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  1. PeterS

    7th Heaven - Color In Motion

    Seems another band I need to spend time on as this one is fantastic. Maybe I’m getting old but most of my favorite albums from this year have been at the poppier end . Top 10 for me for sure.
  2. PeterS

    Motley Crue back in the studio

    Three good albums (Too fast, Girls Girls Girls , Feelgood) and some average stuff. Not many put out three good albums. Their problem is after Feelgood they were basically trading on image and notoriety. And a rotating drum kit. They spoiled their legacy.
  3. PeterS

    Lioncage - Turn Back Time

    Album dropped today and sounds really good, to these ears. That vocalist sounds a carbon copy of Peter Gabriel on a rock album at times.
  4. PeterS

    Jon Waite - 'Mask Of Smiles' (1985)

    Huge John Waite fan. Good album but not as good as No Brakes.
  5. PeterS

    Songs in German

    Living in Munich we're getting warmed up for Oktoberfest. One song will be played 100 trillion times over the next few weeks. Does get a wee bit annoying. There are actually quite a few decent songs sung in German but it really does help to have a couple of Maß (what most of you incorrectly call a 'Stein') before listening. Also really helps if the girls are wearing Dirndl. Prost.
  6. Always found McCartney stuff to be really hit or miss. Loved some of his solo work. Really not been able to get into others. This ones a total hit for me. Been listening to it all weekend and this week and not getting bored. Some rather quirky lyrics but maybe that's part of the charm.
  7. PeterS

    Taste - Moral Decay

    This one dropped today here and after a couple of spins shows a lot of promise.
  8. https://pavementprincess.bandcamp.com/releases Been listening to this one this week and I've come to really like it. "The music of Pavement Princess can best be described as high energy, anthemic arena rock. It contains lots of melody, pounding drums and catchy choruses and guitar riffs. Influenced by some of the greatest bands in the genre, Pavement Princess listeners should expect songs that will stick in the head for a long time." Not sure how long the songs will stick in my head but it's certainly been on heavy rotation this week.
  9. Bit of a surprise this one. Really hadn't expected much but I'm really enjoying it. Bit of a throwback to my youth in the North of England but they get the sound spot on.
  10. PeterS

    Nitrate - Real World

    First really good album i‘ve heard in months . Excellent stuff.
  11. I take part in a Music quiz in Munich. Almost everybody who takes part is younger and it's an extremely broad set of tastes. Last week I ran the quiz. We all take turns to run it. I threw LA Guns, Rip and Tear, in there based on it was the second most viewed on youtube after Ballad of Jane by them . Not a single person got the band or song. It struck me that most of our music may well just fade away. A few will pick it up and enjoy it but it'll be a real niche. Those crazy dudes back in the 1980s. Perhaps the big hitters will still be know. Def Leppard's come up and people knew it but anything out of the mega hits seems to be gone already. Kind of sad.
  12. PeterS

    Halestorm - Vicious

    Not really bedded in. It's not bad and I'm sure some of the songs will be awesome live but it's just not exciting me. Better than the last album but a long way from essential.
  13. Did the whole quiz based on listens on Spotify or views on Youtube to try and make sure people knew stuff. Nothing under a million plays.
  14. PeterS

    Halestorm - Vicious

    Couple of listens this morning and I like it. If I remember right the last one was a bit too soft for my liking. This one has a bit more bite.
  15. Following the tip on the top 5 of the year thread I've tried this and really happy I did. Excellent stuff. Beginning to end excellent.
  16. PeterS

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Nothing done more than be OK for the last couple of months for me. Seems a real dry spell?
  17. PeterS

    Sapphire Eyes - Breath Of Ages

    They need to pull one of the song, a duet then as it was painful. There were some songs with potential as well.
  18. PeterS

    Sapphire Eyes - Breath Of Ages

    I'd downloaded it from Google Play but now it's even taken the files off my download. Wasn't super impressed on first listen.
  19. PeterS

    Upcoming 2018 releases

    Shark Island in the studio. Seems it may well come out this year. Super excited about that.
  20. Seems to be the year of really light AOR albums I like. Maybe I'm getting old. Sometimes reminds me of The Police, certainly on two songs. In My Head the best song, IMO. Another borderline HH album but I'm enjoying it.
  21. Been listening to this all this week and like it a lot. Not too sure who he is but it’s decent quality singer/songwriter stuff. Lead track - one in a million , particularly good.
  22. PeterS

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Blueminded - When Lights Fade.
  23. This lot just distilled 80s female fronted pop AOR.
  24. PeterS

    Fire Tiger - Suddenly Heavenly (2018)

    Terri Nunn black and blonde hair. Respect! I like that sort of poppy soft rock stuff. They squeezed a lot of cliché in a short video.
  25. PeterS

    Lee Aaron - Diamond baby blues

    I quite link this. Not going to change your world but there some catchy stuff in here. I've not really heard her early stuff so I'm not comparing it against that material though. I'm somewhat unsure what making love to a crocodile is all about.

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