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  1. PeterS

    Thirty Seconds To Mars - Walk On Water

    He's gone totally moody and arty. And he's done some great songs in the past like that but needs to balance them with rockers. I've given it a few goes and in the right mood I can listen to it. If I heard this as my first taste on 30STM I doubt I'd have given it the time I did.
  2. PeterS

    Lebrock - Real Thing [EP] 2018

    I want this played at my funeral.
  3. PeterS

    Lebrock - Real Thing [EP] 2018

    Based on Geoff's love of this I've given it a go. Very good indeed. Reminds me of The Panic Division, which is a good thing.
  4. PeterS

    VEGA - Only Human

    Been listening to this none stop all week now. This truly is an excellent piece of music, to these ears. I'll be coming back to this one time and again. I've liked Vega in the past but never put them on the pedestal some here have them on. This may be the album to change that. Tigertailz slightly different level of seriousness? It's just crap unnecessary corniness . It's like complaining Olivia Wilde has a mole on her ankle though. The main product is flawless.
  5. PeterS

    VEGA - Only Human

    Really like this but that radio intro and exit is freaking annoying.
  6. PeterS

    Shinedown - Devil

    Been listening to the album all morning and this one hits the spot. Very good.
  7. PeterS

    New look Forum

    Is the feature to see all users post counts gone? Curious how many new members we have and how many longer serving posters are still going strong.
  8. PeterS

    Issa - Run With The Pack

    Just don't let her sing or you'll be picking up bits of broken glass.
  9. PeterS

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    Basically been playing this one since Friday now. Excellent. Great voice and wonderful songs. All good stuff. May well make my top 10.
  10. PeterS

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    One listen in and a lot of potential here. Played this and ISSA this morning. This is the one that'll be getting more plays today. Another album with a song reminiscing about the 80s. Something of a trend.
  11. PeterS

    Retrospect Records is for sale

    Hard to see 100,00 dollars in value there but know knows. I really hope our music doesn't just disappear. Sam might have some communication issues but at least the got music out there. He ,Rock Candy and a few others should be applauded for that.
  12. PeterS

    Issa - Run With The Pack

    This one isn't as annoying as the last. So often these singers who can hit high notes do it all the time. That guy from Inglorious had the same problem on their first and Adrenaline Rush another good example.
  13. PeterS

    Retrospect Records is for sale

    This thread should go well.
  14. I did once read that the hole in Extreme's Hole Hearted was for God.
  15. I'm fairly sure there wasn't a soundtrack.
  16. Number of the beast - Iron Maiden.
  17. PeterS

    No Sleep For Lucy - Until The End

    Was listening to the new 30 seconds to mars in the car on the way into work and then switched to this. Couldn't tell the difference except this is way better. It's like 30 seconds to mars when they first started. Jared needs to cheer up a bit and stop being so serious.
  18. PeterS

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Yummy. Very good indeed. With the Fire Tiger already hitting the nail on the head, this already a good year for whatever you'd call this sub genre. And just seen there's an expanded version of T'Pau Bridge of Spies just released. Will check that out.
  19. PeterS

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Mmm. Kim Wilde. Need to check that out. More to do with the crush I used to have on her though.
  20. PeterS

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Absolutely worth a few early peeks at what people are liking after the first quarter.Love it and will be firing up a few I'd not come across shortly. So far been pretty disappointing. Some big artists not delivering what I'd hoped for. Some gems out there though. Not a top 5. Just the ones I've liked the most so far.... ITEM Album Sharaz Lane Carnival Days Dizzy Reed Rock N Roll Aint Easy Marco Mendoza Viva La Rock Ministry Amerikkkant Firetiger Suggenly Heavenly Little Caeser 8 NHA No Hot Ashes
  21. PeterS

    Salty Dog - Lost Treasure

    Some of these songs aren't exactly huge derivations from what was on the original album.
  22. PeterS

    Cover songs

    I saw this band the other day. Fantastic.
  23. PeterS

    No Hot Ashes - s/t

    Probably helps if you haven't seen a picture of the band before listening. The singers voice reminds me of Toby Jepson , at times. The more I listen to it the more I like it. Quite probably the only band ever named after a warning label on a bin/trash can.
  24. PeterS

    No Hot Ashes - s/t

    Some nice tunes on this one. It's 'standard' British AOR well done.
  25. PeterS

    W.E.T - Earthrage

    Erik can do no different. IMO. It's not terrible but it's just the same as the rest. I'm kind of getting bored of his style. Needs to learn a few new tricks.