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  1. Kevin

    I Heard it round And Round The Grapevine

    That is so great! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Kevin

    Art Nation - Infected

    Decent tune! I know a lot of folks on this site really like them.. For me, I feel they are not quite there. They seem to have all the potential in the world and have the right elements in their songs to be tops in the genre.. but haven't quite put it all together yet.
  3. Kevin

    James Christian

    Does this guy ever stop making music? It seems every year he has something new coming out.
  4. Kevin

    Best of 2016 lists posted!

    i just had a look but no can do. Even when I'm logged in, I can't make any comments. I just states you must be logged in. Looks good now. Thanks!
  5. Kevin

    Best of 2016 lists posted!

    You can. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will have to sign in. I don't think that is the case. The comment widget needs to be added to the page..
  6. Kevin

    Best of 2016 lists posted!

    Was Enbound's 'The Blackened Heart' release not considered? I do not believe I saw that one on anyone's list. This one was squarely in my top ten for 2016. I also thought the debut of Grand Slam deserved more love.
  7. Kevin

    Best of 2016 lists posted!

    Some good lists for sure. Why are we not able to leave comments on the list page?
  8. The difference between my number one album and on down to number 10 album are at razor thin margins.. This being said, my number one album, thus far, is "All the Shades of Darkened Light' from Free Spirit. Maybe not the best vocals, production etc.. but the songs are totally infectious and are just too darn good. A very close second is 'Tearing Down The Walls' from H.E.A.T. Speaking of H.E.A.T., I was really bummed not to be able to get to Chicago this year for MRF4 to see them & Work Of Art specifically. MRF3 was pretty damn awesome! Eclipse stole that show! Anyway, tough call between In Faith and Sunstrike for newcomer of the year. Both albums were quite solid. Ammunition was really good too but just did not pull me in as much as the aforementioned releases. Song of the year would probably have to go to Pretty Maids, "My Soul To Take" The other runners as of this moment... 3 - Brother Firetribe - Diamond in the Firepit 4 - Work Of Art - Framework 5 - Within Temptation - Hydra 6 - Grand Design - Thrill of the Night 7 - Vega - Stereo Messiah 8 - Unruly Child - Down the Rabbit Hole, Side One 9 - Nightingale - Retribution 10 - Sonic Station - Next Step
  9. Kevin

    Brother Firetribe

    You can check out the new single here... http://www.soundi.fi/uutiset/perjantaibiisi-brother-firetribe-better-or-worse
  10. Kevin

    AOR Song search

    That is a song called 'Keep The Fire Burning' from a band called Restless..
  11. Kevin

    TNT reunion with Tony Harnell?

    Do you mean that Cody is right? Tony is a dick?That's interesting, considering he came across as a genuine and humble guy on the MOR Cruise. Sometimes you just have bad days.He Wasn't A Jerk To Me But Was Angry From The Stage And Was Constantly Saying ShiTty Things To The Audience. What did he say? I'd be pissed too if people were watching football. Not saying he should be a dick about it but I think he comes across that way because he is very serious about his art. No such much like Geoff Tate. I was there at Skull Fest as well. First of all the guy was performing in a road side bar... not a theater. Second, the guy was in Western Nebraska (Broncos' Country) and the game he wanted turned off was the Broncos/Colts game. Third, 20 other bands played and none of them had made this request. Fourth, he followed Faster Pussycat.. so all the riff-raff was cleared out of the main audience area. The people that wanted to enjoy him were listening. He didn't need to be a douche to us.
  12. I am really liking what I'm hearing from this band... From the band's website: IRON BRIDGE BAND ~ ROAD NOT TAKEN: Loud, fast and profane do not necessarily equal intensity and profundity. Instead, it is created by broad artistic vision, technical excellence and a burning passion to bare uninhibited emotions. The Iron Bridge Band from New Jersey has it all and a raucous sense of abandon. Led by extraordinary guitarist and songwriter Stephen Walsh, exceptionally soulful lead singer and songwriter Chandler Mogel and the husband and wife grooving rhythm section of drummer Scott Suky and bassist Lanie Suky, they have forged a spectacular follow up to their debut EP. The original 12-song set blasts off with the heart pounding “Thunder in a Sacred Place.” Mogel rocks the hypnotically poetic chorus “I could see the lightning, I could see your face, no wonder I heard thunder in a sacred place,” with “sacred place” conjuring multiple images both “sacred” and “profane.” Walsh pushes hard with his clanging rhythm guitar and a flaming solo, while backup singer Jessie Wagner could give Merrie Clayton a run for her money. “Best Wine” chugs suggestively with barely restrained lust, Mogel waxing poetic about the woman of his desires before rising to the occasion in the anthem-like chorus “On the line between good and bad, she’s like the best wine I ever had” and Walsh accompanying with sensuous tone in complete “harmony” with the lyric content. The enticingly smooth, jazzy pop of “Wildflower” has Mogel wisely advising “So dive into your soul and tell yourself that ‘The day is mine’” as the antidote for escaping the dark, while painting a dream picture of serenity with lush, evocative country metaphors. Continuing the album theme, the rocking “Petticoat Road” tells of wrong choices in life and the determination to persevere with a defiant “Still I’m standing tall in the rain” as Walsh weaves gorgeous, melancholy melodies reminiscent of Duane and Dickey. The piercing ballad “All Our Yesterdays” digs deeper into the ache of regret and the promise of “Here and now, our second chance is waiting”It’s not too late to think about tomorrow” following “Don’t know when, we took that road not taken” as the band supports with uncommon empathy. The dynamic folk rocking “Bittersweet” plumbs depths of despair about an ill-conceived romance with Mogel confessing “I didn’t wanna go down that road, but I followed her lead, like the light at the end of the tunnel and I thought, “Well that was then, this is now, and I can feel me come alive again”" intensified by a soaring guitar solo of tear-stained, “bittersweet” notes. With spiritual overtones on “Smokin’ Gun”, Mogel declares “Take my blues, gonna have some fun, gotta kick that throttle cause what’s done is done. On my knees for my only son, I’m a lose that bottle and the smokin’ gun” on a rousing, “fist in the air” Southern rocker kicked forward relentlessly by the rock steady Sukys. The ready for prime time “Once Beautiful (Love Like Rain)” keeps the blood pumping in a hopeful plea to a lover with “Once we were beautiful, our eyes could see. Now we’re lost inside a memory. So we love like rain to get back where we used to be,” Walsh adding wordless encouragement with beautifully sculpted licks. The gorgeous solo acoustic guitar instrumental “Miles to Go” provides a brief musical sanctuary in which to meditate on the title and its relationship to the other tracks. The acoustic-powered “The Most Benevolent Wind” uses the literate spiritual metaphor of a “benevolent” and a “malevolent” wind to address true love and true answers in an exceptionally moving take that could be likened to the Shakespeare quote, “The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves.” Walsh contributes the solace of another instrumental exploration with “Before I Sleep,” his acoustic guitar overlaid with golden celestial electric lines. The album closes intimately with just the guitarist and the lead singer revisiting “All Our yesterdays” in an “unplugged” format that serves to heighten the emotional “head slap” of the lyrics. The Iron Bridge Band spans and connects generations and genres with the healing, celebratory qualities of the greatest rock music. Their ability to combine the sum total of their life experiences in the creation of a lasting musical statement is a profound accomplishment.
  13. Kevin

    Adriangale - "SUCKERPUNCH !".

    Looking forward to seeing them LIVE today in Chicago and MRF3!!