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  1. https://www.iheart.com/content/2018-09-13-mtley-cre-is-recording-new-music-confirms-vince-neil/ Mötley Crüe Is Recording New Music, Confirms Vince Neil By Andrew Magnotta September 13, 2018 AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to Google BookmarkShare to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to More4.1K Much was made about a recent photo that appeared to show Mötley Crüe rhythm section Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee in a recording studio with producer Bob Rock. The speculation intensified after Lee shared a clip of himself apparently tracking drums. Lee captioned the images, writing, "It's that new s--t!!!!" But now we have answers! Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil announced Thursday morning via Twitter that he and his band are, indeed, recording together again. "Exciting news!" Neil wrote. "I'll be going back in [the] recording studio in a few weeks with the boys to record four brand new Mötley Crüe tracks! Rock on!" A few hours later, Neil issued a clarification, adding that the band does not have plans to "tour anymore." "We never broke up or said we would never make music again," he added. "Hopes this clears it up." So we are getting more Crüe! Though it's still not clear how the band will release the new music. Some fans initially speculated that Lee and Sixx were working on music for the film adaptation of Mötley Crüe's biography, The Dirt - Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band. It's possible Crüe is planning to include the new songs on the film's soundtrack, but we'll have to wait for another announcement to find out for sure. Photo: Getty Images
  2. AlphaMale

    Diemonds - s/t

    Priya is hot!!
  3. AlphaMale

    Treat - Tunguska

    Agree with the majority of you. Pretty consistent and solid throughout. It's just missing those few grand slams. No song was above 8/10 for me on this. But the lowest score was Best Of Enemies at 6/10. Most of the other tracks are 7+ with a few 8's for good measure. No 9's or 10's though, and that's the point we are making. Still will be close to my Top 15.
  4. AlphaMale

    Can you copy and post lists on the forum?

    I'm with you. It's not awful by any means, but as you said, Ted singing Degreed-type music just doesn't sound "right".
  5. AlphaMale

    Can you copy and post lists on the forum?

    And how the hell is Ted Poley #1????
  6. AlphaMale

    Devil's Hand (Slamer/Freeman) - s/t

    Not sold lyrically but the song itself sounds good.
  7. AlphaMale

    Fifth Angel - The Third Secret

    From 8 years ago: According to Melodicrock.com, singer Ted Pilot will not be fronting Seattle metal band FIFTH ANGEL when the group makes its live debut in April, at the Keep it True Festival, in Germany. The vocalist, renowned for his work on Fifth Angel's self-titled debut, Fifth Angel in 1986 and its second album, Time Will Tell in 1989, tried to balance time between personal commitments and the Fifth Angel project and ultimately, the demands on Pilot's time were too great. "The time constraints Ted faces with other ventures just didn't allow him to take part in Fifth Angel's reunion like we all hoped,"said Ed Archer, Fifth Angel guitarist. "He really wanted to do this, but given his schedule, it's just not feasible. We're disappointed, but respect and appreciate his position." "This was an amicable parting," Archer added. "Ted understands our desire to move forward as Fifth Angel and we're all still friends. Everyone is at peace with his decision. Pilot's decision was not unexpected. The band has been in contact with another singer throughout the past few months, in anticipation that Pilot would not be able to perform. We've got another singer in mind that we feel is worthy of filling Ted's shoes, Archer explained. We don't want to announce who it is just yet, but we will as our plans firm up, in advance of the Keep it True Festival later this year." Fifth Angel is working on its third album, slated for release in late 2010. For more on the band, visit www.fifthangel.com and www.fifthangel.net.
  8. AlphaMale

    Fifth Angel - The Third Secret

    No Ted Pilot? That sucks!
  9. AlphaMale

    Treat - Tunguska

    Definitely nowhere near as good as CDG or GOG. But still a damn good album.
  10. AlphaMale

    Treat - Tunguska

    Nothing to fear... this kicks ass!!! Damn they are on a roll.
  11. AlphaMale

    Steve Perry - Traces

    Now that's a good one. I like that plenty.
  12. AlphaMale

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    This. Not really feeling that one. Pretty bland and safe.
  13. AlphaMale

    White Widdow - Victory

    Hell yeah!
  14. AlphaMale

    Dynazty - Firesign

    Better than the first track but something just doesn't sound right in their band anymore.
  15. Another dumb thread idea. What song title has the most likable songs? Does that make sense? Take my example for instance. "Forever". How many killer songs are there out with that song title? I love the Kiss song. I love the Wild Boyz song too. What's your pick of song title with the most killer tunes?? For help with this, go to the main site's search feature, type in the song title, and search for all songs with that title. Very helpful. Here's some great "Forever"'s: Noite: One of my favorites Wild Boyz "Forever" has vanished from YouTube.
  16. AlphaMale


