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  1. Captain Howdy

    Motley Crue back in the studio

    Y&T blow them away ... tell that to their bank balance and the millions of fans that Crue have over Y&T. Ha Ha Ha. I own one Y&T best of, and to be honest, most of their songs are weak as balls beyond a few songs.
  2. Captain Howdy

    Halestorm - Vicious

    So I took a few weeks away from this and went back and listened to it again with fresh ears, and have to say it has improved as the songs had a familiarity I did not expect. Seems they did sink in more than I thought initially. Still maintain that it is not what I was hoping for, but it is still a very good album. Maybe I have just been a little hard on it because I am such a fan of the band.
  3. Captain Howdy

    Japanese Editions

    It was always that they had to pay more for CD's than anywhere else in the world, so they got extra tracks. I was also lead to believe that the CDs themselves are actually better quality than their US/Euro counterparts.
  4. Captain Howdy

    Midnite City 2

    As expected, more of the same great stuff as the debut
  5. Captain Howdy

    Skin - Mahna Mahna

    For those who never heard this back in the day, Skin did a great version of the Muppet classic as a single b-side, and someone has set it to the original video.
  6. Captain Howdy

    Midnite City 2

    Midnite City 50 mins ยท **BREAKING NEWS** 'GIVE ME LOVE' the first single/ promo video from our new album 'THERE GOES THE NEIGHBOURHOOD' (released October 26th on AOR Heaven) will be released the first week of September! Stay tuned for daily updates starting on Monday x
  7. Captain Howdy

    Aldo Nova 2.0

    What is with all the random noises detracting from the music, and what the fuck has happened to his voice?
  8. Captain Howdy

    Aldo Nova 2.0

  9. Captain Howdy

    Ace Frehley - Spaceman

    That guitar is defo not really there.
  10. Captain Howdy

    Enuff Z'Nuff - Diamond Boy

    First impression of the album is it is actually pretty good as it really does capture that classic EZN sound. It is amazing to think that this is actually the first studio album without Donnie on it considering how long Monaco then Chip have been the vocalists. Chip had always had a similar vocal style to Donnie anyway, albeit a bit gruffer and not as refined, and on here there are times when you might even think Donnie was still involved, but a lot of that is achieved by autotune for certain. The vocals all through this album are autotuned to the point it does become somewhat distracting. I do think though that it does give it that more "trippy" 60s vibe, which with a band like this, actually kinda works. None of the songs on this will go down as classics, and it really does lose that emotional depth you get with Donnie, but it is certainly a good addition to their catalogue.
  11. Captain Howdy

    Ace Frehley - Spaceman

    That artwork is bad. Looks like someone with a passing knowledge of Photoshop did it for him and could not even be bothered downloading new fonts.
  12. Captain Howdy

    Dan Reed Network - Fight Another Day

    So apparently the album goes on sale in November, and pre-sale for special bundles etc will be announced this Friday.
  13. Captain Howdy


    I got the album this morning, and it isnt bad. Certainly heard better, but it has some good tunes on it. As mentioned already, the one thing I worry about with them is that their management seems to have them thinking they really are huge stars already. It almost comes across as a comedy movie like Spinal Tap with regards to how the management hype them.
  14. Captain Howdy

    Midnite City 2

    So after 6 months of solid hard work, our 2nd album 'THERE GOES THE NEIGHBOURHOOD' is finally finished and will be coming your way on October 26th via our label AOR Heaven. We have a really special album release show in Nottingham in the works (more updates on that soon) Plus 2 singles/ music videos also on the way in the coming months... We've worked our asses off with this album but we feel that the results really will speak for themselves and we already know you're gonna love it. So without further a do, we give you...... MIDNITE CITY - THERE GOES THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. 1 - HERE COMES THE PARTY 2 - GIVE ME LOVE 3 - YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME 4 - LIFE AIN'T LIKE THIS ON THE RADIO 5 - WE'RE GONNA MAKE IT 6 - TONIGHT YOU'RE ALL I NEED 7 - HARD TO GET OVER 8 - TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE 9 - HEAVEN'S FALLING 10 - GAVE UP GIVING UP 11 - UNTIL THE END
  15. Captain Howdy

    Midnite City 2

    A bit late on this info

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