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  1. Tabe

    VEGA - Only Human

    Yeah, I'm gonna stand by my comment. Nothing special. And that radio intro is really annoying.
  2. Tabe

    Sunstorm - The Road To Hell

    Not their best song but still good. Looking forward to the rest of the album.
  3. Tabe

    Big City - Big City Life

    Yeah, that's a good track. Eager to hear more.
  4. Tabe

    VEGA - Only Human

    I think I need to give this another spin. On first listen, the album ran together and came across as very, very generic. Not nearly as good as past efforts.
  5. Tabe

    FM - Atomic Generation

    This one's been in heavy rotation for me since it came out. Not the greatest album ever but good. Am a big fan of "Too Much of a Good Thing" and "Playing Tricks on Me". FM's catalog is definitely up and down but this one's an "up" for me.
  6. Tabe

    James Christian

    This is fantastic news. Am a big fan of Christian's work - House of Lords, solo, Voices of Rock, whatever.
  7. Tabe

    Scherer/Batten - BattleZone

    This was written by John Wetton and Jim Peterik and originally appeared on Wetton's 1994 album "Battle Lines". I think I prefer that version but could just be because that's the version I heard first:
  8. Tabe

    Hateful Songs

    This isn't a hateful song. "Bodies' was written about the brotherhood of the moshpit and was never about violence", to quote Drowning Pool.
  9. Tabe

    Find Me - Dark Angel

    This is fantastic news!
  10. Tabe

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    Just got it and had my first listen... Definitely the lowest of the three (studio) albums with Erik for me. ATN and TDTW are classics and Live in London is incredible. This? This is...average. Nothing stands out to me. As far as releases this year go, it's way behind One Desire's album and Eclipse's "Monumentum". But I'll give it more listens and maybe it'll improve over time.
  11. Tabe

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    I can't remember what you said about Tearing Down The Walls before it came out (although I think it got a perfect score on the website), but how do you feel about it 3 years after release? I loved TDTW from almost straight away....it grew on me before I reviewed. This one is extraordinary straight outta the box. Still adore both the Erik fronted albums - among my favourites in the last decade. This will go nicely with those. Man, this is music to my ears. The two Erik albums are among my all-time favorites - way ahead of the earlier albums. If this one is in the mix with the other Erik stuff - BRING. IT. ON.
  12. Tabe

    GREAT WHITE - Full Circle (2017)

    Listened to "I'm Alright" and my the thought I had was just how much it reinforced that I want Terry Ilous to do a new XYZ album instead of this.
  13. Tabe

    ANGELS OR KINGS - Kings Of Nowhere

    Picked this album up a couple weeks ago and it's been on constant rotation on my iPod ever since. Holy cow, great album. Yeah, the vocalist is...different...but it works somehow. Sounds like he's straining with every fiber in his body to make any sound at all but ultimately succeeds. Lots of great songs, too - "A Harder Place", "Ice Turned to Rain", and "If Her Tears Could Talk" are all outstanding.
  14. Tabe

    Harem Scarem united

    Hey, there's two of us. Am also a huge fan of House of Lords.
  15. Yeah, this is promising. Definitely throws off a Saraya vibe.
  16. Tabe

    Bloody Heels - Through Mystery

    Loving the music, not sure on the vocals. Definitely wanna hear more...
  17. Tabe

    Radiation Romeos - s/t

    First track is out: I like - don't love - the song. It's decent enough. But, man, this video is just...way beyond awful.
  18. Tabe

    The Nights - s/t

    I'm digging that sampler. Eager to hear the full album.
  19. Tabe

    Eclipse - Journey (Review)

    I found this album to be a big disappointment after the...err...revelation of "Revelation". That album was great, this one not so much.
  20. Tabe

    Adrenaline Rush - Soul Survivor

    Seems like a decent song that would be a lot better with a different singer.
  21. Tabe

    Pinnacle Point - Winds Of Change

    Agree - song is really promising, chorus is a little weak.
  22. Tabe

    Eclipse - Monumentum

    I've listened to this album probably 15 times over the last week or so and it continues to grow on me. It'll never rise to the level of "Bleed & Scream", let alone "Armaggedonize" but it's a terrific album nonetheless.
  23. Tabe


    Argh, knew I should've been clearer. It was $200 because I took my wife Still $100 a seat for 16th row floor seats, dead center. I think it was like $83 face value and about $18 a ticket in fees. I actually had strongly considered paying a lot more to get the VIP package so I could meet Asia. Held off on that and, callous as it might be to say, am glad I did as John Wetton was the one guy I wanted to meet.