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  1. phaffas

    Volster - Perfect Storm

    Nope, i agree. I want to like it but its not doing much for me. Singer isnt that great... and not enough hooks. Otherwise rocks pretty well.
  2. Bai Bang ? Don’t really hear that. Have owned this for years and it’s fun quirky rock. Not essential but cool Christian hair metal.
  3. phaffas

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Stan Bush - Language of the heart
  4. phaffas

    Houston - Dangerous Love

    Loved the first album, the second not so much... a little hesitant about this one
  5. phaffas

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Dragonforce - Ultra beatdown
  6. phaffas

    7th Heaven - Luminous

    Ive really dropped off with this band and havnt bothered picking up the past few releases. Silver was near perfect, USA-Uk and Pop Media were also fantastic. Then i lost interest... i think there was even some rap on the last release??
  7. phaffas

    Bai Bang - Rock Of Life

    The exact same formula as the past 3 albums.... but with overall weaker songs. I think there are one or two songs that they redo - but they arent as good as the previous versions anyway...
  8. phaffas


    Would love to see another album from this band,
  9. phaffas

    Grand Design

    Kinda like Michael Sweet, lately. "What did he say?" "I dunno. Prolly something about Jesus." "That voice, though!" love it
  10. phaffas

    Creye - s/t

    So Alexander Strandell was never in the band? Just a hired gun for the demo?
  11. phaffas

    Grand Design

    Love this band! Sure sometimes ive no idea what hell hes singing but its just a quality product.
  12. phaffas

    Don Barnes

    One of my favourite "unreleased" albums
  13. phaffas

    Reach - The Great Divine

    Oh lol. I didn't watch it last night but you got me interested. HAHA! Holy fuck, that is horrific. VOMIT
  14. phaffas

    Rascal - Rascal [1990]

    It was only on tape as a demo i think.