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  1. Geoff

    Denman - The Life We Live EP

    I really liked the EP a lot. News of a new album is very exciting. Okay new song... though not great, lol. I hope the rest is (a lot) better.
  2. Thank goodness for these later posts. The album is dreadful and beyond. Fucking horrible. What is it? A collection of demos from the 70's when they were schoolboys practicing in a garage? Or is this a legit attempt at a new album? Genuine question - what is this collection of shit? Nothing at all in common with the first two - just a weak, pissy sound... but despite the sound quality, the songs are so bad and horribly written. I don't understand why they are so awful. What's the reason behind this shit?
  3. Geoff

    Magic Dance - New Eyes

    When is the release date for album of the year?
  4. Geoff

    Lipz - Scaryman

    I'm hearing the same album as you. Absolute rubbish. I don't think I knew they had an EP out before with their better songs... keen to try that. But this is a really weak collection of songs.
  5. Must listen asap. Very exciting.
  6. Geoff

    Dallas - deal with AOR Blvd Records

    Genuinely exciting news regarding this one... yum. Really can't wait to hear it.
  7. Geoff

    7th Heaven - Color In Motion

    Always eager to hear new stuff from these guys, and I hope to asap.
  8. Geoff

    Hot Boy - Barely Legal

    Sorry for the late reply - been in the tropics on holiday - but no, sadly I never found a copy of this one.
  9. Yep, I can definitely deal with that. I'm also a bit taken aback to see something new from these guys, but I definitely welcome it. Agree with all comments so far - not on par with the debut, but light years ahead of 'Inwire.'
  10. Geoff

    Treat - Tunguska

    Well I, for one, really like that. Super basic track and admittedly a really surprising lead single... but I really dig it. On a side note, jeez young Ernlund is looking quite ancient these days.
  11. Geoff

    RIP - Ralph Santolla

    Holy shit. Very young, very sad. I had no idea he had such a heavy past, but I love his Monarch and early Millenium albums. Great heavy guitar sound. Rest in peace, and thanks for the great tunes.
  12. Geoff

    Mr. Big/Extreme

    How and where do you find out about bands touring in Australia? I'm missing them like it's a sport at the moment. My mate, who was a mad Mr Big fans day when we used to hang out back in the day, sent me a message on Sunday afternoon about this one. First I/we heard of it. Anyway, I don't like either of these bands too much but would have liked to check it out if they were here. Mr Big setlist seems pretty decent actually. I don't know (or care to know) most the Extreme setlist, but I guess it would have been interesting to see. Thanks for the write-up and pics.
  13. Geoff

    Treat - Tunguska

    Wow, this is superb news. Very exciting.
  14. I just did that today - put the seven songs in a Don Vedda folder for my 2018 playlist too. Yep, only thing that comes close to LeBrock so far this year.
  15. Geoff

    Civil Daze - A Million Miles Away

    Not amazing, but not bad.

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