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  1. gener8tr

    Aldo Nova 2.0

    I don't really mind the extra guitar effects... unnecessary noodling, but actually well played, and no one should ever argue the dude's guitar prowess. But those vocal chords have obviously taken a pounding over the past 35 years. I would have lost a bet had someone challenged me whether or not that was Aldo Nova on vox. I would have laughed and called you crazy for implying such jest. Appears the joke is on me! This one is not on my buy list.
  2. gener8tr

    Steve Perry - Traces

    Perry's voice seems a bit strained... I'm guessing there won't be another "Suzanne" on the new album. At this point, however, I'd buy a CD of Perry singing the telephone book.
  3. gener8tr

    Steve Perry - Traces

    I missed the sound sample... I'm guessing one of y'all snatched it and is able to email it to me? PLEASE send me a PM!
  4. gener8tr

    Steve Perry - Traces

    20+ years in the making. After all these years I really never thought it would happen. This is a BUY IT NOW the moment pre-orders can be taken.
  5. gener8tr

    Release Dates?

    Some dude named Steve Perry has a new release scheduled for October 5, 2018.
  6. gener8tr

    Dan Reed Network - Origins

    New song for sure. Very much the same as the last album. I like it a lot as I'm a 30+ year fan. If you're looking for "Ritual" this will not tickle your fancy. Notice the audience participation in the new song / video... from what I understand at least one old-school track (voted on by the audience) will be included on the new album. Something like that, anyway. I know one thing is for certain... Rob Daiker has his fingerprints all over DRN's new sound... and keyboards are NOT his primary talent... the dude can flat-out play the guitar!
  7. gener8tr

    Slash - Living the Dream

    I didn't listen to the new track... I've really only heard Kennedy when he did a Guitar Center acoustical thing with Slash a while back, and all I could think of was Shannon Hoon and his stupid bumblebee outfit
  8. gener8tr

    Slash - Living the Dream

    Kennedy seems like a good dude and all, but his voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Music reminds me of Blind Melon... and I HATED Blind Melon. "Hate" is actually sugar-coating my feeling toward the entire Grunge movement of the early '90's. What a paltry time that was for me (musically).
  9. gener8tr

    Champlin Williams Friestedt - 10 Miles

    Slightly off-topic, but related. I saw TOTO last night here in Portland, and they were fantastic. Lukather is easily one of the most talented guitarists walking planet Earth.
  10. "It's All About You" is an awesome track. Very Hardline-esque.
  11. gener8tr

    Roxy Blue - signs with Frontiers

    When did you track it down, Geoff? What I mean is, if you didn't discover this title until years after its initial release, there's no way it would knock your socks off. This is one you kind of "had to be there." When this CD was released it was pretty much all-Grunge / all-the -time, so finding a new release that was still holding on to a genre that was pretty much dead and buried was certainly something I gravitated toward. Places like this and labels like Frontiers (for instance) weren't around in 1992. That was a very dark time in my musical life
  12. gener8tr

    Ten - Illuminati

    Hard to believe NAME OF THE ROSE is now more than 20 years old. That CD was so awesome and received so much play at my house back then. Different time / different place, I suppose.
  13. gener8tr

    Roxy Blue - signs with Frontiers

    Old photo of the entrance to Tower Records at Eastport Plaza. This is like walking directly back in time 25+ years. I even remember what part of the store I found the Roxy Blue CD
  14. gener8tr

    Roxy Blue - signs with Frontiers

    "Want Some?" was easily one of my favorite CD's in the 1992 time-frame. I remember specifically purchasing my copy at Tower Records at Eastport Plaza in Portland, Oregon late summer 1992. No idea how I remember such specific (and often useless) information, but I also purchased Angel City "Face To Face" on CD the same day. Roxy Blue "Want Some" / Hardline "Double Eclipse" / Def Leppard "Adrenalize" / Bon Jovi "Keep The Faith" / Bangalore Choir "On Target" / Electric Angels "ST" These are the discs that were in CONSTANT rotation in my system 1992 / 1993. Yes, certainly there were others, but I pretty much wore the aforementioned titles out! Getting back on-track to the topic at-hand... I don't hold-out enormous hope based on the "Different sound" comment, but Frontiers is a great label, so we'll see. I think more of a problem (for me, anyway), is it is no longer 1992, and I'm no longer a youthful 24 year-old looking to hang-on to the genre I knew and loved dating back to the early 1980's at a time when a "new" sound was taking over the airwaves.
  15. gener8tr

    Champlin Williams Friestedt - 10 Miles

    I'm in on the EP... Through normal channels, I suspect? I've mentioned this before, but I have no problem mentioning it again... NEH gets all of my business for new releases. Yeah, I could probably save a dollar using amazon, but Mike has been nothing short of great the past 20 years or however long I've been buying from him. And no, I do not know him personally nor do I receive any discount for spreading the word... I'm just old school, and NEH is, too.

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