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  1. Crazysam

    Upcoming 2018 releases

    Kane Roberts posted a few updates on his FB page over the last few days regarding his new album. Unfortunately, no release date is mentioned... I have no more tracks to do on this CD for Frontiers but I wanted to see the progress on our first mix....Def keeping my fingers off the tracks now. Resisting the temptation to re-sing this or re-play that. Plan A is to deliver the Masters to Frontiers before the 26th. I'm getting CD graphics and credits lined up as well. Keep you all posted. https://www.facebook.com/KaneRobertsFBPage/
  2. Crazysam

    Heartwind - Higher And Higher

    Glad to see another positive comment for this one. The album hasn't gotten much attention here, but I think it is worth checking out as well.
  3. Crazysam

    lyrics help

    Thanks, this is one of the few places I can use my recollections about 80's & 90's hard rock. If I can help someone out a bit all the better.
  4. Crazysam

    VEGA - Only Human

    While I agree with your overall premise about quality studio productions, I'm with Glen on a band like Blessthefall not being able to reproduce their sound live. Just about everything has an artificial aspect to it on the studio recording. I am not saying they sound bad live it just isn't going to sound like the album even if they pump in some additional sound and effects.
  5. Crazysam

    lyrics help

    That song would be "Back To You" by the band Tour De Force off their album World on Fire
  6. Crazysam

    Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

    New video...catchy tune, but moves the bar even further from the early material and that raw, heavier sound
  7. Crazysam

    VEGA - Only Human

    Gave this a try, first couple tracks in and I thought it had potential. However, starting with track 4 things got a bit patchy for me. Thankfully, the last two tracks salvaged things. So, I figure I can make a solid EP with the tracks I enjoyed.
  8. Crazysam

    Siren - "Up From the Depths: Early Anthology & More"

    Sounds Interesting, I'll give this one a listen
  9. Crazysam

    Creye - s/t

    Sounds pretty good, but similar to Glen, I was expecting a little better after the promising EP
  10. Crazysam

    King Of Company - Queen Of Hearts

    The debut from these guys was solid. I'll try to check this one out, but I think the original vocalist was better.
  11. I agree, the verses sound very similar to "Rebel Yell". The new album has grown on me after giving it a few more listens. All three albums are good, but I still prefer Quid Pro Quo a bit more
  12. Crazysam

    TNT - XIII

    Decent song, but still sounds lackluster
  13. Crazysam

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    I wish I could have made it, seemed like Andrew had a lot of great acts for MRF again. I've never seen H.e.a.t., so I'm quite envious. That is exciting news on the possibility of a new release next year, let's hope so.
  14. Crazysam

    Two Of A Kind - Rise

    The song has a pleasant chorus and vocals sound good, but rather mellow for a lead single. It sounds closer to Wilson Phillips than the debut. I'm still interested in hearing more though based on the strength of the prior release.
  15. Crazysam

    Myles Kennedy - Year of the Tiger

    I like Myles voice, and will give it a chance. Tracks sound ok individually, but if the whole album has this sleepy, acoustic feel I'll probably pass as far as purchasing.