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Top3/Bottom3 - Quiet Riot "Metal Health"

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What are the top 3 songs and bottom 3 songs on Quiet Riot's "Metal Heath" album?


1:00 mark - Rapid Fire (Trivia Questions)

11:40 mark - Intellectual Poetry (Guess the song just based on the lyrics)

15:10 mark - Top3/Bottom3 QUIET RIOT "Metal Health" (with music clips)

My picks:

Bottom 3

1. Don't wanna let you go

2. Breathless

3. Run for cover

Top 3

1. Let's get crazy

2. Slick Black Cady

3. Metal Health

My co-host and I completely disagreed.

What are your picks?




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Top 3:


Slick Black Cadillac

Let's Get Crazy

Love's a Bitch




Bottom 3:


Don't Wanna Let You Go


Cum On Feel The Noise

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