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  1. Love this album...takes me right back to the 80's
  2. Mr.AOR

    The Radio Sun - Beautiful Strange

    Mmmm....not great.
  3. Mr.AOR

    Super Monaco EP

    New EP on the way and here is the first track "Second Sight" and i LOVE IT!!! free download link available to their bandcamp page https://supermonaco.bandcamp.com/track/second-sight
  4. Mr.AOR

    Lipz - Scaryman

    Sorry guys but I must be hearing something completely different to you. Just finished listening to this and it has to be one of the worst albums I have heard this year.
  5. Mr.AOR

    7th Heaven - Color In Motion

    Yep catchy pop rock with more of a rock approach this album compared to the last one. Best album is still USA/UK.
  6. Mr.AOR

    Sunstorm - The Road To Hell

    Fairly standard material and just an OK album for me, nothing really stands out. The debut is still the best album IMHO.
  7. New album out now available from their website and all other usual places. Take a listen here http://www.7thheavenband.com/music.html
  8. Mr.AOR

    VEGA - Only Human

    On vacation at the minute in Crete so have time to catch up on some new releases. Gave this a good listen today at the pool and I have to say it didn't really do much for me, just a ok album.
  9. Mr.AOR

    Groundbreaker (Overland/Säll) - s/t

    Excellent news, this I will look forward to.
  10. Mr.AOR

    Clif Magness - Lucky Dog

    Was really looking forward to this album but going by these to songs I'm disappointed. Neither of these comes close to the AOR brilliance of his Solo album (apart from Flower Girl which was utter crap) so the rest is gonna have to be outstanding, sadly I don't think it will be.

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