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  1. Mr.AOR

    Le Flex - The Handsome Boys Club

    Cool video,love it, Frontiers should take this approach instead of the crappy videos they normally give us.
  2. Really like this new song...
  3. Mr.AOR

    Pop Evil - Waking Lions

    Didn't mind Colors Bleed above but this new one is just god awful...
  4. Kiwis Like A Storm are due to release their new album Catacombs on June 22nd and going by this new song i can't wait to her the rest.
  5. Mr.AOR

    Diamante - Coming In Hot

    Debut album Coming In Hot drops June 15th...
  6. New BC track for all my fellow EDM freaks (if there are any)
  7. Mr.AOR

    From ashes to new

    Gave this a listen this morning,excellent album...
  8. From their love of classic rock n roll, modern power pop songs with killer hooks and acoustic love ballads reminiscent of 70's/80's radio, comes the new, but familiar songwriting duo of Grit & Grace. Steve "Jude" Walsh (Iron Bridge Band) and Chandler Mogel (Outloud, Radio Exile and Iron Bridge Band) embark on a new songwriting project "Tales from the Heart (Land)" that draws from all of these sonic influences - creating songs with a fresh and different approach, while telling stories from the heart. The "Grit" are the "down-to-earth" lyrics which channel the heartache, pain and road worn journey of life's trials of love, failure, opportunity lost and at last redemption, in contrast to the "Graceful" melodic vocals and guitars which exude beauty, melancholy, reflection and intimacy -- a combination that allows the songs to unfold with raw, open honesty. "Tales from the Heart(Land)" takes the listener on that journey. You can take a listen here > https://gritngrace.wixsite.com/gritngrace
  9. Mr.AOR

    Creye - s/t

    Love it...
  10. Mr.AOR

    One Shot Thrill [EP]

    One Shot Thrill self titled EP out now and me likey...
  11. Mr.AOR

    Earth For Sale - Life

    EARTH FOR SALE is a five piece pop-rock band from Milan (Italy) formed in 2014. After a few months of studio rehearsal the band started working on the debut album “RESET”, mixing several different music styles from classic rock to modern and world pop, from synthesizers to rock and classic guitars, to orchestral strings, accordion and theremin. The name Earth For Sale aims to focus attention on social and environmental issues, these topics are recurrent in their lyrics. Starting from 2018, Giovanni Massari has been replaced by Fabio Mastellaro on drums. The debut album RESET is due later this year. Sivla Reale - vocals Marco Vecchio - guitars Stefano “Steff” Brusa - keyboards (Zaneta/Eva) Stefano Cavalloni - bass Fabio Mas - drums Iove this and look forward to the album...
  12. New album from Ultraboss, 11 tracks but only 3 with vocals 😞 but anyhoo, those 3 are a delight with vocals being supplied by Dana Jean Phoenix and the AWESOME!!! Jerry Galeries. You can check them out at all the usual places...
  13. New album from Shannon and he's changed soundwise since the excellent Million Suns. There's a country flavour throughout the album but don't let that put you off as this is an excellent album. Available on all streaming platforms if you want to give it a listen.