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Christmas break 2014

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It's a little late to post but got the flu 3 weeks ago and still haven't been feeling that great. Plus I wanted to hit some local shops before I posted this but didn't get to many. My trip is from Pittsburgh to Rochester, NY, and hitting the shops in Erie & Buffalo as well. Stops included goodwill stores, pawn shops, used cd stores, etc. anything were I could find a deal as I have a few extra days off from work to visit family out of town. I'm posting this for 2 reasons. To remember what I found on this trip and how bad it actually was. This is what found for about 20 hours of searching. Not including my drive from Pittsburgh to Rochester.


2 cassettes.


Luis Cardenas: Animal Instinct

Galleyboys: S/T


Ya. That's it for about 20 hours of searching. Totally dead out there. What did I pass on?


CD - Great White: Shot in the Dark (original press)

CD - Helix: Back for Another Taste

CD - Doro: True at Heart


What have I found since? Not much.


Saint: Too Late for Living (free with repeat performer card)

Krank! Get Up and Go (1999 Indie, female vox)

Sidewinder: Free Wheeling (Peoria AZ)



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I think this is the trend to be honest. Cds aren't selling as much and as a result no one, especially the older ones have stores that want to stock them. It's just going to get worse. In Australia I've pretty much given up trying to grab some semi decent stuff at places that used to have them. Shame as I really miss the hunt!

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I haven't set foot in a CD store in about 3 years now. Maybe longer. I am not sure if they even exist anymore. I know there was one I was trying to go to at least a couple of times a year when it was open, but about 3 years ago I went there and it was gone. To me, that was the day the (day of buying in-store) music died.


It's not something that even crosses my mind anymore because I just know the whole scene is dead. I did lend it a thought the other day - a melancholy thought, actually. They were good times, but it truly feels like a lifetime ago. Probably about 15+ years ago, my last good CD trek.

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I live in the Buffalo area, on the Canadian side and there is nothing around these parts when it comes to cd's. It has been getting worse and worse every year. I used to go hunting for cd's at least once a month if not every week at one time. My last hunt was during the Christmas break and it was my first since the past summer. I found about 25 cd's, mostly junk.


I used to travel hundreds and even thousands of miles to find cd's to sell just to make more money to go even further away and find more cd's...those days are done, I don't even leave Niagara Falls anymore to go looking for cd's.

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I've never once been on a proper hunt. I don't even know of any decent stores in the Greater Vancouver area.

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It wasn't a trip for the hunt but a visit family Christmas break. It was one on the worst shopping experience ever. I know CD hunting is going to be a waste of time these days. Really, all I find anymore is maybe a new release used.


It's not like I only look for CDs, I search for sports stuff, maybe a few autographs, who knows what you'll find.

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There used to be a couple of great second-hand stores locally, but they've long gone - nowadays, I get most of my CDs online or from charity shops (which throw up the odd gem every now and then, like the Bon Jovi promo that I picked up for 50p and sold on for about £30 :))


In Southend, the closest thing we have to a 'proper' second hand store is one of those 'game exchange' places, that sells games, DVDs, consoles, mobile phones and CDs - and they ask stupid money for things (£8.00 for a second-hand AC/DC CD? When you can pick it up for less than that NEW?? I think not!)


The good old days of spending hours going through the racks are - sadly - a thing of the past.

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Another Christmas time for CD shopping. Only had two days as I had to head back home. I started another job just two weeks ago.


Alias: S/T (1990) $5

New Religion: S/T $5

Poison: Something to Believe In (single, box cover) $5

Scorpions: MTV Unplugged (Tour edition, 2CDs, DVD, Bonus CD) $18 new

Kix: Live in Baltimore (CD+DVD) $17 new

Jon Bon Jovi: The Very Best of 1980-1983 (Japan) $5

Bon Jovi: Crossroads (2 CDs + B-Sides Rarities) from Crossroads Box Set $10

Roughhouse: S/T $5

Whitesnake: Live in '84 Back to the Bone (CD+DVD deluxe edition) $11

Van Halen: Live Tokyo Dome in Concert (2 CDs) $12

Def Leppard: S/T (Book cover limited edition) $10


Judas Priest: Fuel for Life DVD Holland pressing $5

The Karate Kid DVD $2.50


And for myself for Christmas


Vice: Hot...Just Looking at You

Vice: No No Naughty

Taylen Storm: S/T


Demon Doll has been releasing some great stuff.


Oh well, another year to add to the collection.

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Some nice stuff there.VH Live has to go down to $3.00 in order for me to buy it.

