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Anyone heard of Pharoah


They've finally released a collection of their songs on CD


You can check out the tunes on the following sites












any thoughts?

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been trying to get the cd for a while now.


it was for sale thru the site a while back but they removed it from sale for some reason. they said it should be returning for sale sometime soon (if it's not already).

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    • 2 out of 5 and those 2 are in their correct slots. The other 3 are all in my Honorable Mentions list. Gettin' closer...
    • Oh yeah. Especially at these times - this is VERY controversial. Speak English or Die (the song), too is another one.  What a way to incite more hate to non English speaking immigrants in the States. But I just cannot just pass through Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues. With Mr. Tinkertrain, yeah but you know a lot of rock stars especially in the 70s who have done this. Ted Nugent, Steven Tyler, Jimmy Page and the list goes on - who have seduced under aged girls. Even have the lawful custody of them to join them on tour.
    • Hmmmm... I presume 2 correct are One Desire and Cats In Space because Crazysam has also named those and had 2 OK, while Harem Scarem and Threshold have been discarded by Geoff's list. The 3rd hit from Glen I guess is Pinnacle Point. Well, here is another list to continue the game, let's see how it goes: 5. Tokyo Motor Fist 4. Cats In Space 3. Crazy Lixx 2. Pinnacle Point 1. One Desire        
    • As far as i know this was never released which is a shame as it is one slice of killer AOR...  
    •   Threshold is in my honorable mention list. I love me some Threshold, but their material that was most melodic and most appealing was done during the Mac era. The current material is great, but doesn't resonate with me quite as much. Also, it's a very LONG album, and as with anything prog, there's only so much self-indulgence I can listen to before I tune out... and that hurts it just a bit. As far as your guess... 3 out of 5 correct, with 1 in the correct position. Of the 2 others, 1 is in my honorable mentions list. Getting close... NEXT!
    • 1. Once upon a time everything would have been physical CDs, either sent by the label, or the majority ones I purchased. I used to do circuits of Illinois monthly hitting pawn shops and new and used CD stores. That stopped about 12 years ago when (1) the price of gas shot through the roof, and (2) CD stores disappeared and the only thing you could really find in pawn shops are rap, hip-hop, country, and gospel. Rock and metal have evaporated, at least around here. I ended up spending $20-30 just in gas and sometimes I wouldn't come home with anything. Nowadays, the labels distribute everything digitally as downloads. The only time I get physical CDs is if they come directly from the band. Sadly, some of the labels REALLY compress the mp3s so you cannot truly gauge the quality of the product, which does the performers and producers a disservice. Sadly, we won't be going back to "the good old days"... that ship has sailed. 2. Luckily my day job frequently allows me to listen to music while I work. That's when the majority of listening and evaluation occurs over the course of a year. I also have a 128GB flash drive in my car that I keep updated with all the new releases each year as I get them. Any CDs I buy or receive in physical form I rip to high-quality mp3s and put on the drive. 3. As far as assessment, I use MusicBee as my music player at the office, which allows me to give an "album rating" from 0 to 5 stars in half-star increments, which allows me to at least roughly categorize the albums throughout the year. Top 5 contenders come from the 5-star ratings, with Honorable Mentions being the remaining 5-stars and the 4.5-star listings. In MusicBee, I can sort by rating within the year filter, so I can see all the 2017 5-star albums together, all the 4-stars, etc., which makes refining the selections a bit easier. -Dan
    • Drive She Said - Real Life (March 23/AOR Heaven) (Reissue) 1. Real Life
      2. Stronger
      3. We Live for Love
      4. What's It Gonna Take?
      5. Silver White
      6. Overdrive
      7. Find Your Place
      8. All Your Heart
      9. Hold Me (Be Me)
      10. When Will It Be Love?
      11. How Can I Be Sure?
      12. Always and Forever (Godz)
      13. Believe       Kip Winger - Solo Box Set Collection (March 23/Frontiers) CD 1: 
      This conversation Seems Like A Dream (1997)
      1. Kiss Of Life
      2. Monster
      3. Endless Circles
      4. Angel Of The Underground
      5. Steam
      6. I’ll Be Down
      7. Naked Son
      8. Daniel
      9. How Far Will We Go
      10. Don’t Let Go
      11. Here

      CD 2: 
      Down Incognito (1998)
      1. Another Way
      2. Down Incognito
      3. Under One Condition
      4. Miles Away
      5. Steam
      6. Headed For A Heartbreak
      7. How Far Will We Go
      8. Naked Son
      9. Spell I’m Under
      10. Easy Come Easy Go
      11. Daniel

      CD 3: 
      Songs From The Ocean Floor (2000)
      1. Cross
      2. Crash The Wall
      3. Sure Was A Wildflower 
      4. Two Lovers Stand
      5. Landslide
      6. Faster
      7. Song Of Midnight
      8. Free
      9. Only One Word
      10. Broken Open
      11. Resurrection
      12. Everything You Need

      CD 4: 
      From The Moon To The Sun (2008)
      1. Every Story Told
      2. Nothing
      3. Where Will You Go
      4. Pages And Pages
      5. In Your Eyes Another Life
      6. Runaway
      7. California
      8. What We Are
      9. One Big Game
      10. Why
      11. Reason To Believe

      CD 5:
      1. Hands Of Love
      2. Monster (European Bonus Track)
      3. Holy Man
      4. Free (Instrumental) 
      5. Ghosts 
      6. Now And Forever
      7. Kiss Of Life (Demo) 
      8. Don’t Let Go (Demo)
      9. Headed For A Heartbreak (Demo 1987) 
      10. Hour Of Need (Demo)
      11. Monster (Demo) 
      12. Rainbow In The Rose
      13. Blind Revolution Mad
      14. Headed For A Heartbreak (Live)     Angeline - Shadowlands (March-April/Blow Your Fez Off Music)       Jaded Heart - Devil's Gift (March 30/Massacre Records)          
    •   New song from the forthcoming album.    
    • only on the fact Dan said he loved it. if I recall correctly.