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  1. grissolm

    Catalano working on second album

    I like the song. Sounds promising.
  2. Voices of Extreme - Mach III Complete Lay Me Down 03. Call My Name 04. Foolish Beat 05. Girl Gone Crazy 06. Landslide 07. Lovers and Losers 08. Apocolypse 09. Unbroken 10. Black Betty 2018 11. More Than Anything 12. Give Me Your Love
  3. grissolm

    Triple Goddess - Ready to Burn

    I love these retro '70 hard rock groups. I always get at least one per year. So far this one is alright but I have to give it a few more spins to see if it grows on me.
  4. grissolm

    VANITY INSANITY - Piece Of Her Cake (2017-2018)

    This sounds great! Definitely will check this out. Thanks for sharing this.
  5. grissolm

    The Watchers - Black Abyss & Sabbath Highway EP

    I guess that all depends on your taste in vocalist. He was the vocalist for a group called SpiralArms who had a CD out a few years ago but then broke up. I actually found this group by trying to find out whatever happened to the singer after SpiralArms broke up. Below was is the video for SpiralArms.
  6. The Watchers - Black Abyss (2018) 01. Black Abyss 02. Alien Lust 03. Oklahoma Black Magic 04. Buzzard 05. Starfire 06. People Of The Gun 07. Suffer Fool 08. Seven Tenets The Watchers - Sabbath Highway EP (2016) 01. Sabbath Highway 02. Requiem Intro 03. Call the Priest 04. Today 05. Just A Needle
  7. grissolm

    Triple Goddess - Ready to Burn

    Triple Goddess - Ready to Burn 01. Rock 'n' Rolla 02. Baytown Boogie 03. Hot and Ready 04. Howlin' 05. Bad, Bad Woman 06. Burnin' the Midnight Oil 07. Lazy Lucy 08. Boogie Man's Comin'
  8. grissolm

    SteelCity - Fortress

    SteelCity - Fortress 1. Do You Love Me 3. Heart and Soul 3. Turnabout 4. Picture of Beauty 5. Too Little Too Late 6. Someone Like You 7. Passing Ships 8. Shame on You 9. Rock in the USA 10. Back on the Streets
  9. Testament - Practice What You Preach
  10. That's actually a Christian song from a Christian record recorded by a Christian. W.A.S.P. didn't start off as a Christian band but Blackie has turned them into one.
  11. grissolm

    Klassik '78 - side 1 & side 2

    Well Gene and Paul said that they might look for someone to keep the KISS brand going after they retire. They might have it with these guys.
  12. Klassik '78 - side 1 & side 2 Track List for Side One: 01. Standing Tall 02. Please N Tease 03. Mean Business 04. Passion & Love 05. Rock And Roll You 06. Streetwise Track List for Side Two: 01. Ain’t No Fool 02. American Made 03. Hot On Her Heels 04. Jendell 05. Victims 06. World On Fire http://sleazeroxx.com/reviews/klassik-78-side-one-and-side-two/
  13. grissolm

    Dangerous Curves - So Dirty Right

    I really like this. My kind of music!
  14. grissolm

    Madman’s Lullaby - Sins Of Greed

    Great Song! One of my favorite cd's of 2017! Thanks for sharing.