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  1. CureTheSane

    Motley Crue back in the studio

    Everything after Corabi was average. A few good songs here and there, but they sure lost their mojo...
  2. CureTheSane

    Motley Crue back in the studio

    Yeah, one of the band members came out and said it was for the movie The Dirt - 5 tracks I think. Also read somewhere the other day that Motley nearly continued on as a 5 piece when Vince came back, with Corabi as a second guitarist. New tracks should be cool. Or shit. There won't be an inbetween....
  3. There's always a few good songs on these types of albums. Just a matter of committing the time to find them with repeat listens. This is why I have a backlog. I might spin a disc and not take to it. Could be crappier music than usual from that band, could be my mood, could be other reasons. So it gets shelved and noted to get back to. This is why it took so long to get to the Defiants. Didn't like the first song, but everyone here loved the disc, so I knew I'd at least find it ok, but at the time wasn't in the mood. At the moment I have a Ratt and a Stephen Pearcy CD to get to. They are hard, because his voice is so course and not in the same ballpark as it was. Same with Maiden for some reason. Just a heavy metal band now, they seem to have lost a lot of their hooks etc, so it's shelved for now. Lizzy Borden, etc. Most of the heavier bands take me longer to like these days...
  4. CureTheSane

    Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy

    Yep Happens from time to time. Example, Kiss... Took me 20 years to start to like God Of Thunder. Still not a real fan of Creatures Of The Night, and I've always dug The Elder
  5. I don't mind some of his stuff. I get that it's a kind of acquired taste. Ride With The Wild One Unsexy etc, some nice songs
  6. I am getting through my backlog. My businesses have kept me busy for the last few years. Only have around 90 albums to get through now. Made a concerted effort over the last year to get through my backlog and have done around 250 - 300 albums Luckily I've had a tonne of computer work so I've been able to listen most working days, all day. I'm off interstate on Thursday (8.5 hour drive each way) so I'll have a lot of listening time then as well. I'll be targeting The Gloria Story The Answer Julian Angel Final Frontier Eagles Tracii Guns Toxic Rose Pretty Maids Some older, some newer albums
  7. So as per my comment early in this thread I wasn't a fan based on the first release Love And Bullets Just giving it a go now and quite like it. Wondering how many are envious that I'm getting to hear this for the first time now vs those who think I'm an idiot for not bothering for so long
  8. CureTheSane

    Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy

    Interesting how music is heard differently. I put 9 songs from this album in my best of folder. Waging War wasn't one of them
  9. CureTheSane

    Danger Angel - Revolutia

    I'm just getting to this album now (5 years late) I'm really digging it. Some great songs that weren't posted here King Of Thieves One Hit In The Night My Last Day On Earth
  10. CureTheSane

    Treat - Tunguska

    As you all probably know by now, your rating system is not for me. Going by my crap / average / ok / good / great / excellent system, I'd say that most of the songs are good, a couple great and a few ok. I didn't like Best Of Enemies on first couple of listens, then I kind of liked it and thought it would be a grower that I might quite like, and then it slid back to ok, lol So I still really like the album. I'm sure when I make a mix and throw a few of these songs on it they will stand out a bit more.
  11. CureTheSane

    Treat - Tunguska

    It's actually better than my comments reflect. My only issue is that there aren't a few killer songs on this one. Songs are generally good or very good with a couple of great songs.
  12. CureTheSane

    New Dee Snider song

    Haven't taken to this album. Shame.
  13. CureTheSane

    Treat - Tunguska

    For me it's an album of good songs. I'll probably end up with 4 or 5 in their best of folder, the 3 I mentioned above, Rose Of Jericho and maybe another Overall it's a little bland I guess, but then I like my music full of hooks, tempo changes and awesome bridges. It will be in my top 10 this year though
  14. CureTheSane

    Japanese Editions

    Why does Japan get 'editions' with extra songs? What makes Japan so special? Just realised that I've never thought to find out why. I think I remember there being a specific reason a long time ago, but I bet that's redundant now.
  15. CureTheSane

    Treat - Tunguska

    My favorites off the album so far are Progenitors Build The Love Undefeated
  16. CureTheSane

    Treat - Tunguska

    Yeah I think most of us here would have had to look up the title of track one to see what it's all about. I did.
  17. CureTheSane

    Treat - Tunguska

    Creeps could be a Europe song
  18. CureTheSane

    Japanese Editions

  19. CureTheSane

    Treat - Tunguska

    Brought this with me overseas and listened a couple of times. I like it a lot so far.
  20. CureTheSane

    Japanese Editions

    All electronic now tho (for the masses)
  21. CureTheSane

    Diss tracks

    I didn't know that How about Little White lies, Borg Sides Now and a few others from Sammy Hagar solo after VH. I think he said they weren't about the brothers but I don't believe him
  22. CureTheSane

    Cover songs

    I remember when I found out that the stripper poles rotate
  23. CureTheSane

    Hardcore Superstar - Have Mercy On Me

    Song sounds OK. I find myself biased against HCSS after their last album. Not sure why. Other bands have released a flop and I've gone back without any problems. Gonna have to listen to this album when I am open to it otherwise I'll just pick through it. Would be better if they had a proper killer song up first. Edit: I typed as I was listening. By the end of the song I quite liked it, and see hope.
  24. CureTheSane

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Excellent album

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