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  1. KarpetRydOFunk

    Champlin Williams Friestedt - 10 Miles

    The last album had a couple hiccups. Especially their cover of "After the Love Has Gone." But I love their sound.
  2. KarpetRydOFunk

    Gioeli - Castronovo - Set The World On Fire

    Oh, shit! Has it really been a month since I checked this feed? Had no idea this was out.
  3. KarpetRydOFunk

    Dallas - deal with AOR Blvd Records

    Holy shit! Where have you been? We've only been raving about it since 2012.
  4. KarpetRydOFunk

    Dan Reed Network - Fight Another Day

    Hopefully not covers.
  5. KarpetRydOFunk

    Brian Barnhouse - Sign of Life

    Doesn't everything get a positive review over there, though?
  6. KarpetRydOFunk

    Sven Gali - Kill the Lies (new song 2018)

    Hey, that doesn't suck. I quite like it, actually. It's a fair departure from the debut -- I've never listened to In Wire -- but I'm looking forward to hearing more.
  7. KarpetRydOFunk

    Treat - Tunguska

    Well... my balls tingled. I think it "building to nothing" works to it's advantage, because it leaves you wanting more. And you should want more. This is Treat, after all. That album cover is questionable, however.
  8. KarpetRydOFunk

    Sven Gali - Kill the Lies (new song 2018)

    Uh... what? I'm not gonna listen to this on my phone. I'll wait till I get home. But who saw this coming??
  9. KarpetRydOFunk

    Mr. Big/Extreme

    No, Kevin Figueiredo is their current drummer.
  10. KarpetRydOFunk


    "Don't Say It's Over" is one of the greatest songs ever recorded.
  11. KarpetRydOFunk

    Treat - Tunguska

    Ghost of Graceland was a valiant effort.
  12. KarpetRydOFunk

    Treat - Tunguska

    I was just listening to Ghost of Graceland today. These lads are definitely not ready to retire.
  13. KarpetRydOFunk

    Bloodywood, Indian heavy metal

    Gonna have to forward this to my Indian family.
  14. KarpetRydOFunk

    Ted Poley - Modern Art

    It all sounds fine to me. And I like the cover art, though I'm not so sure about the two different fonts.
  15. KarpetRydOFunk

    Lee Aaron - Diamond baby blues

    But, Geoff, the press release says it's her best album in decades.

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