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  1. T-BONE

    New STATION Release

    A few tunes are decent, but this release has way too many mid tempo and ballad tunes. It got a little boring and I had to bounce around the the songs I wanted. And his voice does get a little irritating at times. Like he is trying to hit notes too high for his range.
  2. T-BONE


    Are my ears deceiving me, or is this tune a complete ripoff of Slave To Love by Quiet Riot? Slave To Love
  3. T-BONE

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    I agree with Dan on this one.... Only one time through so far, but nothing grabbed my instant attention like on Address The Nation and "most" of Tearing Down The Walls. A few tunes had some inspiring spots. Blind Lead The Blind is my favorite tune thus far. I do hope it's a grower.... Growers and Instants are a love/hate for me. I LOVE instants, but that's usually because it fit exactly what I was expecting, meaning the band maybe didn't grow or expand their sound. Growers piss me off initially because it seems like a band didn't live up to my expectations initially, but then again, were my expectations too high, or did tue band expand for the better and I didn't give it a chance? This one is at a 70% for me on the first spin, but I truly want it to get better.
  4. T-BONE

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    Unfortunately, in the USA, "bonus" is 2 words. (see what I did there?) (SEE IT?!?!?) A lot of times, I end up liking bonus tracks better than some of the main offerings.
  5. T-BONE

    GOTTHARD - Silver (2016)

    One play through and out.... I had hopes for this but it bored the ever living shit out of me. Gotthard used to be a guitar driven riffing machine. Now they are rather bland. They need to get back to the first 3 albums' sound and energy as well as formula. 7 rockers, 2 mid tempo and maybe 2 ballads
  6. T-BONE

    Eclipse - Monumentum

    Me likey..... Other bands should take notes
  7. T-BONE

    GOTTHARD - Silver (2016)

    "G" is their masterpiece in my opinion
  8. T-BONE

    Hardline - Human Nature

    Finally listened to the entire thing and I stand by my initial response.... LESS FEKKIN KEYS!
  9. T-BONE

    Gary Schutt - Moving Parts

  10. T-BONE

    Gary Schutt - Moving Parts

    And even THAT is an understatement.... He is a complete do it all musician and to very high standards too
  11. T-BONE

    Pretty Maids - Kingmaker

    Your OCD-O-Meter kicking into overdrive?
  12. T-BONE

    Hardline - Human Nature

    Sounds pretty decent, but less keyboards and more prominent guitars please...
  13. My friend Lance found his band Gemini CD being reissued on Time Warp and they did NOT have his permission. Both the first 2 Gemini CD's were released on Lance's Nightmare Records in 1990 and 1992. I'm not quite sure where Time Warp came up with 1982 and Little Wing records..... Lance: Funny thing about that original release of 1982 (actually 1990) The picture of the band is from 1986 and the songs we're written in 1989, three of these guys in this picture had left the band before we wrote 90% of this album, and... they have the band members wrong from the first album, it's the second album from 1992's lineup. Different drummer and guitarist on the second album.
  14. Maybe after the other asshats in JH fucked him over and took HIS band and name out from under him, he doesn't trust too many people
  15. Love it! I was too big of a fan of the last 2 albums. Hopefully the new stuff will sound like the Charade stuff https://www.facebook.com/BONFIREofficial/?fref=ts

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