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What CDs did you buy this week?

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Record store finds:

Hellchild - Bare Skin

Tribe After Tribe - Tribe After Tribe

Holy Soldier - Encore

Game Over - Burst Into The Quiet

Metallica - Earthquake Hits Buffalo (boot)


Aurin - Catharsis

Aurin - The Pre- Inspired Symphony

Digital Collapse -Digital Collapse

Dead By Wednesday - The Last Parade

Dead By Wednesday- The Darkest Of Angels

Dead By Wednesday- The Killing Project

Maniac Rise - No Lives Matter

Maniac Rise - Swallow My Evil

For The Headbangers Vol 7 (sampler)

Metal Life Crisis - All When Youth Was King

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Three Lions - s/t

Jesse Damon - Southern Highway

Platinum Rose - House Of Pain

Dirty Black Halo - Burning At The Edge Of Dawn

Dannie Damien - The Boxer and the Boozer

Empire - Leeches

Noely Rayn - Escape From Yesterday

Drunken Rollers - Boogie Generation

Scavanger - Between The Devil And The Sea

Hardreams - Countdown Time

Stampede Queen - Night At The Cockfights

DreamsNowReality - Dreamfinity  (Deluxe Edition)

Dirty Glory - Mind the Gap

Nasty Whores - s/t

Lizhard - Bigger, Better, Stronger

Loreley - Here We Are Again

Nympho  - V.I.P. Very Indecent People

Van Arx - Stand Together For Rock and Roll

W.A.N.T.E.D. - God's Best Sinners

Pinnacle Point - Winds Of Change

Scream Maker - Livin' In The Past

State Of Rock - A Point Of Destiny + 1

Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues + 5

Tygers Of Pan Tang - Animal Instinct

Giuntini Project - III + 1 (JAP)

Jorn  - Symphonic

Magnum  - Sleepwalking

Cheap Trick - RockFord

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This week's haul:

CD Baby:

The Jones - Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle

Nuse - The Pain Collection

West Of Hell - Spiral Empire

Terminus - The Reaper's Spiral

Exordium Mors- The Apotheosis Of Death

StormSpell 10th Anniversary Tribute (comp)

Jaded Faith - Scratching The Surface

From the last two shows:


Out Of Bounds - Blacked Out

Dave Simmons - The Light Between

Dave Simmons - This New Life Of Mine

Panzie - Love & Blood

Panzie - The Joke's on You

Rest Assured? - American Filth

The Wild - Gunning For You

Daizy Chain - 25 Years

Knucklebone - On The Rocks

Quick - Makin' A Mess

A New Low - Live 2015

Gray Matterz Presents Stay Original Vol II (promo comp)

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Tarja - Left In The Dark

Reckless Love - Spirit + 1 (Special Edition)

Arti Tisi - Back Again

Street Talk - V + 6  (Reissue)

Paris - The World Outside + 2 (Special Edition)

The Radio Sun - Outside Looking In

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Judas Priest - Firepower (finally!)

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    • Let's end this now.
      There is no possible positive outcome for further discussion.
      FWIW,they're both painful for me compared to AFL.
    • haha, We had our honeymoon in Thailand 12 years ago.
      Going back because it was opportunistic and also because all the traveling we do (around 4 o 5 overseas trips annually) are either work related or pretty fast paced taking in the sights etc.

      Since we've been to Phuket before we're hoping it's forced relaxation to a degree. Also,we're staying in the same hotel we honeymooned in, which is kinda cool. Let me know how you found the Philippines.
      Some friends and I celebrate major birthdays with an OS trip which is next year.
      One of them is trying for vegas. I complained that he'd want a week there. He came back with "nah, a long weekend is enough"
      He missed the point. I wouldn't fly to LA for a week, let along a long weekend, so I'm looking for alternates.
    • This one is fantastic. Will check them out.
    • Haha, I was going to put a thread up for that album tomorrow, when I have time to sit down and put some ratings on it. But I agree, sounded great. Probably the best modern rock album I've heard this year. Loved my first few listens of it - some really, really catchy/melodic choruses. There's a lot of bands who do this ADTR type of sound, and some are average but occasionally some do stand out from the pack. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the Sink The Ship album. If I remember right, the first track is all balls to the wall and I was worried it was just going to be another pass. But a a few more clean vocals and big hooks later, and I was totally sold on it. Good stuff. I think this 'Everything' song was up at the top of my faves. 
    • Glad to see another positive comment for this one.  The album hasn't gotten much attention here, but I think it is worth checking out as well.
    • I like these guys  will give the new songs a listen for sure I'd suggest checking out a new album from  a band called Sink the Ship actually , sound a bit like these guys although heavier  
    • Nice. I'll check their previous albums out. 
    • it's really nice and my favourite would be Sakura Blues After hearing this I checked out their back catalogue and their early stuff doesn't do much for me but the album before this one is fantastic , better than this new one I think  
    • I'm quite enjoying this album. Massive sound and some good, strong songs. I see that my favourite one now has a music video. Love this chorus hook;   Something so sexy about the way he says "you got me right where you w(h)ant me." Friend, with this song, you got me right where you want me.
    • 1    .    No Good for Me 2    .    Chasing Lonely 3    .    Novocaine 4    .    Under My Skin (acoustic) 5    .    I Learned My Lesson (acoustic) https://boysoffall.bandcamp.com/album/thank-you-goodbye     Probably not worth a thread for what is essentially a 3 track EP (with two acoustic reworks of previous songs). But I like these guys and it sounds like they're on the right track after a solid but not ground-breaking debut in 2016 called 'Thank you and goodbye.' Which did have nice songs like this on it; And heavier stuff along these lines;