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  1. Captain Howdy

    Lee Aaron - Diamond baby blues

    Just seen this posted on Facebook
  2. Just checked the price, and it is cheap as chips. Defo worth getting the reissue unlike the recent overpriced Kix one.
  3. Not sure about all the demos of already available songs, but I do love the debut album, especially Head over heels. Will defo get #2 but depends on price for the reissue.
  4. Captain Howdy

    GREAT WHITE fires Terry Ilous; Mitch Malloy is in

  5. Captain Howdy

    GREAT WHITE fires Terry Ilous; Mitch Malloy is in

    I seem to remember that he had health issues and took some time off but agreed that Terry could step in while they tour, but then they just decided to not let Jack return and never actually told him face to face
  6. Captain Howdy

    GREAT WHITE fires Terry Ilous; Mitch Malloy is in

    according to a post by Terrys wife on Facebook, that has since been deleted, Terry was not even aware he was fired until he saw the press release
  7. Captain Howdy

    Ted Poley - Modern Art

    The problem is the postage charge is factored in as well, not just the price of the CD. If that was the case, you would not have been charged for £15.02 as it has to be above £18 to even be considered. Only time I have ever been stung from USA is when ordering high value items (£50+) and find that importing from Japan is where they usually sting you (maybe they think Asia is higher risk or something). I got my copy of this new Ted CD on Friday, and no charges.
  8. Captain Howdy

    Ted Poley - Modern Art

    You should not get hit on import charges on something that price. I certainly did not. I know strictly speaking they can get you on this as its in that range, but it is very very rare to get hit on a CD or DVD etc. The main reason is that they will usually waive the fee if it comes to £7 or less, which it would do on an item this price usually (unless they use overly ridiculous postage charges). Funnily enough, the only time I ever get hit with charges on CDs is when they come from Japan, and are new releases.
  9. Captain Howdy

    Ted Poley - Modern Art

    Not a bad album all in all, and pretty much what you would expect from solo Ted in this day and age. Quite lightweight, but very melodic. Guitar work on this is great though. Not in your face, but some great solos
  10. Captain Howdy

    Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None

    FFDP seem to be one of those bands that really do split opinion. I remember the hype when they came out, then after that all I remember was people slating them. It's kinda like Nickleback where it pretty much becomes the "cool kid" thing to hate on them, regardless of how you feel. All that said, I never really saw the appeal in them in the first place.
  11. Captain Howdy

    Dan Reed Network - Fight Another Day

    Just announced the "Origins" UK tour, which includes album launch party. Apparently there is a new album announcement coming, but by the name "Origins", I am guessing it is older tracks re-recorded or something like that.
  12. Captain Howdy

    KIX - "FUSE 30 REBLOWN" Release On Sept 21

    I wouldn't pay $35 for digipack, jewel case or wrapped in fucking gold. Ridiculous price.
  13. Looks like GNR's surprise announcement with the countdown to Friday has been spoiled https://www.gnr.fm/#/ Looking like a super special version of Appetite for destruction with 49 unreleased tracks plus more bells and whistles is to be released in June. https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/05/guns-n-roses-to-release-deluxe-edition-of-appetite-for-destruction/ https://gnrcentral.com/2018/05/03/guns-n-roses-release-appetite-for-destruction-locked-and-loaded-unboxing-video/
  14. " Please make all applicable changes ASAP. " This line actually made me laugh with how it seems to be the most important thing in the world ever.
  15. Captain Howdy

    L.A. Guns - "The Missing Peace" (2017)

    Would have to agree on that. Think it is starting to show why he was booted from Guns.
  16. Captain Howdy

    L.A. Guns - "The Missing Peace" (2017)

    Not convinced on the music though
  17. Captain Howdy

    L.A. Guns - "The Missing Peace" (2017)

    This is his new band. Not much on the website yet though. http://www.assassinsla.com/
  18. Captain Howdy

    L.A. Guns - "The Missing Peace" (2017)

    Sadly having a bit of a revolving door of guitarists. Michael Grant was giving his marching orders about 2 months ago, and Johnny Monaco was announced as replacement a few days later. Monaco has now left as he cannot deal with the travelling, and has been replaced by former Guns guitarist, Adam Hamilton.
  19. RAT PAK RECORDS SET TO RELEASE VIXEN "LIVE FIRE"! Classic 80’s rock veterans Vixen will release “Live Fire” via Rat Pak Records on July 6, 2018. Mixed by Michael Wagener, “Live Fire” features 12 live tracks and was recorded at Chicago's legendary Arcada Theater during the group’s successful 2017 tour. In addition to the classic Vixen songs, the effort also includes a newly recorded studio version of “You Ought to Know By Now”, an all new studio acoustic version of their hit song “Edge of a Broken Heart” and a live version of a previously unreleased track called “Big Brother”. Regarding the track “You Ought to Know by Now”, vocalist Janet Gardner says, “It gives you a taste of the classic Vixen days with a revitalized energy and passion!”...and bassist Share Ross adds, “This song is the ultimate connection between our history with Jan and our future!” Speaking of the live material drummer Roxy Petrucci comments, “It’s really cool to see so many old and new fans enjoying these classic songs as we perform them live, so it only made sense to release this live album!” Guitarist Britt Lightning adds, “This album really captures all the spontaneity and energy of the band’s live performance.” Vixen first burst onto the scene in the 80’s and achieved large scale commercial success with songs like “Edge of A Broken Heart”, “Cryin” and “Love Made Me”. The band has sold over a million albums, had six #1 videos on MTV, four songs on Billboard’s Top 100 and is the only platinum selling all female 80’s act. The band continues to write new music and tour with their eyes set firmly on the future! Vixen “Live Fire” is available in various formats and bundle configurations including a ltd white vinyl pressing with an alternate track sequence and also an Ultimate Fan Bundle that includes a personal “Thank-you” phone call from Janet Gardner, exclusively available at www.ratpakrecords.com/vixen TRACK LISTING 01. Rev It Up (Live) 02. How Much Love (Live) 03. One Night Alone (Live) 04. Cryin’ (Live) 05. Meet The Band (Live) 06. Rock Me (Live) 07. Streets In Paradise (Live) 08. I Don’t Need No Doctor (Live) 09. Love Is A Killer (Live) 10. Love Made Me (Live) 11. Big Brother (Live) *previously unreleased* 12. Edge of A Broken Heart (Live) BONUS TRACKS 13. You Ought To Know By Now (New Studio Version) 14. Edge of A Broken Heart (New Studio Acoustic Version) Vixen is: Janet Gardner (vocals) Roxy Petrucci (drums) Share Ross (bass) Britt Lightning (guitars) For media inquires please reach out to: iceraven@ratpakrecords.com
  20. Captain Howdy

    Diamante - Coming In Hot

  21. Captain Howdy

    Diamante - Coming In Hot

    Two new videos
  22. Captain Howdy

    Hot Boy - Barely Legal

    I only ever managed to download a naughty copy once. And while I would never say it was the most amazing album/EP ever, there were some fun songs on it and would have liked to have picked up a copy if it was reasonably priced. Gotta be a reissue someday hopefully.
  23. Captain Howdy

    Billy Morris & The Sunset Strip

    Have to say though, I love that cover. Especially the band logo.

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