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A request when submitting cover art

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Hey guys,


Thanks for all the work you've been doing submitting cover art, but I do have a request. When grabbing pictures or scanning pictures, please make sure there's enough resolution to actually work with. The album covers on the site are 200x200 pixels, so anything where the actual cover is that size or bigger is great. Some of the ones that have been submitted, I can't really use since, when I crop the picture to the actual size, they end up being so small that by the time I upsample them to 200x200, the JPEG artifacting is so bad that the picture is blurry.


For example, this one is fine:




But this one is too small to work with:




I'd like to post as high-quality pics as I can.





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Image needs a URL.


Click the picture icon ^, and enter the URL and it should work.

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