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  1. Tabe

    Palace - Binary Music

    I had missed the Find Me news. This is definitely fabulous news. Now all I need are new albums from Angels or Kings and The Magnificent...
  2. Tabe

    Love Stallion - Unforgettable Ride

    Yeah, very generic and sounds like it was recorded on somebody's portable tape recorder.
  3. Terry's Facebook post, which has not been deleted, said the exact same thing. I'm a fan of Terry's work outside of GW and he seems like a nice enough guy. I am hopeful that this means we get a new XYZ album
  4. Tabe

    Gathering Of Kings

    The two tracks I just listened to sound good. Definitely want to check out the full album when it's released.
  5. Tabe

    Creye - s/t

    I'm digging the new one.
  6. Tabe

    Don Barnes

    This is a killer album. Just one great track after another. I somehow missed it on released in 2017 and only heard about it via the "Best of 2017" list from HH. Didn't know what I was missing! Great, great stuff! Andrew, tell Don to go record some more solo stuff
  7. That is a great song. Can't wait to hear the rest!
  8. Tabe

    Treat - Tunguska

    No kidding. That album is really, really good.
  9. Tabe

    Groundbreaker (Overland/Säll) - s/t

    I like the most recent FM album - two tracks on there I like a lot. I like this track. It's solid. I hate the band name, LOL. "Groundbreaker"? OK, maybe if you're music is at all unique. Otherwise...
  10. Tabe

    Sunstorm - The Road To Hell

    Having listened to the whole album more, only the title track really stands out for me. It's a solid effort, one I certainly enjoy listening to, but not an all-timer for me. The title track, however, is fantastic. I definitely like it more than I did a month ago now that I've had a few more listens.
  11. Tabe

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    I'm with you. That song is terrible.
  12. Tabe

    VEGA - Only Human

    Yeah, I'm gonna stand by my comment. Nothing special. And that radio intro is really annoying.
  13. Tabe

    Sunstorm - The Road To Hell

    Not their best song but still good. Looking forward to the rest of the album.
  14. Tabe

    Big City - Big City Life

    Yeah, that's a good track. Eager to hear more.
  15. Tabe

    VEGA - Only Human

    I think I need to give this another spin. On first listen, the album ran together and came across as very, very generic. Not nearly as good as past efforts.

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