    Try 2014
  17. I think this deserves it's own thread. Sounds pretty damn killer to me! http://www.frontiers.it/album/5409 ALBUM DETAIL As the revival of the classic ‘80s hard rock and heavy metal scene continues unabated here in the 21st century, one reunion has been at the top of the wishlist of many a fan for a long time: the songwriting combination of Tracii Guns and Philip Lewis under the L.A. Guns banner. What once seemed like a distant memory with no hope of returning has now come around and fans are about to be rewarded for keeping their fingers crossed and their hopes up. L.A. Guns never looked like the pretty poster boys that so many of their peers did, but more the band that you would be terrified to bump into an alley as they would likely be carrying switchblades and ready for a fight. But despite having many a song to back up that image, the band could also write powerful ballads (see the smash hit, “The Ballad Of Jayne” for Exhibit A of this argument) that showed there was some serious songwriting chops in the band. Those chops are on fully display on “The Missing Peace”, arguably one of the most vital and exciting releases in the band’s catalog. The story of how we got from the band’s powerful early years to here has already been well documented, so no need to rehash it. What’s important to know and understand is that the driving force of all those classic L.A. Guns songs, Tracii and Phil, is back and in a BIG way. Feeling inspired and excited like they did when they first started out, but with many years of wisdom and experience under their belts, “The Missing Peace” will surely please fans of the band’s classic albums (the self-titled debut, “Cocked And Loaded”, and “Hollywood Vampires”) as well as their widely heralded “comeback” albums (“Man In The Moon” and “Waking The Dead”). In fact, this album feels like the next logical step after the critically heralded “Waking The Dead” album and shows a band invigorated and ready to bash you over the head, as well as “wow” you with some epic, slower songs, proving you don’t always needs a semi-truck to run people over. TRACKLIST It’s All The Same To Me Speed A Drop Of Bleach Sticky Fingers Christine Baby Gotta Fever Kill It Or Die Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight The Flood’s The Fault Of The Rain The Devil Made Me Do It The Missing Peace Gave It All Away LINEUP Philip Lewis – Vocals Tracii Guns – Guitars Johnny Martin – Bass Michael Grant – Guitar Shane Fitzgibbon - Drums https://youtu.be/2FN5HTSiOt4
  18. AlphaMale

    Jetboy - Born To Fly

    Not really digging that to be honest. Love Jetboy though so I will give it a go.
  19. AlphaMale

    Baltimore Rocks -- Blast From The Past

    More Bomb Squad:
  20. Digging through some of my local ROX magazines from 1990-1995. ROX was a free monthly local music paper that included the surrounding DC, PA, and VA areas. Anybody (besides LVKix) heard of any of these killer bands from back in the day?? More to come if you guys like this stuff!
  21. AlphaMale

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    I hate song titles like that.
  22. AlphaMale


    Here you go. Angelica's demos with Andy Lyon on vocals: https://we.tl/t-vc17XGXORd
  23. from various sources: "Right Turn" is the new album from singer / songwriter DANIEL TRIGGER, an indie artist who has been releasing several records since 2005, plus albums under the Trigger name. We have listened to some of them but his overall heavy rock style never convinced us. However, things are changing with "Right Turn". I can see why the album will be released by MelodicRock Records soon; this material is inspired by the classic Melodic Rock sound from the '80s. One thing that will surprise the listener is that Daniel hails from the Midlands in the UK and not the US as the music on here would suggest. Bringing to mind Mitch Malloy (in his early years), Johnny Lima and late '80s Bon Jovi, Daniel Trigger knows his way around a melodic tune and chorus. Lyrically he harks back to the glory days of melodic rock on ‘Days Gone By’. ‘Drive’ is a tune made for just that – top down on the car (or windows for most of us) with this melodic rock gem blasting out on the speakers. There's a clear Malloy feeling in the classy melodic rock pattern of 'Running Into The Wind', with its rip roaring piano riff including acoustic guitar into the mix but used as 'electric' riffage. Midtempo 'Hold Back The Night' brings to mind Bon Jovi's New Jersey era, really 'American' in its delivery, 'Heavy Heart' has a catchy, pure '80s melodic rock chorus, while we have a classic rock vibe on the fun ‘Rock N Roll Party’. The only ballad here, ‘There In Your Heart’, bring to mind Jon Bon Jovi solo album, or better Johnny Lima, as Trigger's voice is very similar to them. If you have listened to some of Daniel Trigger previous albums, forget 'em, he has 'turned' timeless melodic rock here on the properly titled "Right Turn". There's sweet melodious vocals, catchy choruses, a warm production, and while Daniel performs all instruments, he was cleverly enough to bring a very good guitar player in Jay Maddison to provide the clean solos and round up very entertaining songs. Daniel Trigger will be a new name to many and he is worth listening to based on the melodic rock delights he has provided here. Highly Recommended 01 - Penitence 02 - Days Gone By 03 - Drive 04 - Running Into The Wind 05 - Hold Back The Night 06 - Heavy Heart 07 - Alive 08 - There In Your Heart 09 - Rock N Roll Party 10 - Wheels In Motion Dan Trigger - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards Jay Maddison - Guitar solos Sally Trigger - Backing Vocals

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