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  1. Barcelona is soooooo amazing! The title track sounds like the main song of long lost late 70’s or early 80’s James Bond movie. Wicked good!
  2. Awesome release...not much not to love about it. “Pretty Thing Closing In” is the only track I’m not sold on after a couple of spins. Easily my album of the year so far.
  3. zacharyamelie

    RIP Vinnie Paul of Pantera

    https://www.thewrap.com/vinnie-paul-pantera-drummer-dies-at-54/ Sad news from a legendary musician.
  4. zacharyamelie

    Treat - Tunguska

    Wow! That’s a nasty album cover and has nothing to do with the album title.
  5. 100% agree with Glen...which may be a first. Album 1 & 3 are nearly perfect. Skyline Whispers is half amazing with some throw away tracks...too much 70’s prog and disco on some tracks.
  6. Loving the new track....feel an A-Ha vibe. I’ve fallen hard for these guys over the last little while.
  7. zacharyamelie

    Treat - Tunguska

    It’s a good mid tempo track that seems to be building up but never goes full throttle like I was hoping for. Not the type of lead off single that will blow people away. Treat is pure class in the Melodic Rock world.
  8. zacharyamelie

    Dare - Out of the Silence II

    The more balls the better for good ol’ Lenny.
  9. zacharyamelie

    Creye - s/t

    Am I to understand that the cd doesn’t come out until October.....that’s like 6 months! I’m having flashbacks of the last Wigelius release.
  10. zacharyamelie

    Gioeli - Castronovo - Set The World On Fire

    I’m liking that track quite a bit.
  11. I’m so late to the party...but better late than never. I downloaded all their stuff and it’s freaking brilliant.
  12. zacharyamelie

    Retrospect Records is for sale

    No clue, just one last Retrospect dig. I read my comments about RR from 12 years ago last night and it seems like a lifetime ago....I forget why I wrote any of them.
  13. zacharyamelie

    Retrospect Records is for sale

    Are any pending lawsuits also included in the deal?
  14. zacharyamelie

    TNT - XIII

    The comments on Youtube are so negative that they have been disabled. It's a horrible song no doubt about it.
  15. zacharyamelie

    W.E.T - Earthrage

    I agree...It's pretty damn good! My favourite track which I no one has mentioned yet is ''Kings Of Thunder Road''...love that chorus.
  16. zacharyamelie

    RIP Pat Torpey

    Pat Torpey the Mr. Big drummer died from complications of Parkinson's Disease at the age of 64 on February 7, 2018
  17. zacharyamelie

    Official HH Best of 2017 lists posted!

    Terry's list always makes me think we live on two different planets.
  18. zacharyamelie

    Mr. Big - What If

    The new song sounds great. Never been a Big fan of Mr. Big, but they have released some great material. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zit9TQADS6o I also loved the track they released last year Next Time Around, I wish that one would be on the new one, it was only on the band's last Best Of.
  19. zacharyamelie

    WIG WAM - Wall Street

    New track from the upcoming release in April http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LHm7idxR-4 This track sounds just like.....WIG WAM. I like it, not blowing me away, but I'll certainly get it.
  20. Surprising news, but here is a new track with the new singer. Even more melodic and 80's sounding. [media=] [/media]
  21. zacharyamelie

    Top Ten of 2017 (at the moment)

    My own take on the best of 2017. I'd have too tough a time listing in order, so I did an award version as my list. It was a great year for music and I hope 2018 is just as good. Best Melodic Hard Rock & Best comeback album – HAREM SCAREM – United Best keyboard filled AOR / Melodic Rock album –BROTHER FIRETRIBE – Sunbound Best 80’s Hair Rock styled album – CRAZY LIXX – Ruff Justice Best Heavy Metal album – TRIVIUM – The Sin And The Sentence Best Prog album – THRESHOLD – Legends Of The Shire Best debut – ONE DESIRE – s/t Best flew under the radar album – LIONVILLE - A World Of Fools Best Super Group album – SONS OF APOLLO – Psychotic Symphony Best grower & best sounding (production) album – H.E.A.T – Into The Great Unknown Best Frontiers Records project & Best always in the mood to listen to album – TOKYO MOTOR FIST – s/t Best album that no one on HH has heard – PYOGENESIS – A Kingdom To Disappear Best album that I love that most on HH don’t – THE DARKNESS – Pinewood Smile Best runner-up in more than one category – MIDNITE CITY – s/t Most disappointing album – STEEL PANTHER – Lower The Bar edited on May 3rd....best late to the party addition - THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA- Amber Galactic
  22. zacharyamelie

    Rick Springfield - The Snake King

    Not much singing for most of the track....odd! The guitar work sounds great, but this isn't my sorta thing.
  23. zacharyamelie

    Code Red - Incendiary

    Reminds me of Find Me....I'm in!
  24. zacharyamelie

    Sons Of Apollo - Psychotic Symphony

    I'll be part of the minority here, like I usually am with The Darkness....but this release is absolute gold to my ears. My only complaint is the final 10 minute instrumental, I would have preferred another track with JSS singing, which he sings his balls off on this one. Easily one of the best of 2017 and makes me forget for a moment the disaster that was Dream Theater's - The Astonishing. Still give the edge to Threshold for the best Prog release of 2017 though. Why is this thread not in the Prog section? Can you shift it over Dan?

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