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  1. Wow. Her name sounds like "Hell and wait". What are the odds!
  2. Darkstone

    Song of the Day

    I think i've posted this one before, but it popped up today and still gives me goosebumps. Perfect AOR?
  3. Yeah, one of the greats. Lucky enough to get this not long after it was released. I remember hearing about them from "Metal Edge" .
  4. Darkstone

    Song of the Day

    Always loved this track.
  5. Darkstone

    Love Razer - Border City Rebels

    Thanks mate. I probably should have taken the time to post the link myself.
  6. Darkstone

    Song of the Day

    1000 posts and every one a gem. 😆
  7. Darkstone

    Love Razer - Border City Rebels

    I completely missed this one. Released in April of this year. Great Sleaze rock album continuing on from their killer EP.
  8. Another one to add. Solid slbum from these Croatian guys also.
  9. Darkstone

    Song of the Day

    Was listening to a bit of RATT today.
  10. Darkstone

    Killer intros

    Like martinsane a few weeks ago, I was having a bit of a "Lizzy Borden" binge today. So many great intros.
  11. Darkstone

    lyrics help

    Wow! That's impressive. Well done mate.
  12. Darkstone

    Cover songs

    Nice one.
  13. Darkstone

    Cover songs

    A decent effort. Some songs are just too iconic to even attempt to cover, but this is okay. The intro takes a nice turn. Although, the use of the word "woosy" is a slight sellout. .
  14. Darkstone

    Songs with countries in the title

    Hey Stefan. This one's for you brother.
  15. Darkstone

    Song of the Day

    I really dislike this band. Never my cup of tea at all, but I do like this track.

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