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    • Shark Island in the studio. Seems it may well come out this year. Super excited about that. 
    • Church rummage sale pickup:
      Gryn - Capital Punishment (1995) - a self released disc by a Kansas-based groove/thrash metal band. Given the time period, it sounds pretty much like I expected - local yokels copping the Pantera/C.O.C./Sepultura/Prong vibe. For 50 cents, I'm not gonna complain too much
    • Excellent song!!! Wish there was a little bit of guitar solo/riff at the end of the song. Just an opinion.  One of the best tunes I have heard this year.
    • Jaded Heart - Sinister Mind + 1 Mansson - Arch Of Decadence Terrorvision - Formaldehyde (2 CD Deluxe Edition) Audio Porn - s/t Shogun - 31 Days
    • Crazy Lixx - Loud Minority + 7 (October 12/Frontiers) (Reissue) 1. Hell or High Water
      2. Dr Hollywood
      3. Want It
      4. Love on the Run
      5. Make Ends Meet
      6. Death Row
      7. Heroes Are Forever
      8. Do or Die
      9. Pure Desire
      10. Boneyard
      11. The Gambler
      Bonus Tracks:
      12. Bad In A Good Way
      13. No Guts, No Glory
      14. Do Or Die (pre-album single version from 2005)
      15. Dr Hollywood (Country version, recorded with Andy Dawson & Edd Liam in 2013)
      16. Death Row (from 1st demo recording 2003 - different arrangement from album version)
      17. Bad In A Good Way (from 1st demo recording 2003)
      18. Love On The Run (from 1st demo recording 2003 - different arrangement from album version)       CITA  - Relapse Of Reason/Heat Of Emotion (July 20/Escape Music) (Reissue) Relapse of Reason CD 1
      Everytime (I Close my eyes) 4.25 / Through the Years 3.50 / These Eyes 4.04 / Stand or Fall 4.46 / Two Hearts 5.26 / Steal Another Fantasy 4.20 / Relapse of Reason 4.46 / The Fall 4.29 / No Heroes 5.43 / Who will you run to 4.43 / Changes 4.48 / Silent Soldier 5.43 
      Bonus Tracks: Heat of Emotion (live) 5.01 / Through the Years (live) 4.08 / Relapse of reason (live) 4.48 / These Eyes (live) 4.11 Heat of Emotion CD2
      Far Behind 4.57 / Heat of Emotion 4.32 / Life Goes On 4.27 / Endless Summer / 4.38 / Livin’ 4 Somebody Else 3.48 / Fly Angel Fly 4.09 / Miles away 5.10 / Say a Prayer 4.59 / Can’t we make it 4.38 / I’ll cry no more 5.29 / Find my way 6.46 Bonus Tracks: Cold Sweat 3.09 / Far Behind (live) 4.42 / Can’t we make it (live) 4.43 / Say a prayer (live) 6.22     Kix - Blow My Fuse: Fuse 30 Reblown (September 21) (Reissue) CD 1: 
      "Blow My Fuse"
      Remixed and remastered By Beau Hill:
      1. Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT 
      2. Get It While It's Hot 
      3. No Ring Around Rosie 
      4. Don't Close Your Eyes 
      5. She Dropped Me The Bomb 
      6. Cold Blood 
      7. Piece Of The Pie 
      8. Boomerang 
      9. Blow My Fuse 
      10. Dirty Boys

      CD 2: Demos
      1. Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT (Demo recording, 6/20/86) 
      2. Get It While It's Hot (Demo recording, 11/10/86) 
      3. No Ring Around Rosie (Demo recording, 1987) 
      4. Don't Close Your Eyes (Demo recording, 11/25/86) 
      5. She Dropped Me The Bomb (Demo recording, 6/20/86)
      6. Cold Blood (Demo recording, 3/21/87)
      7. Piece Of The Pie (Demo recording, 6/20/86) 
      8. Boomerang (Demo recording, 3/4/84) 
      9. Blow My Fuse (Demo recording, 9/5/86) 
      10. Dirty Boys (Demo recording, 11/10/86)       BJATO - At Last (June 30)       King Kobra - Sweden Rock Live (July 27) 1. Ready to Strike
      2. Tear Down the Walls
      3. Knock 'Em Dead
      4. Shadow Rider
      5. Live Forever
      6. Ballad of Johnny Rod
      7. Bass Solo - Wild Child
      8. Hunger
      9. Highway Star
      10. Heaven and Hell
      11. Drum Solo
      12. Raise Your Hands to Rock
      13. Turn Up the Good (Times)     Impellitteri - The Nature Of The Beast (October 12/Frontiers)         Dion Bayman - Better Days (September 21) 01. Ready For The Real Thing
      02. Rise And Fall
      03. Better Days
      04. The Best Times Of My Life
      05. Leap Of Faith
      06. Fallin' For You
      07. Pieces
      08. Out Of Mind Out Of Sight
      09. Cold
      10. If I Could        Jim Shepard - Jaded (August 10/MelodicRock Records) 01. Save The World 03:00
      02. Destiny 03:57
      03. My Heart is Mine 03:48
      04. We Are Not Alone 03:58
      05. What I See 05:36
      06. Livin' For Me 03:22
      07. I Will Find My Way 03:59
      08. M.G.L.G.2. 03:34
      09. Love is the Faith 03:24
      10. I Still Think About You 03:45
      11. Always For You 05:12     Magic Dance - New Eyes (TBA/Frontiers)       Perfect View - Timeless (October 29/Lions Pride Music) 1. Stop Me, Kill Me, Leave Me, 
      2. Can't Stop The Fire
      3. Shades Of Us
      4. Your Love Is Gone
      5. Don't Look Back
      6. No Regrets
      7. Fallin'
      8. Promises
      9. Outlaw
      10. Lorelai
      11. Timeless
      12. Let It Go       The Radio Sun - Beautiful Strange (August 24/Pride & Joy Music)       Blueminded - When Lights Fade...(out now)       Snakes In Paradise - Step Into The Light (September 14/Frontiers) 1. Wings of Steel
      2. Silent Sky
      3. Will You Remember Me
      4. Angelin
      5. Living Without Your Love
      6. If I Ever See the Sun
      7. After the Fire is Gone
      8. Love on the Otherside
      9. Things
      10. Liza
      11. Life`s Been Good to You & Me
      12. Step into the Light    
    • F**cking amazing release.  

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