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DeVicious - Never Say Never

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Pretty good tune from the new upcoming album.

From FB:

DeVicious is speaking to a generation of melodic rock enthusiasts craving for
beautiful melodies, tight rhythms, outstanding vocals, and virtuously played guitars.
DeVicious is based in Karlsruhe Germany and the band members are from Germany,
Spain and Serbia. All band members have a combined stage experience of five thousand+ live performances and they are rattling their cages to get back on stage to deliver their brand new music to a broad new audience.

Within the walls of melodic rock music, inspired by the great classic rock bands of the 80/90ies, DeVicious had locked itself in the music studio for 8 months, 16-18 hours per day and had not been seen in public until the completion of their debut album Never Say Never. This 10-track album is packed with honest guitar sounds, catchy melodies, empowering keyboards, punchy rhythms, glossed with a clean analogue sound and has been
mastered by multiple award winning mastering
engineer Robin Schmidt of 24-96 Mastering

DeVicious is delivering the message of hope to all those who have given up dreaming, those who do cope with the loss of loved ones, and those who go through difficult
chapters in life. The lyrics and the band's character are perfectly summed up in DeVicious' debut album Never Say Never.



Mister Sanders (Vocals)
Radivoj Petrovic (Lead Guitar)
Gisbert Royder (Rhythm Guitar)
Alex Frey (Bass)
Denis Kunz (Keyboards)
Lars Nippa (Drums)







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Jeezus wept that is safe. I don't hate it, but it's very, very average. Thankfully, the song is at least it's 100% better than that dreadful film clip. I've not written this off, but the next song/s need to be much better than this.  

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New song.




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On 3/10/2018 at 12:10 AM, Stefan said:


I heard this album the other day and this song stood out like a vagina in a corridor of penises. I thought it was magnificent. Marvellously catchy. 

Now, if these guys are claiming that one of these mugs in the band is making love to the lady in the video all night, I'm calling them out on that. But. If anyone did make love to the girl in the filmclip all night long, I'd be making songs about it too.

Although, how would one make a song if their penis was surgically attached to that vagina... which is what one would surely do if the opportunity arose?  

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New video.



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Great CD.....thanks to Stefan for bringing it to my attention......

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New video.




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    • Grand Design - Viva La Paradise
    • Nice! Never got the debut so will pick that up for sure.   Might grab the other two also for the bonus stuff.
    • As mentioned before 'Loud Minority' gets the reissue treatment and so does their 2 follow-ups as well. From Frontiers: • CRAZY LIXX TO RE-ISSUE 2007 DEBUT ALBUM, "LOUD MINORITY" PLUS "NEW RELIGION" AND "RIOT AVENUE", EACH FEATURING BONUS TRACKS


      Swedish hard rock outfit Crazy Lixx will reissue their long out-of-print 2007 debut album, "Loud Minority" via Frontiers Music srl on October 12, 2018. In addition to the original 11 tracks found on the album, the reissue will also feature seven bonus tracks, including Japanese bonus tracks and early demo versions of track. Along with the reissue of "Loud Minority", reissues of the follow-up albums "New Religion" (2010) and "Riot Avenue" (2012) will also be available on October 12th, each with added bonus material on both as well.

      All three albums will be available on CD, Digital, and, for the first time, LP. The vinyl versions will all be special, limited edition color versions. See below for details and tracklisting. 

      Crazy Lixx vocalist and original member, Danny Rexon on the reissue of LOUD MINORITY: "The original pressing of 5000 albums was the only one ever made. We were on a small independent label at the time and even though the album was quite successful, peaking at #2 on the Swedish Rock charts, there was never any second pressing. The label ceased to be and we managed to buy out the rights for the album which we've now handed over to Frontiers. We're very pleased to be able to re-release this album a decade after it was originally out and after being unavailable for so long. Of all the requests we get from fans, this album has to be one of the most asked for." 

      "When we started out in the early 2000's I never thought vinyl would ever be a thing again, but since it has risen in popularity it's become something of a bucket-list thing to get our debut album (and the other ones of course) out on vinyl, so naturally we're very happy to be able to reissue these on vinyl," Rexon concludes. 


      CD (Jewel Case) / 2xLP (180g, Gatefold, Red Color, Limited Edition) / Digital 

      Hell Or High Water
      Dr. Hollywood
      Want It
      Love On The Run
      Make Ends Meet
      Death Row
      Heroes Are Forever
      Do Or Die
      Pure Desire
      The Gamble
      Bad In A Good Way (Bonus Track)
      No Guts, No Glory (Bonus Track)
      Do Or Die (Bonus Track - 2005 Single Version)
      Dr. Hollywood (Bonus Track - 2013 'Country' Version)
      Death Row (Bonus Track - Demo Version)
      Bad In A Good Way (Bonus Track - Demo Version)
      Love On The Run (Bonus Track - Demo Version)

      +“NEW RELIGION“ 

      CD (Jewel Case) / 2xLP (180g, Gatefold, Green Color, Limited Edition) / Digital 

      Rock And A Hard Place
      My Medicine (R.O.C.K)
      21 'Til I Die
      Blame It On Love
      Road To Babylon
      Children Of The Cross
      The Witching Hour
      Lock Up Your Daughter
      She's Mine
      What Of Our Love
      Desert Bloom
      Voodoo Woman
      Lights Out! (Bonus Track)  +“RIOT AVENUE“

      CD (Jewel Case) / 2xLP (180g, Gatefold, Blue Color, Limited Edition) / Digital

      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
      Young Blood
      Riot Avenue
      Fire It Up
      In The Night
      Church Of Rock
      Sweet, Bad & Beautiful
      Be Gone
      Only The Dead Know
      Red Hot, Red Blooded (Bonus Track)
      Riot Avenue (Bonus Track - Acoustic Version)
      Fire It Up (Bonus Track - Acoustic Version)
      Sympathy (Bonus Track)


      “Loud Minority”:
      Danny Rexon – Vocals
      Vic Zino – Guitars
      Joél Cirera – Drums
      Loke Rivano – Bass

      “New Religion”:
      Danny Rexon, vocals
      Andy Zata, guitars
      Joél Cirera, drums
      Loke Rivano, bass

      “Riot Avenue”:
      Danny Rexon, Vocals
      Andy Zata, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
      Edd Liam, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
      Joél Cirera, Drums
      Loke Rivano, Bass                    
    • I'd forgotten about this one.    
    • I'm enjoying this album. It's solid stuff.    
    • Song now on YouTube minus the video:  
    • Ted says over on his site that this is not a solo cd but more of a collaboration cd,his new solo cd will be released on Frontiers in 2019  that being said I don't mind the different sound/style for what its worth.

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