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  1. Captain Howdy

    Jacob Deraps - Fuck Off

    I have to agree. It really is not much of a song, and he really is not that great as a vocalist. Awesome guitar work, but the song itself and the vocals are a huge let down.
  2. Captain Howdy


    I know that you cannot take a the sound of a gig recorded on a phone as a 100% indicator, but overall I do not like those vocals. Say what you want about Torien being a dick etc, but his voice is suited to these songs, this guy not so much.
  3. Captain Howdy

    Maverick - Cold Star Dancer (New Album Mar 2018)

    I know it isnt, but listen to that verse, and the music is very very similar to Rebel yell.
  4. Captain Howdy

    Maverick - Cold Star Dancer (New Album Mar 2018)

    Still waiting for my copy of Big Red, as I assume the CD is coming from outside the UK as with many Amazon marketplace sellers, but I have spent time listening to both of the other albums a few times. I would be hard pushed to say which album is better, but would possibly give the nod to the new one as my two fave songs appear on that (Seize the day and Goodbye). I am glad I took a punt on the new album, as they are a damn good band. One thing I did notice, and looking at the video comments on youtube, In our blood from Quid pro quo, is how much I kept wanting to sing Rebel yell during the verses. Not a direct rip, but certainly a very similar tune.
  5. There are plenty of people who will pay that money. Already seen lots of comments of "preordered" on the GNR Facebook page. Some people have the money to afford it, and some people will put themselves in debt for it. And that is exactly who they are aiming this at.
  6. Well it looks like it is just the CDs in the "cheaper" of the releases, plus a blu ray disc and some other bits and pieces, but to be honest, considering how many demo's I already have unofficially, the line up of tracks is weak as hell. https://uk.gnrmerch.com/*/*/Appetite-for-Destruction-Super-Deluxe-Edition/5UVR0000000 Where the hell is Crash diet, for instance? What it also does not mention is if those demo's have had an sort of tweaking with the production and sound quality. The only things that have a remaster is the already released stuff like Appetite itself and the Lies EP which is included as well. Not sure about the American price, but the super deluxe is more expensive than expected and the deluxe version is cheaper (even £10 cheaper on HMV which is like a miracle). I might consider buying it later, but hardly an essential purchase considering what is on it. They are also releasing it as a standalone single remaster disc, and a two disc set as well https://uk.gnrmerch.com/*/*/Appetite-for-Destruction-2CD-Deluxe-Edition/5UVS0000000
  7. I would not be surprised to see them release it on CD only at a later date. Best way to guarantee selling all of these at full price is to make the demand for them by making it exclusive, then later once all the fuss has died down, they sneak out a CD only boxset at a more reasonable price. Typical record label greed.
  8. Looks like GNR's surprise announcement with the countdown to Friday has been spoiled https://www.gnr.fm/#/ Looking like a super special version of Appetite for destruction with 49 unreleased tracks plus more bells and whistles is to be released in June. https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/05/guns-n-roses-to-release-deluxe-edition-of-appetite-for-destruction/ https://gnrcentral.com/2018/05/03/guns-n-roses-release-appetite-for-destruction-locked-and-loaded-unboxing-video/
  9. Captain Howdy

    Silked & Stained - Love On The Road

    Spoke to bassist Tommy a few weeks ago, and he said they were already working on a new album, but this week they have announced they have a new vocalist as the old one has stepped down due to personal issues. Be interesting to hear how this guy sounds, and whether he has such a strong accent as well.
  10. Captain Howdy

    Bon Jovi - Rough

    To be fair I have seen them live numerous times, and Jon always sounds great. You can never take a video shot on a mobile phone as an example as 9 times out of 10 the band and singer will sound shit. I have seen and heard videos from shows by various bands on mobile phone footage that sounds horrible, but I was at the gig and know it is not even remotely representative.
  11. Captain Howdy

    Stryper - God Damn Evil

    Looks like this album and Michaels attitude is starting to backfire. A bunch of large retailers in the USA are refusing to carry it due to the name of the album. https://nashvillepublicity.prezly.com/walmart-refuses-to-carry-chart-topping-christian-rock-bands-new-album# And due to Michaels so called "christian" attitude of attacking anyone who says a bad word about these songs, he is getting a hell of a lot of shit from fans. Of course he still has those suck ups who hang on his every word, but I do get a feeling that this album will sell in lower numbers than previous releases. I have said it before, but I am suffering from serious Michael Sweet burn out with all the stuff he keeps releasing as it is all starting to wash over me, with very little stand out songs. And now his attitude is making it harder and harder to actually give a shit about him or his music.
  12. Captain Howdy

    Lee Aaron - Diamond baby blues

    Not a bad song
  13. Captain Howdy

    Maverick - Cold Star Dancer (New Album Mar 2018)

    I don't think it has anything to do with being more collectable, it's two fold. One because it is more environmentally friendly using less plastic, and two is probably cheaper to produce.
  14. Captain Howdy

    Maverick - Cold Star Dancer (New Album Mar 2018)

    Most places want about £40 for a copy of that one, but luckily I stumbled on a copy on a random website for about £10 or so, and ordered it yesterday.