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    Sounds like the early stuff. Love it!
  2. Vixen wasn't all the popular in their prime. Even less so now. That's why I asked why? Who is going to buy this? If this were a live album from 1988/1989 with the originals, I could understand it.
  3. from multiple online sources: 30 years on from the release of The Final Countdown, EUROPEare bigger and better than they have ever been. Following on from the success of the 2015 release War Of Kings and the 30th anniversary recording at the Roundhouse in London, the new LP "Walk The Earth" is due for release on the 20th October 2017. Opening up with a barnstormer of a title track you know you are in for an exceptional ride. Tempest’s vocals are almost Gillan-esque in their delivery and this should fit nicely with their upcoming tour with the mighty Deep Purple. Norum’s guitar work is hot and heavy and his penchant for intricate guitar lines is clearly in evidence here on this record. For some this LP may take some listening to in order to really appreciate the production and songwriting, however the more you listen the more you get from the album and as such this is what makes the recording a winner. Sure, there are the catchy melodic tunes as well like “Election Day” and the out and out riff driven powerhouse tracks such as “Haze”, but somehow there is a lot more to this record. At times it’s dark, moody and melancholic. The kind of records that makes you listen, and then listen again. This is what makes it such a good recording. Europe really are at the top of their game here and long may it continue, if this album is anything to go by we are in for a real treat as the band continues to develop. HIGHLY Recommended 01 - Walk The Earth 02 - The Siege 03 - Kingdom United 04 - Pictures 05 - Election Day 06 - Wolves 07 - Gto 08 - Haze 09 - Whenever You're Ready 10 - Turn To Dust Joey Tempest – lead vocals John Norum – guitars John Leven – bass Mic Michaeli – keyboards Ian Haugland – drums PRE ORDER: www.amazon.co.uk/Walk-Earth-Special-1DVD-Digi-book/dp/B07584R6XX And the OFFICIAL VIDEO:
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    Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

    Dude...... really? Hope it hear this ASAP.
  5. http://dkdirect.metalsludge.tv/?p=47608 BULLETBOYLESS 3/4 of the original BulletBoys (sans the singer) launch new group Lies, Deceit & Treachery Los Angeles — Hard as a rock and ready to rock. Lies, Deceit & Treachery are on the books with a debut gig in the city of sin and it’s just around the corner. The Los Angeles based band is made up of 3 original and former (founding) BulletBoys members Mick Sweda (guitar), Lonnie Vencent (bass) and Jimmy D’Anda (drums). The guys have recruited Shane Tassart as their singer. Ironic or not, but the bands name was quoted by BulletBoys singer Marq Torien exactly 1 year ago this week. Back on December 18th 2013 Torien took to social networks and stated: “The music business is Bullshit! Nothing changes, just the same ol F#9! Lies, deceit and treachery.” The singer continued with; “I love to be lied to. Especially from the ones you trust the most!” Back to LDT, according to some recent updates via the band’s official facebook - they are killing it in rehearsals. The band uploaded snippets from studio that include “Hard As A Rock” and “Hell On My Heels.” Sweda and Vencent along with Torien were part of the King Kobra revolving door back in the late 80’s. But that group eventually ran it’s course and the 3 started the BulletBoys brand with D’Anda on drums. They played a handful of Hollywood local shows and soon enough were snatched up by Warner Brothers Records. What followed was some solid success with 3 albums and scoring a big hit with “Smooth Up.” Torien has continued to tour with Bulletboys. Lies, Deceit & Treachery is set to play Las Vegas at “Vamp’d” in early January 2015. See flyer below.
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    This is a new band out of my area Baltimore, Maryland. These guys blend southern rock, hard rock, and country into an rockin' outlaw style. Check out their two new singles/videos below:
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    No Tell Motel's bass player Craig Sibal was killed in an auto accident Saturday. RIP Craig
  8. AlphaMale

    FM - Atomic Generation

    Never been a huge FM fan but that sounds nice.
  9. AlphaMale

    Stryper - God Damn Evil

    Exactly. Plenty of over-singing on this too. The songs just aren't that good this time around.
  10. AlphaMale

    TNT - XIII

    This is going to be one weak ass disc. These songs are wimpy.
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    Agree 100%
  12. from various internet sources: Founded about eight years ago in Storuman - is there any city in Sweden without a hard rock band? - VANITY INSANITY is another example of Scandinavian young acts playing this genre influenced by the 80s style, as heard on their album "Piece Of Her Cake" released at very end of past year. Musically, Vanity Insanity put themselves in the '80s American Californian sleazy hard rock stylings, and the first reference in sound I heard is Skid Row. Initial track 'On Your Knees' provides a proper introduction to what's going to happen on this album; strong sleazy riffs, bouncy rhythm section, gang choruses and singer Viggo Vain delivering crisp-sharp vocals with phenomenal voice control. 'Drop Dead' is more straightforward hard rock, punchy and melodic. The bass is given a lot of space providing a pumping foundation on all songs, especially in the heavy 'Dented Halo', very Guns N' Roses-like. Much more melodic hard rock oriented is 'Under Your Spell', a highlight. The introductory guitar arrangement is quite original, then the song evolve into an organic midtempo with great verses and a melodious chorus. The vocals are different here, providing variation. Very, very good tune. Of course we have a power ballad as well, 'Empty Spaces', with clean electric guitars and a chorus recalling Slaughter, or even Stryper 80s ballads. Vanity Insanity is another proof that the Scandinavian rock scene has nailed the 80s hard rock scence like no other. With such a quality debut album it will be exciting to see what the band does next. They have the skills for bigger things for sure, and claim their 'piece of the cake'. Highly Recommended 01. On Your Knees 02. Drop Dead 03. Piece Of Her Cake 04. Dented Halo 05. Dirt 06. New Generation 07. Break Away 08. Under Your Spell 09. Empty Spaces 10. You Get What You Pay For 11. Devil In Me Viggo Vain (lead vocals, guitar) Benjamin Bagge (guitar, background vocals) Jocke Klarström (drums) Jesper ‘J West’ Westermark (bass, background vocals) BUY IT ! www.facebook.com/vanityinsanity/ itunes.apple.com/us/album/piece-of-her-cake/1321470385 . an older track:
  13. AlphaMale

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    Keep coming back to this addictive CD. Sitting in my Top 10.
  14. Digging through some of my local ROX magazines from 1990-1995. ROX was a free monthly local music paper that included the surrounding DC, PA, and VA areas. Anybody (besides LVKix) heard of any of these killer bands from back in the day?? More to come if you guys like this stuff!
  15. AlphaMale

    Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

    Menace To Society is excellent also.
  16. AlphaMale

    Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

    Master Of Disguise is still my favorite Lizzy disc. Visual Lies #2.
  17. AlphaMale

    Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

    Sounds way better than the last disc. I diggit!
  18. AlphaMale

    Crashdiet - The Savage Playground

    Revisiting this disc. Better than I remembered with still atrocious production.