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  1. simo

    Tempt - s/t

    Their set from Madison Square Garden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-_3c1ga5S8 For some reason not automatically embedding videos anymore, can someone help?
  2. simo

    Tempt - s/t

    Really hoping they can release a follow up to their promising debut very soon, ideally this year
  3. This is still in the VERY early stages but the news got me excited. Could be another year before we get to hear something though, but the Catalano singer Roxx Catalano has posted an update saying drum tracking for new music has begun. While the first album was mostly a solo effort with some guest performances, Catalano is now a full band consisting of: Roxx Catalano - Vocals Matt Fawcett - Guitar Rory Joy - Guitar (played in De La Cruz with Roxx) Nick Casalini - Bass (also guitarist for Darcee Fox) Nick Caligula - Drums Hoping these links work: https://instagram.com/p/Ba3e_omnkmk/ https://instagram.com/p/Ba3EdEtH6qS/
  4. simo

    Catalano working on second album

    I own the Catalano debut and they're CD-R's, if you decide you'd like one let me know and I could get a copy at the show if they're selling them
  5. simo

    Catalano working on second album

    By the way still liking Wildfire a lot, the chorus is just so damn catchy
  6. simo

    Catalano working on second album

    Used to be through their website https://catalanokills.bigcartel.com/ but physical copies were all gone shortly after the release two years ago. I think they did a second run which also went quick Don't know if they'll produce some CDs for their upcoming shows again, I could pick one up for you if they sell any merch at their Stockholm gig next month
  7. simo

    Dare - Out of the Silence II

    I like ''Heartbreaker'' off the debut but that's basically it. Follow-up ''Blood From Stone'' was much better
  8. simo

    Catalano working on second album

    I like it, give it a listen:
  9. simo

    lyrics help

    Had to check it out, VERY cool song! Thanks for posting rocketman / Crazysam
  10. All right, I gotta ask - does anyone here like Charlie Puth? I heard 2 maybe 3 of his older songs last year and didn't like em (Marvin Gaye and We Don't Talk Anymore), his voice is okay but I don't like the style, typical music you'd hear on the radio these days. After ignoring the new single Attention for a few months I've come to like it and am interested to hear his new album when it comes out next January. Although it's a pop song I think it's well made, nice build up with the pre-chorus and the synthesizers in the background for example. The new single How Long ain't bad either He does a lot himself beside writing the music - recording, mixing etc. and from what I can tell he really likes getting into the production aspect of the music. I heard him say he likes a lot of early 90s RnB and pop for its production and tries to copy that. It may not be rock but I think it's admirable he is trying to sonically model his music after those examples with the big sound, warmth, backing vocals on top of each other and stuff like that. He's really putting a lot of thought into it which can't be said about a lot of ''artists'' or producers in mainstream music these days.....
  11. simo

    Charlie Puth anyone??

    Terrible start but after 25 seconds this turns into a real (lite) AOR anthem, give it a listen:
  12. simo

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Charlie Puth - Voicenotes Very good!
  13. simo

    Breaking music news

    Been asking myself lately if Palace is still active as a band? Their debut ''Master of the Universe'' from two years ago showed some promise
  14. simo

    Catalano working on second album

    Indeed, full length as well as the self released debut EP
  15. What about the guitar player does anyone know if he played in another project before? I think I recognized the guitar from an Issa video a few years back, could be the same guy
  16. Not that great to be honest, and I think Del Vecchio is involved again
  17. simo

    Charlie Puth anyone??

    Album opener "The Way I Am" was released yesterday, bit rockier with a prominent guitar riff throughout the verses. Now if only pop artists / producers weren't afraid of adding guitar solos to songs (like it was done in the 80s and early 90s)...... I think that would've pushed the track a bit more and added some personality and life
  18. simo

    Catalano working on second album

    The snippet is from the final version so the full song won't sound any different from what we're hearing now
  19. simo

    Catalano working on second album

    Single release on May 23, a bit underwhelmed to be honest. Production a little more raw than I had hoped for
  20. simo

    Triple Goddess - Ready to Burn

    Liking this, bit of a 70s / Zeppelin vibe but nice to listen to. Spinning the album right now and seems to be a nice blend of styles
  21. simo

    Catalano working on second album

    New single ''Wildfire'' was announced yesterday but no date yet unfortuantely Hope the link works:
  22. simo

    Santa Cruz No More

    A new guitarist was announced via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/santacruzbandofficial/ Tried to make sense of the comments and I think as of now only the singer is left in the band and hiring new members, starting with this new guitarist.
  23. simo

    City Of Thieves - Beast Reality

    This band used to be called Four Wheel Drive and played decent pub rock, me and my friends dig their EP quite a lot. Didn't like the first tracks they put out after the name change but will give the new song a chance
  24. simo

    Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days

    An album I can listen to over and over and have been for the past six weeks

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