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  1. Geoff

    VEGA - Only Human

    Point taken. It can be annoying. I remember last year some guy just wouldn't shut up about the production on the Midnite City album... which was muddy, but not really that bad at all (Far, far better than Vega). I think the same guy is up to 88,000 posts about Issa's voice this year (on top of his 888,000 from previous years), lol. Can't think of the chap's name, though.
  2. Production is definitely better than those L&J albums, that's for sure.
  3. Definitely solid in their outlook this time. Like I said, it's the most consistently melodic/AOR styled album they've done with a clear focus... but sadly the songs just don't work for me.
  4. Geoff

    VEGA - Only Human

    Which one? Vega, or We Were Sharks? If Vega, please explain yourself. And again... like I said, the We Were Sharks song isn't there to draw fans... just a production comparison from one song in a playlist to another... nothing more, nothing less. I like the song, but how good the song is wasn't the point, at all.
  5. Geoff

    "Modern" Music to Check Out

    Super consistent album. Each song is basically as good as the other. And in saying that, it's a little one dimensional and hasn't blown me away... but it's solid as hell. Of that lot, Summer Wars would be my favourite. Very strong EP.
  6. 1 . Bullet for Your Sweetheart 2 . Shake It Like a Polaroid 3 . Kissaphobic 4 . Every Little Everything 5 . Sunset Blvd. 6 . Party on the Weekend 7 . Desirae 8 . Last December 9 . American Cinema 10 . Mascara Lines 11 . Fear and Loathing (In the Valley) http://makeoutmonday.com/wpx/ This is an interesting one I picked up earlier in the year, that's been growing on me nicely. They have a really interesting sound, kind of halfway between something modern and some type of sleaze hard rock band. Cool vibe, and some cool tunes that are worth checking out; Unfortunately I just noticed the best tunes aren't featured on youtube. Try and track down some samples of 'Sunset Blvd.' 'Last December,' 'Shake it like a polaroid' or 'Fear and Loathing (In the Valley).' The two singles on youtube (from this album) don't do the album justice at all, but I guess I'll post them as they're part of the package. This not at all what the band sound like, but apparently this was the single from the album; This one's better but still not one of my faves from the album;
  7. Geoff

    "Modern" Music to Check Out

    Here's the thread I was looking for. Here's a bunch of cool tunes that are making up the soundtrack of my 2018; Summer Wars - 'End of an era' from the very nice 'Borrowed Time EP'; American Secrets - 'Smoke me out' from the very good EP 'Wasn't Our Season'; As We Once Were - 'Drained,' from the good 'Day in Day Out - EP'; Savage Hands - 'Unconditional' from the very good EP 'Barely Alive'; No Sunlight - 'It's always been you' from the pretty decent EP 'You Can't Take A Picture Of This, It's Already Gone - EP'; Milestones - 'Liar' from the very consistent and solid 'Red Lights' album; And this massive anthem - 'High' from Caught in a Wave, from their pretty decent 'High' EP;
  8. lol. I think I noticed a couple of songs sounded familiar, but as I never had much interest in those L&J CDs, I certainly didn't pick where I may have heard them before.
  9. Geoff

    Catalano working on second album

    That sounds very nice to me. Production/sound much better than the snippet above.
  10. Geoff

    Hardcore Superstar - Have Mercy On Me

    Yeah, I find that ridiculous that someone could consider a long weekend trip to somewhere like Vegas. He is evidently a millionaire, so I you should get him to pay for all of you to go if money is no issue for him. I turn 40 next year and would have loved to do an overseas 100% surf (and photography) trip with my brothers and a mate if interested. But my mate is doing a similar thing in Indonesia this year and I was vaguely invited... just couldn't do it without the kids at the moment. Hopefully when they're a bit older they get into surfing too and we can go on pure surf (for me and hopefully the kids) /diving (for my wife and maybe kids) holidays. I know there are great surf spots in the eastern islands in the Phillipines, whilst on the subject. I'd love to stay in the same places we did for our honeymoon too, when we go back to Thailand. But as it was about 2 days under a month, and a few different islands/hotels, I'm not sure how all that would cost with the kids now, lol. Anyway, I'll let you know about Phillipines.
  11. Geoff

    VEGA - Only Human

    Fair enough. Just to give you an indication of what it sounds like to me, in my 2018 playlist the alphabetical order run sounds a little like this; I'm not asking you to compare the songs, but honestly listen to those two songs and tell me one doesn't sound like a finished product and the other a late-stage demo. When I go from a band like this to Vega, the drop in sound quality is significant, as well as when I go from Vega to another band. Sorry mate - I love Vega, but if you play this aside any well produced product, it just sounds worse and worse. I did say it was adequate earlier, but I do actually really think it sounds like a demo compared to the best produced albums of 2018.
  12. Geoff

    RSO - Rise EP (Richie Sambora and Orianthi)

    Haha, yeah that's dreadful.
  13. Geoff

    Boys Of Fall - 'Chasing Lonely' EP

    Haha, I was going to put a thread up for that album tomorrow, when I have time to sit down and put some ratings on it. But I agree, sounded great. Probably the best modern rock album I've heard this year. Loved my first few listens of it - some really, really catchy/melodic choruses. There's a lot of bands who do this ADTR type of sound, and some are average but occasionally some do stand out from the pack. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the Sink The Ship album. If I remember right, the first track is all balls to the wall and I was worried it was just going to be another pass. But a a few more clean vocals and big hooks later, and I was totally sold on it. Good stuff. I think this 'Everything' song was up at the top of my faves.
  14. Geoff

    Blessthefall - Hard Feelings

    Nice. I'll check their previous albums out.
  15. Geoff

    Blessthefall - Hard Feelings

    I'm quite enjoying this album. Massive sound and some good, strong songs. I see that my favourite one now has a music video. Love this chorus hook; Something so sexy about the way he says "you got me right where you w(h)ant me." Friend, with this song, you got me right where you want me.