'd rather not hear. Good sportsmanship for them to do such a long set too.  I would love to see the stuff from OOTW & PIP but it looks like they were few and far between.
    • Yep. The 'Gravity' EP is my favourite from them, and the most rock orientated one. 'In Our Bones' is more along this real pop rock kind of route, but still a nice album.  
    • Most (hard) rock albums since about 1986 or so have a great drum sound... except Vega's last two. Few of my faves are that Firehouse album, Ratt's 'Detonator' and Treat's 'Organized Crime'... amongst a million others.