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  1. Kristian

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    My Diligent Future - "The Third Face", great e.p. :-)
  2. Kristian

    Songs with countries in the title

    Michael Monroe - Dead Hearts on Denmark Street Skagarack - Somewhere in France
  3. Kristian

    Shinedown - Devil

    When I first heard Imagine Dragons' "Believer" on the radio, I actually thought it was Shinedown. Now when I heard "Devil", I instantly thought of "Believer" Anyway, good song!
  4. One of the coolest album covers I've ever seen:
  5. Kristian

    Art Nation - Infected

    Excellent, love it as much as the first two albums :-)
  6. Kristian

    My Diligent Future

    Thanks for the info on these guys, really dig the E.P., great stuff. "Until we crawl" is the weakest track, the other 4 are simply superb.
  7. Kristian

    Music documentaries

    Keith Richards - Under the Influence Amazing stuff, now there's a musician who's passionate about music!
  8. Kristian


    Good stuff, singer sounds like Phil Lewis.
  9. Kristian

    Rate all Bon Jovi albums

    Bounce has "Right side of Wrong", which is reason enough for me to include it on my list, fantastic song.
  10. Kristian

    Rate all Bon Jovi albums

    1. New Jersey 2. Keep The Faith 3. Slippery When Wet 4. Bon Jovi 5. These Days 6. Crush 7. Bounce 8. Have a Nice Day Other than that, no thanks.
  11. Kristian

    Official HH Best of 2017 lists posted!

    Always nice to see these lists, a great opportunity for me to discover some of the albums that I've missed throughout the year. I'm surprised though, that Confess aren't in anyones top 5, none of you guys even have it in the honorable mentions list. Pete's got it in the also rans, but that's it. Well opinions vary.
  12. Kristian

    WIG WAM - Wall Street

    Wig Wamania is their best effort imo, the debut is a great album as well. The last two albums did little for me, only song I recall as decent was "Wild One", but I haven't heard it since back when the album was released.
  13. Kristian

    Most controversial topic used in songs

    I always thought this one was way out of line.
  14. Kristian

    Jacob Dinesen

    No love for this guy? Here's a another one.

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