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  1. CureTheSane

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Kissin' Dynamite is now in my top 5 so far I'd say the new Five Finger Death Punch is as well. And I'm not a massive FFDP fan. I worked hard to get into their music and it was worth it, but the new album is a cracker. So mu current list is Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy Pop Evil - Pop Evil Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None Frank´╗┐ Hannon - From One Place...To Another! Vol. 1 Steel City - Fortress
  2. CureTheSane

    Jacob Deraps - Fuck Off

    That song is way better, vocals included. Hate that they didn't bother putting someone in with a bass just so it makes more sense. Kid sister, whatever...
  3. CureTheSane

    Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy

    Here's my best of for Kissin' Dynamite From 5 albums. Only one from the first and 2 from the second - obviously the early stuff didn't click with me. In fact really obe from each as High Enough is obviously a cover. First song that I really dug was Six Feet Under which it turned out was unlike everything else they've done. 01 Lie For Me 02 High Enough 03 Why Can't You Hear Me 04 I Will Be King 05 Club 27 06 Sleaze Deluxe 07 Six Feet Under 08 Maniac Ball 09 Fireflies 10 Deadly 11 God In You 12 Running Free 13 The Final Dance 14 Ticket To Paradise 15 Hashtag Your Life 16 If Clocks Were Running Backwards 17 She Came She Saw 18 Highlight Zone 19 Masterpiece 20 Flying Colours
  4. CureTheSane

    Santa Cruz No More

    I guess I wasn't that confused after all
  5. CureTheSane

    Santa Cruz No More

    So the singer won? Owned the name? The others left? Yeah, I'm confused...
  6. CureTheSane

    GREAT WHITE fires Terry Ilous; Mitch Malloy is in

    Easy to sit back and judge, but in effect it's a workplace and Terry was an employee. That said, you'd think that the band would at least discuss with him first, even if it was to avoid the bad press. Always looks better when it is 'mutual' even if it wasn't. I look forward to more GW. One of the few bands who have been able to progress without their distinctive original voice. In a press release they said that they clicked instantly with Mitch, so maybe they will sound amazing with him. When I saw the Angels with Dave Gleeson I was pretty skeptical, but fuck me if he wasn't able to smash out the Doc Neeson vocals. Hopefully GW will be able to do the same, not that I'll likely ever see them live. Which pisses me off as many much lesser bands are able to tour here. Would love to see GW live in any incarnation.
  7. CureTheSane

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Mike Tramp - Mike Tramp & The Rock N Roll Circuz I tried a few times to get in to Cobblestone Street and just couldn't. So I kind of didn't bother too much with too much more of his recent music, even though historically I'm a fan of his solo stuff. But this RNR Circuz is damn good. Really enjoying it. I've tried Cobblestone Street again and that album pretty much sucks. I'll try a few more times in case there are a couple of decent songs on it that I haven't recognised yet. So I have Museum and Maybe Tomorrow to get through, because I've ignored those as well. Hope they are more like this one
  8. CureTheSane

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Missing Tide - Follow The Dreamer
  9. CureTheSane

    Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy

    Great song! Can't wait to pick this one up
  10. CureTheSane

    Billy Idol - Jump ( Van Halen )

    So many comments about this. Firstly, a great cover. Band is tight and it sounds pretty perfect. Guitar is great but the solo a little whack. Next, I saw Billy Idol a couple of years ago and it was an amazing concert. I didn't go for him, even though he was the headliner, but he commanded the stage and was a true rock legend. I saw Steel Panther a couple of months ago and they played Jump. For some reason Michael Star didn't jump, which I found weird. Given that they are Steel Panther and all. Also, why were security in green given that the show was taped? Surely black was a better colour so they weren't as obtrusive? Shit like that annoys me for some reason.
  11. CureTheSane

    Klassik '78 - side 1 & side 2

    Why not I guess? There are about 18 gazillion ACDC clone bands around. Surprised it took so long for something like this to rear its head. Like all the ACDC clones, not really for me. This music sounds like the unreleased demos Kiss may have done. Not quite there. But I'm sure tehre's a market out there who are lapping it up
  12. Find Another Way is an amazing song. First time I heard this album was in Bali soon after it was released. A great time. You'd walk down the streets past all the music stores full of cassettes blasting music out into the street, and you'd hear songs like this and walk in any just the album for a few bucks. You'd come home with a bag full of music. All pirated but I'd always repurchase the ones I likes on record or CD. Another fun song on that disc was the one with the lyric "as long as I've got a face, that's it. You know you've got a place to sit" haha

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