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What CDs did you buy this week?

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Record store finds:

Hellchild - Bare Skin

Tribe After Tribe - Tribe After Tribe

Holy Soldier - Encore

Game Over - Burst Into The Quiet

Metallica - Earthquake Hits Buffalo (boot)


Aurin - Catharsis

Aurin - The Pre- Inspired Symphony

Digital Collapse -Digital Collapse

Dead By Wednesday - The Last Parade

Dead By Wednesday- The Darkest Of Angels

Dead By Wednesday- The Killing Project

Maniac Rise - No Lives Matter

Maniac Rise - Swallow My Evil

For The Headbangers Vol 7 (sampler)

Metal Life Crisis - All When Youth Was King

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Three Lions - s/t

Jesse Damon - Southern Highway

Platinum Rose - House Of Pain

Dirty Black Halo - Burning At The Edge Of Dawn

Dannie Damien - The Boxer and the Boozer

Empire - Leeches

Noely Rayn - Escape From Yesterday

Drunken Rollers - Boogie Generation

Scavanger - Between The Devil And The Sea

Hardreams - Countdown Time

Stampede Queen - Night At The Cockfights

DreamsNowReality - Dreamfinity  (Deluxe Edition)

Dirty Glory - Mind the Gap

Nasty Whores - s/t

Lizhard - Bigger, Better, Stronger

Loreley - Here We Are Again

Nympho  - V.I.P. Very Indecent People

Van Arx - Stand Together For Rock and Roll

W.A.N.T.E.D. - God's Best Sinners

Pinnacle Point - Winds Of Change

Scream Maker - Livin' In The Past

State Of Rock - A Point Of Destiny + 1

Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues + 5

Tygers Of Pan Tang - Animal Instinct

Giuntini Project - III + 1 (JAP)

Jorn  - Symphonic

Magnum  - Sleepwalking

Cheap Trick - RockFord

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This week's haul:

CD Baby:

The Jones - Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle

Nuse - The Pain Collection

West Of Hell - Spiral Empire

Terminus - The Reaper's Spiral

Exordium Mors- The Apotheosis Of Death

StormSpell 10th Anniversary Tribute (comp)

Jaded Faith - Scratching The Surface

From the last two shows:


Out Of Bounds - Blacked Out

Dave Simmons - The Light Between

Dave Simmons - This New Life Of Mine

Panzie - Love & Blood

Panzie - The Joke's on You

Rest Assured? - American Filth

The Wild - Gunning For You

Daizy Chain - 25 Years

Knucklebone - On The Rocks

Quick - Makin' A Mess

A New Low - Live 2015

Gray Matterz Presents Stay Original Vol II (promo comp)

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    • it won't stop my enjoyment of the album. Like I said whilst it's not stella it's perfectly acceptable. Bit like Midnite City last year
    • Well, technically the soccer is, whatever they call that shit. The A-League? But Rugby League, I should have said, is the most important, enjoyable and engaging football-based sport in Australia.
    • I assume you haven't seen many of these types of bands then, mate? Because I understand your line or reason here, but without exception, each one of these types of bands match their album production with their live sound... and this even includes outdoor festivals... but is noticeably present indoors. It's 2018 and shit can and should sound amazing, both on album and live.  I kinda get the over-produced comments, and many agree, but I definitely don't feel the same. I love stuff that just sounds as clear, heavy, and well... well-recorded, as possible. I don't think it's a crime to want your art to sound a million dollars. End of the day, it sure as balls beats the alternative. Budget could be an issue, but why then are an unsigned No Sleep For Lucy able to record a flawless sounding disc? Why can Newman and JSS make everything they produce sound like gold? Most new albums sound great. The list of examples from bands with less excuse than Vega, who sound better than Vega (production-wise), would be endless.  But I agree in terms of Vega, it is mostly just that pissy little drum sound which gets me. Overall, as I have agreed with also, it's not a bad production job. The album sounds adequate... but I don't think adequate is good enough for a band of this quality. And ballsy drums probably fix it up entirely, sad as it. I made the point about the comparison between 'Stereo Messiah' and 'Who We Are' when 'Who we are' was released too, and thus completely agree. Like I said at the time, if it ain't broke don't fix it. 
    • Doods, please take note of my last post; I never immediately write off an album that could go either way... and certainly not an average album from a band I have loved before (unless they 'do a Europe' and evolve over time into an entirely new and horrible band). Like HEAT and Vega... they're 100% no-brainers for me. I wouldn't dismiss anything they ever record because there's no reason to do so.  But Europe are a completely different story. I absolutely hate listening to them. They are dreadful these days, without redeeming feature. Like HEAT and Vega are "no-brainers" on the positive side, Europe are all but a "no-brainer" on the avoid side. They're terrible.  But a lot of the stuff released these days is 50/50, and I give it it's time to shine or fade.  Anyway, after bashing the shit out of Europe, I had no idea they were touring here. I see they're in Sydney on Tuesday night. The ticket prices all but excludes any interest I may have had, but how were they overall, Cure? Do they just batter you with their current horseshit, and the stuff pre-'Countdown?' I guess they wouldn't play anything from 'PIP' as it was a Kee Marcello album? Do they just play all their least melodic songs all night? Anything redeeming about the performance at all for someone who only really likes 'Prisoners In Paradise,' 'Out of this world' and on a lesser note, 'The Final Countdown?'
    • Jeez, I didn't realise this was happening. Will have to check these all out.  Just did. Some good, some bad. You can basically tell from the titles. 'One of these days' was very nice, and the ones with 'Rock n' roll' in the title are awful. For the completists, the last one from that list;    
    • Haha!!! Mate, that is the vaguest post I think I've ever read. lol. The news that they're touring Australia vaguely interests me, until I noticed the date is also the date we fly out overseas. 
    • New album? What are the two EP's released so far this year, then? 'Volume I' and 'Volume II?' Volume II features this song and the title track to the alleged new album. How curious.  Assuming the album is just the 10 tracks from the two EPs, it's decent but kinda average hard rock. First EP is in the vein of this song and the second EP, minus this song, is more commercial/melodic, and thus I prefer the second EP. First three songs on that one are nice. 
    • Good band - I like what they do, though this one moves further and further away from their rock roots, like they all seem to do.   But it's still a nice tune. 
    • Wow, there's no missing that didgeridoo. Pretty cool tune, though. Very fine band. 
    • Yeah, sounds pretty nice. Is there an album with it, or one coming?